Saturday, September 6, 2008

Its honey weekend again...

Guess who went shopping again today???

Yeap its me!

And of course money went flowing out... T____T

I gotta learn to save more and use less. Or else work how hard also no point. Coz it'll be gone in a wink of an eye.

I withdrew RM100 today and by the end of the day I was left with RM20. T____T How can???? In just one day ok? Last time before I was a shopaholic, I could use RM100 for a few ok? Now... sigh~~~~~

But then I've started to save money. Seriously!!!! Currently saved RM25. Hahahahahahaahha~ So a lot it seems.

STop acting innocent!!!!!

I plucked a bit of my eyebrows and only put on eye makeup. Nice?

Today went Midvalley with Esther. Coz we were damn bored at home. Then manatau don't know why Midvalley's car park was in frenzy state.

Can you believe that there was jam right inside of the carpark? Esther and I was like stuck in the car park. We couldn't move in front and we couldn't back up. There was so many cars. And there was not even a parking spot.

PEople started to honk like crazy and some got down from their cars to see what happened. But we stayed in the car coz the situation was quite scary with everyone sounding their honks at the same time. Manatau got fight or something.

Yala... we damn scary cat. Cannot is it?

We were about to give up and go back home coz there's no place to park and its really a crazy jam in the car park. Then as we turned to go downwards out of the car park, we saw one empty parking slot for us. IT was like God sent. Praise the Lord!!!!!

The minute we entered we went to our must-go place.... FOS.

New stock!!!! Wheeeeee~~~~~~

Tried a few clothings... Baby doll spaghetti top and white short pants


I like the top a lot. Made my boobs (or the lack of it!) looked bigger. Hehe~ And the top is cheap wei. RM25 only.

Pink dress

I don't have any normal dress... as in dresses that are for casual wear. Considering to buy this dress or the same pattern in different prints and colour. RM30 for the dress. IS it a big expensive?

I'm like so into checked stuff lately. The top above and this top has the same print which is checked and lots of stuff I bought lately is checked print. Like the skirt and shorts I bought back at Melaka last week.

Gonna make a small suspense and let you guys guess what I bought. Will reveal it later. Hahahaha~

After being RM60+ broke, I don't know what to eat coz Esther left after shopping for quite awhile. I had to stay on coz I'm going straight to church at 6. Seriously don't know what to eat alone.

At last, I decided to eat...

For those who didn't know, Yoshinoya is a Japanese sort of fast food chain. But they don't sell burgers or fried chicken la. They sell set meals like this...
This meal that I ordered is called value meal. You can choose either rice or udon with salmon, chicken, beef...etc. And you could either have miso soup or soft drink. I chose miso soup coz Sinren Liow disallow me to drink soft drink.

(^*^) I know you are worried about my health. Don't worry. I will listen to you and drink less soft drink. Hehe~

At 6, I went to meet Sinren at Asia Jaya LRT station and we went to church together. While waiting for the rest of the other youth to reach, we sat and camwhore.

Hahahahahah~ Too free that's why.

So cute la my bf...

Or you can call that spastic too. Hehehe~

Bully me d can act innocent and camwhore with the sissy face. How dare you!!!

He seriously did bully me ok? I didn't make up that sad face. He was the one acting.

Like for real!!!!

You believe me or him, you tell me?

He likes to do this face to make me laugh when I'm angry or sad. Really cannot tahan. Don't know what's so funny but I couldn't help laughing.

But when I do it, I looked like some ugly freak. Haha~

WAs experimenting with my camera's effects. The black and white effect quite nice arh?

Dorcas says, "He's sleeping again"


I got too free and decided to do the famous four dramatic expression...xi, nu, ai, le which is happiness, anger, sadness and joyful in english.

I can't seem to capture my face properly but I find this photo quite nice so I decided to post it up. HAha~

His happiness like damn fake like that la...

And the anger face like not angry at all also.

Haha~ banyaknye complain gf ini.

The dramatic prinsezz strikes again!

