Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Letter to my beloved...

Ren ren dear, do you remember?

三年前因为我帮你买了SFI band night concert的票,所以被逼了要和你联络。你知道我是个超内向的人又很少跟男生交流嘛,第一次鼓起勇气sms你真是不容易啊。但我有责任告诉你关于concert的一切。所以就一定要办咯。 那是我们第一次sms你也就是第一次展开了我们的友情的时候。
Three years ago, because I was getting the SFI band night concert's tickets for you, I had to contact you constantly. You should know that I'm introvert and hardly know any boys so making up the decision to sms you was not easy. But I had the responsibility to sms you about the concert so I had to do it. That was the first time smsing you and also the beginning of our awkward friendship.

在band night concert当晚你尽然迟到了。结果Deepa,大小姐和我被逼在礼堂外面等你。如果不是要把票交给你都不等啊!!!真是超差劲的第一个印象。 (-____-)=3 我只好打电话给你让你知道我们先进去了,要拿票的话就miss call我。那是第一次打电话给你哦!不瞒你说当时我觉得你的声音超性感的。嘿嘿~
On the night of the band night concert you were late (as usual !!!) Deepa, the best friend and I had to wait outside of the ballroom for you. If it wasn't for passing the ticket to you, I would not have wait. What a bad first impression that was!!!! (-____-)=3 I decided to call you and let you know that we are going into the ballroom first, if you reached, miss call me. That was the first time I talked to you on the phone o! And frankly, your voice sounded pretty sexy to me. Hehe~


During Mooncake Festival, you asked me out to spend it with you because I told you that I had not played lantern for years. That was the first time that I thought you had a crush on me Later you asked me about the traits that I looked in a boyfriend and made the feeling even obvious. But later finding out that you asked the best friend the same question, I thought I was wrong. Plus at that time I was crazily into my crush.


One day I've decided that I was over with the crush because he was not worth it. And out of the sudden, you told me that you had feelings for me for a long time already and wants me to be your girlfriend. I was in great shock but I told you calmly that I need some time to think about it. I didn't know why but I cried the whole night and wasn't able to sleep. But after a week of nonstop of courtship, I finally agreed to be your girlfriend. (^____^)

第一次约会我们决定去看戏。但因为太紧张了我叫了我的好朋友们一起去看。所以本来甜蜜的第一次跟你约会结果多了十三个电灯泡。哈哈~ 当我们单独的时候我依然是很紧张。我不敢看着你说话还骗你我不够睡所以很累。你早就发现了我的害羞还故意说:“跟人家说话厚。。。要看着人家的脸咧。”

On the first date we decided to go for a movie. But because I was so nervous to go on a date with you, I asked the whole gang out together. So instead of a sweet first date with you, a total of 13 people turned up. Hahahahaha~ When we were left alone, I am still damn nervous that I didn't dare to look at you and lied to you that I did not have any sleep. You realized that I was nervous since the beginning and said these unkind words to me: "When talking to other people, you must look at their face you know..."


We went to walk around on our first date and suddenly you asked me: "Can you put your hands down?? I wanna hold your hand." I liked to walk with my arms folded in front of my chest but when you said that I smiled and put my hands down at the side. That's when we first held hands and I realised that your hands are extremely warm compared to mine which are always freezing cold. In your big hands I felt the warmth that I always wanted.

We slowly got even more closer and loved spending time with each other. Everyone thought we were the sweetest couple ever except for the best friend. She always tried to find fault with you and argued over the smallest thing with you. I was really sad because she hinted that the only resolution to this fight was for me to choose either her or you. I didn't want that to happen because I wanna keep both my best friend and you. You guys meant the world to me. This nearly caused us to break up after a few weeks together but thank god it didn't. I would have regretted it till now.


On the night of the best friend's birthday party I knew that you would try to kiss me but I kept my cool. I know that you are such a gentleman; you would not simply kiss me without asking my permission. But I waited for the whole night but you didn't ask me at all. And it pissed me off. Nothing happened in the pub except that you hugged me for the first time. But it felt good enough because your body was warmer than your hands. It kept me warmth the whole night and it was better than any jackets that I had.


Finally in front of my house you asked me whether you could kiss me. (^///^) I moved my cheeks for you to kiss but you said: "Aiyo~ move closer lah..." I misunderstood that you wanna kiss me on the lips on turned my face to face you. You got a shock that I did that and thought that I was drunk. I was not drunk, I just misunderstood what you said. You might not see it but my face was tomato red and I was sweating like mad.That night it was the first time your lips touched on mine and the sparks burst out brightening the dark night. This is what I read in novels...its called love. (sorry bout the chessy-ness :P)


You promised that you would sing me a song for me since we first got together but didn't do it till I bugged you like crazy. I was choosy and didn't let you sing any song other than love songs. You made fun of me and sang "Ke ren lai" in the most comical and irritating way. But when you finally sang "Fei ni mo shu" and dedicated the whole lyrics to me, I started crying non-stop because I was too touched to say anything. And this song became our official love anthem.


