Thursday, September 25, 2008

New makeup and new hobby


I've got so tired of tags to put for the posts so I've decided not to put anymore tags for the future posts.

Yay!!! Less brain cells to be used. (-___-;)

Anyways, the other day Auntie Michelle came back from Singapore and she brought me some gifts.

Which were my favourite things in the world...

She works as an beautician and oftens give me samples and sometimes a whole new box of makeup.

A large amount of my makeup collection is from her. :)

This time the makeup she brought back was a brand called...
I had never heard of it. How bout you guys?

Its either a new brand or some brands from China. She used to give me quite popular and expensive brands like Estee Lauder and M.A.C. What happened?

Eye shadow

Seems like I have a lot of eyeshadow in these shades of colour. Maybe I should start buying purple, red or orange.

The colour of the eye shadow was quite nice but then it seemed very light. As in the colour texture. I had yet to try it so not sure if it will look nice on my eyes or not.

The mirror at the lid can be used to camwhore :)


Lip Gloss

I don't usually put on lipgloss or lipstick unless its something grand like a wedding dinner. But I like this colour la... Will try to wear it to see if the colour is nice on the lips and nice texture or not.

Lately, I have no idea why but I'm obsessed with bras. I've decided to start a new hobby which is collecting bras. Hahahahahahhaha~

FYI, I have less bras than my panties. Don't know why. And my bras are mostly boring shades of grey. Zzzzz~

The other day I went to this place to get my collection started...

I know you guys might think that bras are very personal stuff and I should not post it up. But then I think that bras are a part of your clothing so its also a part of fashion and beauty. And I'm a big fan of those stuff. So I decided to post it up.

Its not like I'm wearing them right? Its just gonna be posted like this...

Nice right???

Who said bras should be boring? It could be as happy as can be. And some people think that what's the point of wearing so nice bra if its going to be inside. Well, I think that everyone gotta look nice inside and outside even if nobody can see. It sorta makes you feel good and more beautiful don't you think so?

To safe embarassment, I censored my boob size. Haha~ No need to guess la. Its not that its humongous. Those who know me well will tell you how "glorious" looking are my boobs. HAha~

Look at the every small detail of the bra. DAmn nice right?

I especially like the little bows and I love it because its petak-petak. <3

Its my first time getting a bra from La Senza and I must say that I'm very impressed with the bra's comfort. ITs like wearing nothing. And the price is actually quite reasonable lor. I think its even cheaper than Triumph. Am I right?

ONe tip: Get the RM159 for 3 bras promotion. Coz its damn worth it.

I told ma about bras and she thinks that I'm lacking of bras too. And she's gonna bring me bra shopping next week during the break. Yay!!! More bras added to the collection. :)

I'm very sick now. Flu and headache and sorethroat. And felt asleep easily.

Today my dearest came over to take care of me. And I felt asleep a few times without him noticing. Once while waiting for him to do the dishes (he cooked lunch and dinner for me :)) and a couple of times when we were watching Superman Returns. Super tired don't know why.

Thanks ney for cooking lunch and dinner, doing the dishes, taking care of me the whole day and giving me some vit c and strepsils to make me feel better. I really felt better and less sorethroat. But the flu is not getting any better. The nose won't stop dripping. I'm like making "wantans" now. Haha~

A picture I drew of him sleeping. HAhahahaha~

Ok la... WAnna go hit the sack now.


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