Monday, September 29, 2008



This is not a pre-scheduled post. This is really the prinsezz herself blogging. Erm~those posts are also me posting but was damn stale punye stuff la. Hehe~

I'm blogging from my room coz apparently the only place in my house which could receive the wireless is in my room. So now I'm in the comfort of aircon and comfy Vono bed. Ahhhhh~ That's life.

Haven't really been feeling Melaka yet coz I'm stuck at home coz mama said that I'm still not well. Which is true coz I'm still sleeping more than I should. And my nose is freaking blocked and I can't breathe properly T____T Did I tell you guys that the blur bug had stung me and I'm super blur? I can't seem to understand people properly this few days. Its like I'm living in my own world. T____T But I'm getting better la. So stop calling me a blur sotong.

Umie, my high school best partner in crime, invited me over to her house for Hari RAya. OMG I'm so excited. Nobody ever invited me to their house for HAri Raya. I think that's coz I have less Malay friends. Hmmm~ What shall I wear???? I guess there will be more photos updates coming up soon. :)

Oh ya~ uncle had finally retrieved all my pass memories from my previous laptops. And all my photos are back. So damn happy can? Its like some photos I haven't take a good look at them and they are gone. Glad to see them again.

Tomorrow mama is taking a day off. Hopefully she will bring me shopping before the sales end. I wanna get more bras. :D And maybe some makeup remover coz mine habis already. How to remove makeup you tell me? And maybe some new clothes??? Hehehehehe~

MAma is the funniest soul on earth I tell you. She's always like telling me: "Your shoes are can open shop already you know? Don't buy d arh." But then when I see a nice pair of heels or whatever she'll say: "Better buy it. Its difficult to find nice shoes like these often" Like wth right? But then she doesn't really allow me to buy clothes that often. So I would usually get clothes on my own without her adknowlegement. Then when she finds out I'll think of stupid reasons to tell her. Hahahaahha~ But most of the time the reason "Sinren bought it." is always the best. :)

Haven't seen Sinren for a day. Maybe its because I had been seeing for the past few days and its like suddenly without him I'm so empty. Sigh~ Am I too clingy?

Do you know how difficult my position is right now? My laptop is on my legs while I'm sitting on the bed without anything to lean on. Damn tiring ok? I can't put the laptop down coz when I put it down, I lose connection. -______-

Cannot tahan d lah. Wanna go lie down and rest my poor back.

See you guys tomorrow if I had something to update. *kiss*


p/s: What's it like to have a sudden addition to your family?

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