Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bumming no more

I've been bumming too long and doing nothing. Erm~~~ actually I've been watching Heroes which is not doing nothing right?

I've decided that starting from tomorrow I will start reading books and get things done. My room in Melaka looks more like hell than the one I had in KL. T_____T Lord, please give me strength to pull myself up from the bed and get things done. T_____T

Tomorrow will be going Raya visiting with the gang. Yay!!! But because we had so few MAlay friends, we are only going to one miserable house which is Umie's. But I'm glad enough because I hadn't really been to Raya visiting ever coz the last one I went was a Muslim Chinese house for Hari Raya.

Hopefully I could update you guys with photos of the Raya visiting tomorrow night.

K. Gotta go sleep coz mama just saw the lights from my laptop and is making lots of noise. Zzzz~


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