Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Proud of myself *updated*

This is the guy that I like in Zettai Kareshi (绝对男友). Damn good looking right? His name is 水岛宏. Erm... not sure of his name in Japanese. Sorry. Anybody knows? Please tell me?

Wanna continue to go drool on him now. Hehe~



I'm back and found out that my lappie can now type chinese characters.



But then I know those who read me are mostly English ed and can't read a wee bit of chinese. So don't worry. I won't switch to blogging in Chinese. I just need it there sometimes to express some words or scold some one/anyone without letting them knowing.

Anyways, yesterday Esther, Shiu Li, Li Shan and I went to Sg Wang. Not to shop actually (ya lame excuse) was there to buy books from Chamber Music.

Before we went to buy books, we had lunch at Zang Toi. It was my second time there and I loved the food there and missed it since I had it for the first time.

The photos were taken with my Samsung phone coz I left the camera home. T_T

Taken from somebody's back of the chair

Shiu li and her Casio's ad

Ignorance is a bliss

Had to pin up my fringe coz its too long and unmanageable now

Can see my bald spot? T____T

I don't know what's in the punch but it tasted damn good. ITs wee bit sour like how I like my drinks. :)

Did not try this the first time we were there. So decided to give it a try.

I wonder if Zang Toi love eating chicken. Coz everything on the menu has chicken.

The chicken rendang may not look very mouth-watering but it was damn good ok? The meat was very tender but wee bit spicy.

The four of us ordered only 2 set meals coz the set meals was quite big and we can't possibly finish one set by ourselves.

The second set meal we ordered was Hainanese Chicken Chop but they brought this to our table... We wanted to tell the waiter that he brought the wrong dish but he was too busy so we just kept quiet. But we didn't start eating the spaghetti yet coz we wanted to finish up the nasi lemak.

Eating half way, another waiter brought our original order which was the Hainanese Chicken Chop. Then we were like puzzled. Was it us who ordered extra or was it them who heard wrongly?

The other waiter who took our order came and made everything clear. He told the other waiter to take the spaghtetti away coz its not ours but some other customer's order.

We had not touched the spaghetti but coz we were eating the nasi lemak and some of the rice felt into the spagetthi and Esther playfully poked the spaghetti a couple of times. Hahahahahaha~

We wanted to tell the waiter but it was too late coz he already put the spaghetti on the other customer's table and the customer was ang moh summore.

But thank God the ang moh was so busy talking with his friend that he didn't realize that there were rice on the spaghetti.


The dessert:

I read sumwhere that the other Zang Toi did not serve the chocolate banana cake with ice cream. Instead they only put mint leaves. Hahahahaha~ Why so different one?

AFter eating we went to buy books and shop. This time I did not buy anything at all. Not one cent was spent. Hehheehehehehe~ Are you proud of me yet????

Erm... I did buy something la. A pair of loop earrings from Vincci. But that is all ok? My last few trips to Sg Wang was at frenzy status k?

Before going back, we had a short tea break.

We passed GSC Times Square and saw Love Guru's poster...

... and couldn't help but take photos at the poster.


Li Shan and I went to watch Love Guru last week. Another lame movie but quite entertaining lah.

CAnnot tahan Justin TImberlake. He is fucking hilarious. And his character sort of stuck in my mind. Everytime I hear his songs, I would think of how he looked in the movie. CAn't stop laughing.

Photobucket Image Hosting
CAn you believe this is Justin Timberlake????

After that I saw many other posters and started taking photos of them...

Where we had tea...

LAzy wanna talk about the teabreak coz the food were mediorce nie...

Then we went back to our faculty and practice piano till 8 something.

Due to peer influence, I started to watch... Hehehehehehehehe~

All thanks to Lishan and Eevon. Can cuci mata... :)

Currently watching episode 3 and I had fallen in love with one of the main characters. *drools* So handsome la him.

Well that's all. Gotta go bathe before my housemates disown me. T____T

Why are they so cruel???? T____T

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