Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One of my sleepless nights

I bought a card last week...
Obviously you guys know who it was supposed to be given to.
The inside
It was a love letter for Sinren.
As you can see its damn a lot of words. I think its more like an essay than a love letter. But he loves reading my love letter more than anything else. Right neney???? (^_-)
Wait for it coz you can only get it on Friday. Hehe~~~
After writing the letter, I couldn't sleep off (this was yesterday) so I decided to watch School of Rock. But after finishing the movie at 4 something I still couldn't sleep. So I went to the balcony to look at the night view and took so photos of it.

This got me so inspired to move to a condominium next time coz the view is always unbelievable. And its so soothing.

Sorry too dark

Then I got even more bored and started camwhoring in the toilet...

Bare in mind that all my other housemates have already slept like a baby coz its 4 am remember? They'll probably think that I'm crazy doing this in the toilet in my pajamas. HEhe~

In case you guys are wondering, I'm not camwhoring on the sofa. I'm gonna sleep on the sofa actually.

I sleep on the couch about twice a week. Haha~ Why? Coz its windier there and I don't have to disturb my room mates who sleep way earlier than me.

Its like my second bed and most of my pillows, blanket and plush toys are there.

Ok enough camwhoring. Got something special coming up in awhile. Gotta go get ready.

Before I go... I love you sepet~~~~

Sepet got a new haircut. Yay!!!!

I think I've been bitten by the sick bug. T___T Flu and sore throat attacking. T____T I hate it. And addition to that period came. How sueh can anyone get. T____T

K lah... Gotta go coz its 15 minutes more.

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