BAck to normal

Coz too tired d. Hahahahaha~

Anyways, another crazy possessive strikes.

My friend at church had a boyfriend from the same church la. But seldom see him, don't know why. They had problems in their relationship quite often but I don't know what were they coz I wasn't really close to my friend. But from the phone calls I eavesdropped, seems like he's controlling her a lot. Like why didn't go out yam cha with him, why cannot spend more time with him...etc.

So she decided to break up with him. But then he didn't want to. Typical right? So what does a crazy possessive ex do? He went over to the place she stayed which a dorm for students that was owned by our church.

He parked right in front of the bungalow and blocked the church van from going out. So a lot of people couldn't make it to church.

Actually I don't really know the whole story but... I heard he told her to come out but she didn't and he decided to smash his head onto his Kelisa. His head did not break but it broke the window. Damn geng right? Some hard head he has there. Hahahahahaah~

He said the only way to settle this is that my friend kill him right now coz he has no more purpose in life. WTH? You cannot kill yourself meh? If my friend kill you mah she's in the wrong. Ownself wanna die wanna drag people down together. WTH?

What is wrong with some boys these days arh? (Cannot say "what is wrong with all the boys..." coz it might hurt some who are not like that. Haha~) Cannot take break up calmly is it? Break up a bit wanna die. What the hell? You think the ambulance so free wanna go fetch u all arh huh? Wanna die go to the hospital and die in front of it. Don't make people mafan go load your body into the ambulance and waste petrol drive you al the way back. If don't want break up then please treat your relationship maturely lah... Very dificult is it? Very man is it if you are possessive and controlling. WTH man? Lao niang damn angry now man. Feel like wanna slap all this stupid assholes to wake them up for good.

I don't know the rest of the story. Will update you guys when I got the scoop. Hahahahaha~ Damn gossipy la...

ANyways, now to reveal what I bought from FOS.

Did you guess it right?

Another addition to my checked collection. Hehe~

I also bought the pants coz I thought it goes well with the top. Plus I'm lacking of short pants like this...

Its from...

Not cheap ok if its the not rejected one. THis one I bought is only RM40.

Gonna wear this on a very special day next next week. Are you excited???? ITs 10 days away. Woots!!!!

Tomorrow is honey weekends...which is spending time with my neney for the whole day. Yay!!!

But first of all, his finals starts tomorrow. Pray for him and wish him luck.


I downloaded lots of movies lately. Some of which I've already watched before but decided to watch it again.


Watched this before but love it so much so decided to watch it again.

What happens in Vegas

Didn't get to watch it when it was in the cinemas. Damn hilarious and nice. AShton is super good looking. Why is he married? Tell me why???? Why is the lucky girl not me? T____T

Both the two movies above I've already watch in the past two days. HEhe~ But didn't finish it in one day coz I slept off at both of the endings of both movies. So had to watch the rest of the movie in the morning when I woke up. Hahahaha~

These are the few that I have not watch and plan to watch with my neney during the honey weekend.

I'm Cyborg but that's ok

I heard its funny at the beginning and romantic and sad towards the back. Looking forward to watch it soon. Rain rocks!!!

Heavenly Forest

Li Shan had this DVD but kept forgetting to borrow it from her so decided to download it.

Heard that its damn touching and will earn u a swollen eyes from crying.

50 First Dates

I finally found it. Woots!!!!

Gonna watch it the first thing Sinren is here. HAhahahaha~

Get the tissue ready yo!!!!

ITs gonna be movies night tomorrow. I bought pizza (the defrost and heat type from Jusco) so I can save work from cooking tomorrow. And watch more movies.

Seems like no work and all play this weekend. Hehe~

Gonna be a happy weekend. Yay!!

Gotta go scrub clothes like Cinderella. Tired la... But too many clothes d. Cannot delay anymore.

Hope you guys have a lovely weekend like me.


p/s: I wanna go on a lantern date, sinren liow... let's do it next week. Hehe~

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