Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Long Weekends Back At Melaka

Since its a llllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggg weekend, this post is gonna be quite long oh!!!

Last Friday, CY fetched Sinren and I and godbro, Alex back to Melaka.

Before going back for our loooooooooooooooooong weekend, we went to Midvalley to have lunch cum dinner at Manhattan's Fish Market.

No, we are not some bunch of rich kids who don't know where to throw our money but food. CY's friend's sister works in Tony Roma's (which happens to be the same company that owns Manhattan) and she gave him a few vouchers to eat at their chains. So CY brought us there to eat coz Melaka don't have any of the restaurants.

Who would have knew that I look so good without makeup?


But ignore the eyebrows. Will shape them once I had the time. Hehehe~

My boyfriend needs a haircut, I know. Stop bugging the man about it. If he could, he would have done it. Right ney?

We are so alike in many ways. The way we look, the way we think, the way we act and the way we joke. I think we were separated at birth la. Hahaahahhahaahha~

Thanks for treating us to lunch x dinner :)

The food we order:

The top left drink is mine: Chocolate chip coffee smoothie

Top right is Alex's: Chocolate smoothie

The bottom two is what the four of us shared: Fisherman's platter with fried prawn, calamari, fish fillets and mushrooms and garlic rice. The right side is creamy sauce pasta.

After the lunch x dinner, we went back to Melaka but nearly got lost trying to get to the highway. Hhaahhahahaah~ Slept thru the whole ride from Sg Besi till Melaka. Coz was too tired the few nights before.

There's this thing that I wanna show you guys damn long d but didn't have the chance to.

Have you guys seen this before? Its Face Shop's White Mud Nose Pack

ITs purpose is to remove black heads, white heads and whatever heads you have on your nose or T zone area on the face.

My room mate, Chooi Yin recommended it to me. She said its not bad to remove black heads coz apparently I had lots of black heads on my nose area. And its making my nose making like its black colour.

INstead of Rudolph, the red nose reindeer, I'm Dorcas, the black nose human. Hahahahahah~

So I bought it and give it a try and its not bad lor. Really can remove my black heads. Not all of them but a lot of it came off. Damn happy.

But then like all black head removal stuff, toner is important. Coz if you don't use the toner after removing your black heads, you'll end up with more black heads and possibly larger pores on your nose.

I wanted to take a shot of the pore pack after using it with scary looking black heads. But its too micro that my camera couldn't pick up a shot.

But then again its too gross to show you guys also lah. HAahahhahaha~

Oh ya, the mud thingy hardens after 15 mins of applying. When it hardens, peel it off slowly from bottom up. Voila! Less black heads on your nose. ^*^

What I don't like about the mud is that its too sticky and quite difficult to apply. And it smells weird unlike stuff from Face Food and Body Shop. But then since its good so will continue to use it la...

Nothing much on Saturday. I was home alone the whole day coz mama went to help out at Uncle Lee's new shop's opening ceremony.

Then on Sunday morning only went to church. My initial plan was to go to church in the morning then go over to Persatuan Peranakan Cina Melaka to get a new title for my thesis. But then they were not open because of Merdeka. So planned cancel.

So sad. Thought can get a new title and can go discuss with my advisor about it. Now don't know when only can get back to Melaka d. T____T

Acting cute on the way back from church

These flowers were given by Uncle Lee to the church. Thanking everyone at church for helping out at his new shop's opening ceremony.

Do you spot the pink lilies? Damn nice right?

At night, Sinren and I decided to go to Baskin Robbins to eat ice cream coz its the 31st and its 31% off. Woots!!!!

Pre-date camwhore

I had become more and more lazy lately. Don't know why but I am damn lazy wanna put on makeup to anywhere. MAybe its because of the cleaning up process after coming back.

I only put on eye makeup which already took up a lot of time. And I used a new eyeshadow pallete this time. I usually use dark colours like black, brown..etc. to do my eye makeup. To match up my happy summer theme clothes, I decided to take up the courage and put pink, yellow and orange eye shadow.

Can't really see in the photo 'tho. Paiseh ar...

In this Taiwan beauty show on Astro, they said that when using pink eyeshadow, girls must take serious precaution coz pink always make your eyes looking like its bengkak. Thank god I didn't make my eyes look bengkak. Did I?

No photos taken at Baskin Robbins coz we were too buzy eating ice cream. Hahahahah~

The ice cream was too much for us to finish. We ordered quart coz they said that there's no more pint. WTH???? So we ate until we wanted to puke. Sinren said that he won't wanna eat Baskin Robbins for some time until he misses it. Hahahahahaahah~

We decided to go watch movie in the new cinema at Dataran Pahlawan Phase 2 coz Sinren had not been there. And we picked... The movie was pretty lame really. Quite funny but its damn lame and sexist and racist at some point.

I love Adam Sandler but this is the worst movie of his I had ever watched. Abit disappointed.

Oh ya! I'm looking for 50 first dates to download. Anybody knows where to find it? I can't find it on tom365.

Back at Melaka, I'm reading this book...


For those who don't read chinese...

Haha~ ITs not that Sinren don't love me deeply.

Its just that I need to read some self-improvement books so that I can be a more loveable (is there such a word?) gf mah...

Sometimes I do get on his nerves I know. Some of my thinkings are quite different from his. So I thought reading a book whose writer is a man could help me understand how to catch his heart and be a better gf.

But then after a few chapters of the book, I found out that the author is damn bias. Writing from what he thinks and not what most people might think.

You know what he said? He said that girls who is too hygenic don't deserve to be in love. Girls who have too many guy friends don't deserve to be in love. WTH????

And why does he said it like this? Coz its based on his experience with girls.

WAh~~~~ his experience can be representing the whole worlds men is it? So great arh he?

Not gonna read it anymore. Lame book!!!

On Monday, mama was on break so she brought me out shopping and eat "dai can" (big meal).

Went to FOS to search for the tube top that I was looking for. *check it out here* But still don't have my size. Why la don't have??? I like it very much leh...

Why always like that one? The clothes that I like sure out of size or I cannot fit one. DAmn sad...

So I decided to try on other clothes and seeing that my housemates, Esther and Chooi Yin is so into the short pyjamas pants, I've decided to buy one too.

I like this pink one a lot. Its berries all over and has lacy hem at the bottom.

But I don't like the pink pocket on the pants. Like damn weird lor. Suddenly one pocket out of no where. Some more what's the use of the pocket? Not say can put anything also.

This blue/ green checked pyjamas pants is damn also. But it was a second option to the pink one. Since the pink one not nice. I bought this. :)

NIce right? Yay!!!! Got nice short pyjamas pants d. Damn happy. Hahahahahahaha~

After FOS, its another factory outlet store which goes by the name Brands Outlet. Haha~

Thanks to my friends at uni who introduced all these outlet stores to me coz I could get cheap branded stuff. Eventhough they are factory outlet goods but they are still in good condition. Better than using ciplak branded goods right?

Went there and saw this skirt which is 50% off. Woots!!!!

Nice not nice not?

ITs baby blue in colour and has lace on the top and at the bottom. Don't know why I so ladylike suddenly and so into lace. Hahahahahaha~

That's all I bought and mama treat me to Sushi King. Met up with Nansie who was working there. Damn hardworking arh kids nowadays. Holiday don't wanna enjoy go work pulak.

Well, that's all about my loooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggg weekend. Nothing much la actually. Not much photos also.

But then I had a good rest and spend lots of time chatting with mum. That's what I love a lot.

Home is where my heart is.

Ok lah... Wanna go sleep d.

Its raining...

Good sleep again...


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