Saturday, September 27, 2008

New neoprints

Last week Sinren and I went to Sunway and we took some neoprints. Yay!!! And it was damn fun.

This neoprint machine was really expensive. Its like the most expensive neopring machine that I had ever used. But for memory sake it was worth it.

And the most worth it thing was this machine had lots of feature which was really fun. Sinren and I had a crazy time just taking photos. Lemme show you the outcome. It was hilarious.

This is the most hilarious one which I can't stop looking and laughing at it.

This feature is that you can remove the heads of the person you original took the photo of and put in another head. So I erased my head and Sinren put in his head.

We call this the lookey alike couple but Li Shan said it looked like a pair of twins dating wtf. HAahhahaha~ Summore Sinren put in the words 初恋 which meant first love into the photo. Hahaha~

Not bad huh baby? You did the editting not bad after. *hugs*

This is just a normal looking one but I like it a lot coz Sinren editted as though we were under the sea. Don't you think so? And thanks baby for the crown. You remembered that I'm the prinsezz. Hehe~

What I love about neoprints, which I had been saying for a thousand times, is that without makeup, I still look so fabulous. And I think because of the great lighting the eyebags and dark eye circles are no where to be found. Whee~

Don't misunderstand that Sinren is that strong ok? I'm not that light eventhough I may seemed like very thin. He tried carrying me once but failed coz I was too heavy. This effect was done by me sitting up higher on the second level of the seat while Sinren was at one. Then he put his hands around me and tadaa~ the photo is created.

This feature is the one I've been looking in a lot of neoprint machines but failed. You can take more than one of yourselves in one photo. In this case we took only 2 pairs of us coz we didn't know which to choose. Nice right?

This last one is my favourite of all. Its quite common and I had extremely cacat eyes in this photo but I like it. It looked so happy.

In case you are wondering how this photo is done, I sat on the second level and he sat at first. Its not that I could float right?

I love taking neoprints. Seems like guys don't like it. Coz most of the blogs I visit, girls had been complaining that they had to drag their bfs to take neoprints with them. Same here with me.

But then again if I asked him once in a bluemoon he won't mind taking la. As long as his hair is nice. Hahahah~ So vain this fella.

I've seen those JApanese girls who done real nice makeup just to take neoprints. Like so kua zheong like that. But the outcome damn nice also quite happy lo. Baba... one day lets do what the Japanese girls did want? It'll be fun. :)

Ok lah... Gotta sleep.

For those who concerned, my flu is getting better. Had fever yesterday morning but had lots of sleep and it went away.

No honey weekend coz Sinren is buzy moving and finding a job. Plus his busuk brother is here. HE doesn't stink but coz he kacau my honey weekend so I call him busuk. :P

Ok lah... Really gotta go before sinren nags.


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