I had to get your birthday present and I was not sure what to buy because the last time I bought a present for a guy I asked you for suggestions. I didn't wanna ask for your suggestion for your birthday present because I wanted it to be special. My friends told me various pantangs about what not to buy ie: no shoes because he'll walk away from you, no perfume because when the perfume finished, he will be gone... etc. I settled with a tee because they said that guys love wearing tees given by girlfriends. I settled with a tee because they said that guys love wearing tees given by girlfriends. Seeing you wearing the t-shirt so often made me really happy and realized that you really appreciated the gift a lot. I didn't get the wrong present after all. Everytime I saw you wearing it, I felt like shouting: "That's the tee that I bought him yo! Isn't it the cutest thing?" HEhe~


For my birthday, you bought me a bear which I named it after you, Ren ren. It was the first time you gave me a present and I treasured it a lot. It was a small little bear but I hugged it to sleep every night. But it always ended up on the floor. Haha~

我们第一次一起庆祝New Year's Eve是偷偷两个人单独在我家。那整晚躺在你的肩旁看Astro的倒数节目还开心过去现场跟几百万人一起挤呢。而且还浪漫多了。

The first time we spent New Year's Eve was at my house secretly without mum and dad knowing. It was pretty naughty but at the same time exciting. Spent the night in your arms watching countdown concert on Astro and talking was way better than going to countdowns, being sardines in the crowd.

第一次的情人节我病了很重。妈妈完全不让我去任何地方。但你答应妈妈你一定会在12AM前送我回来,她就让我出去了。我们没去什么特别的地方而是在Graha Makmur的花园谈了一整个晚上。虽然这不是我想象中跟男友度过的浪漫情人节但当晚我很开心。我喜欢和你说话也很开心我们能够无所不谈。

During the first Valentine's we were together, I was sick and mum didn't allow me to go anywhere. But you convinced mum to bring me back before 12am. So we went to Graha Makmur's park to talk the night away. It was not a Valentine's Day that I would imagine having with a boyfriend but I loved your company and I love the fact that we could talk about anything and not keep a secret from each other.

有一次约会应该是坐在Air Keroh花园太暗的角落。竟然被警察问我们在干什么。你还以为是guard所以很大声的说:“Duduk cakap lah. Tak boleh arh?” 结果被要看IC时你才发现他们是警察也开始紧张了。哈哈!还好我们没做什么不对的事情。他们没怎样只是警告我们不要在太暗的地方拍拖就走了。

I think it was our fault for sitting in such a dark corner of Air Keroh's park. We were stopped by two policemen. I remembered when the policeman asked what we are doing, you thought it was a guard and said to them loudly: "Duduk cakap lah. Tak boleh arh?" (Sit here talking lah. Cannot arh?) You only realised that they were police when they asked for our ICs. Haha~ Thank god we were not doing anything wrong or naughty and the policemen only adviced us not to sit in the dark because it was dangerous and left.


The first time we were separated was when you left to study before me. It was pathetic because you just left to study in KL but I was so sad that I cried almost every night. It hurt even more when seeing the gang with the boyfriends being all lovey dovey together and I'm like single all over again. The worst was the morning when I dreamt that you gave me a surprise visit at church and woke up realising it was just a dream. I cried like a baby and didn't wanna go to work.


I knew that I was being all childish but I couldn’t help myself from missing you while you worked in KL during the breaks. I started complaining a lot and it pissed you off. We started arguing and fighting over the smallest things a lot. This was the first time we had an enourmous fight and it nearly ended our relationship. I told you that we should break up to solve the fight. But you didn’t allow it and it saved our relationship till now.


Once I was being my bitchy self again and made you very angry. Even if I was in the wrong, I blamed it on you. You got so angry and scolded me very loudly and cried in the end. That was the first time I heard you cry and I felt even more sad than you did. Coz of my childishness, I caused you tears. What type of trash girlfriend am I? Sorry arh dear...

Honey, 很多人认为我们会在三个月后分手。但我们证明了他们是错的而维持了三年。其实那都不简单。很多次的骂架和吵架让我们的心深深的受伤害。但我们都能应付和改变自己。使很多人都很羡慕我们的感情。

Honey dear, people thought that we will not last for three months but we made it through and its our third year together. But it was not easy. There were lots of argument and fights that left our hearts being scarred. We still made it through and still made people envied our relationship.


I was the one who always start a fight and argument. And you are the insensitive who always said words that hurt me. But I believe that love will help us change and it will hold us strong together no matter what happens.

十年后我可能会变丑又是个肥婆而你会越来越肥。但我相信带着神的祝福我们会永远在一起因为我们是天生的一对:)我迫不及待的和共度下半辈子和生灰色的小孩(还记得那个笑话吗?)。哈哈~我爱你廖新仁。Muaks muaks muaks...

10 years from now I might be all ugly and fat while you will be even fatter but I believe with God's blessings we will be with each other because we were so compatible for each other. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you and have our own grey colour skin kids (inside joke). Haha~ I love you Sinren Liow. Muaks muaks muaks…



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