Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chooi Yin's 22nd birthday surprise

Hey people~

When you guys read this post, I'm probably back in Melaka with trashy line. Bleh~~~~

YEs, you guessed it right. I scheduled my posts because I know I couldn't post no shit in Melaka. The other time I was back I think my neighbour was kind enough to let me use his/her wireless but this time I was afraid that he/she might not be that kind anymore. Hehe~ So in case of that, I pre-posted my posts. Am I a good blogger? Hehe~

Anyways, a week's holiday. What am I going to do? What am I going to do? Probably just gonna catch up with the gang and other good friends back home. And eat until I gain weight. Woots~ how fun is that. Hehe~

Back to the title of the post, on Thursday we, those living at UT, had a surprise birthday celebration for our housemate, Chooi Yin at midnight. Actually we pakat with her bf la... coz we are damn cheapskate just like that. Hahaha~

Here's the video of the beginning of the surprise:

She was not really surprised lo, I think or is it she hid it well?

Sorry for the bad quality of the video. We were supposed to switch on the lights after bringing in the cake but no one bothered and sang in the dark.

There was a minor havoc in between which I've already cut it off. Hence, the mini break in between the clip.

Don't mind my irritating voice singing HAppy Birthday. Yucks~ wonder why my voice alwiz sounds damn weird in recordings.

Anyways, the surprise goes like this. We planned it way earlier since last Sunday. So while she is having class we went to Midvalley to get some stuff while Eddy, her boyfriend went to get cake. Then we planned the whole scenario like damn pro director and got ready for Eddy's que.

Around 12am, Jane who had been sleeping, woke up and sat in the sofa waiting for her que. Esther pretended to say she's hungry and started cooking up the food in the kitchen. Shiu li and I just act like our normal selves lah...

Then Eddy called. Shiu li pretended to go throw the trash and asked me to help her. We closed the front door which had been open since morning. I told everyone that it was late d so better don't let the cold air blow in or else we might get sick.

We lit up the candles and the rest was shown in the video lah...

The food we had and the cake Eddy bought

I was already having sorethroat on Wednesday night but I couldn't resist the food. I guess that is why I got even more sick.

Laicy cake

The same one I had for my 21st birthday from King's. But I didn't get to taste it then coz all the small kids were like begging to have more. True enough it was damn tasty. No wonder they like it so much.

Chooi Yin and her beau

Every one's in pajamas

How cute... AHahahahahahahah~

Cutting her cake

Where got people make wish with eyes wide open one?

HE's so excited to eat the food until whole body blurred out


A very sleepy Jane who couldn't eat anything because she already brushed her teeth

Do you guys see the "Happy Birthday" flags behind Jane? Its part of the surprise. We bought it so that we can use it for everybody's birthday. HAhahahahah~

I may look scary and not approachable but I'm actually very nice


A very happy Shiu Li coz she was already damn hungry waiting for the que from Eddy

The white colour bear is Eddy's birthday gift for Chooi Yin and she realized that the bear looked very alike with my BB. So that night they became sisters and BB had a new name...CURRY!

(-_____-;) Talking bout lameness.

WEll, that's all about the surprise. Nothing much la... But it was quite fun.

Anyways, happy birthday again Chooi Yin eventhough its way over. Hope you had a great one. And our present for you is on the stool of the dresser in our room.. Hope you saw it la... like damn blur man you. It was there for a few days already. (@____@)

Wait for post no.2 tomorrow ya...

Love you guys....


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