Sunday, October 19, 2008

Busy week ahead

Next week is the last week of this semester at uni. Another sem has passed and what lies ahead after graduation scares me quite a bit.

There is fear of not finding a good job. Fear of separating with Sinren who decides to work in KL. Sadness of leaving some of my friends here in KL. T____T Sigh~~~ Stop thinking or I'll go insane.

Anyways, next week's gonna be a busy week for me. There's music computer test tomorrow. Music computer is the most ZZzzz~~~ subject for me coz I think its crap. I mean its not crap la. I like Music Computer a lot. I love to deal with electronic devices and arranging my version of songs. Its the lecturer that makes me thing that its crap.

Next on Wednesday is the German's aural test. Super nervous ok? I scared i will stammer damn teruk or I don't say anything at all. Then on the same day is the Ko-K Fest rehearsals. That one also damn nervous. Coz I felt like there's lots of things not done but I don't know what are they. Summore I scared the booth setting will have probs and all the blame will be put on me. Tu lah... next time don't itchy butt go volunteer to become director. T____T

Then on Thursday is the Ko-K fest day. T____T Lagi worried if anything goes wrong lo.

On Friday, there's this public lecture which I don't plan to go coz since somebody said its a waste for people like me to go, so why go right? Then at night gotta record the stupid Music computer's song. Zzzz~ Then its free free days for a week. Whoopee~

But then again its not free also la. Need to study for finals.

Please keep me in your prayers and pray that I won't get sick like last time. Thanks first arh...

Ok here's some photos I took last week when Li Shan and I spontaneously decided to go watch House Bunny then proceeds to eating at 99 Steaks.
So happy la now?

My nickname for her is BAba. Coz calling her Yeba in real life sounds pretty weird. HAha~

PMS punye pasal so lots of emo photos

My favourite drink of all time

After Sprite but since Sinren had forbid me to drink gassy drinks, this is my all time fave.

Don't know why I am always craving for it. Even now. *yums*

Baba's favourite

I forgot its name but its something chicken pasta. HAha~ She likes it coz its super cheezy. If you like cheezy stuff you should really try this.

But the sad thing is the price already increased. Used to be RM9.90 but now its Rm12.90. :S

NZ lamb shoulders

Mine. But I find it ok only.

Our "wai sek" face

I still look so emo (which am not but don't know why looked that way) and Li shan like so anticipating to eat her pasta nie. HAha~

Ok la... that's all for today.

Sigh~ so sien you know. Although I like the rainy season but the rainy season had made my clothes smelling like mold. I don't like lor...

Gotta think of a way to stop that.


p/s: Showcase just passed. Photos will be coming right up.

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