Monday, September 29, 2008

He has got a new hair style... Whee~~~


Post no.2 while I'm in Melaka.

I don't know if I ever talked about this in my blog or anywhere else. The thing that bugs me the most about my boyfriend is when he doesn't wanna cut his hair. It frustrates me to the max. It totally turns me off.

So as a person who celebrates anything at all... here's to celebrate the boy's new haircut!!!
*throws confetti*

From the look of the webcam you could see how pleased I looked. Baby dear... please cut your hair often coz long hair really do you no justice. Plus it makes you looking extra fat.

Don't mind how he looked in the webcam coz he's at home so he can't possibly do his hair right?

Will post up nicer photos of his haircut once we go out for some sort of date.

Well, a short post today coz I was hoping that I would update something from home. But even if I didn't, you guys can wait for the post tomorrow aite?

Gotta go...


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