Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Crappiest Showcase I've ever attend :S

As promised, the photos from last friday. And they are damn a lot coz we are sampat just like this. Wakaka~

These photos are mostly from Mel's cam coz we all (Li Shan and I) these old camera owners lazy wanna take out the camera. HEhe~ Actually no la. I was not quick enough to take out the camera before Mel. So she took more lor. HEhehe~

The whole day began at UT at 3 something...
The four of us before leaving for our outing

My damn hair looked damn flat that day. Don't know why. So angry. Too flat d. If it was like how it looked on Mel's birthday would do just nice.

Actually none of them wanted to do makeup coz we know showcase was going to be trashy so no point dressing like superstar. But when I started to take out my "toolbox" (as my dad calls my makeup pouch that) all of them decided to do their makeup too. Wahaha~

STuck in the jam for awhile so took the time taking photos of each of the person in the car

Mel mel was showing me something funny but can't be seen in the pic. So sorry.

Went to Sungei Wang to jalan-jalan.

My happy face anticipating to start shopping. Woohoo~!

We went to this shop alt which Esther liked a lot on the 6th Floor. She tried clothes there while Mel and I camwhored...


I don't really like the clothes at alt. I mean not that I don't like it. Its streets japanese style. I like Japanese style but maybe more to...erm~ I don't know how they are classified la. I just think I can't put out the 'alt' style.

An example of the 'alt' style... I was tempted to edit somebody's face onto that fella beside Li Shan. But couldn't find that somebody's photo. Darn lucky!!!

After walking around for a bit, Li shan and I went to play at the arcade. The arcade only had the dance machine which I had always sucked at. So I'm not going to put up the video Mel took.

Then we walked around the arcade which had many neoprints machine. We started to take photos inside the machine coz the lighting is super geng nice.

Damn nice right?

The rest of the photos were taken in the machine. So its damn nice. :)

Apa nie Lishan? Everybody smiled with teeth showing except you :P

I like to smile with teeth showing. It makes me looking happier. Don't you think so? If I smile with my mouth shut, I looked constipated.

This is supposed to acting as cat but don't know Esther doesn't look like she's acting like a cat.

We switched to another machine but this one doesn't have the white screen like the first one. I mean got la but then the screen and backdrop like damn ugly.

So I went to learn how to change background using photoshop and experimented on the photos. Yay~ I finally know how to change the background. And its damn fun lo...

Acting cute?

I looked like sad instead of cute lor. Hehe~

I think I was not ready for the photo lor

We wanted to act serious in the next two photos but coz we burst out laughing at the last few seconds.

Can see that everyone had a hard time tahan not to laugh

This one I looked as if I was going to cry but actually I'm trying to stop myself from laughing by looking down. And Mel like tengah tahan what like that. HAhahahahaa~ damn hilarious la this two photos.

See the two photos' background damn ugly right?

Better I change the background lah right?

This one acually they asked me to add stars to the places they are pointing and looking at one. But since we love food so much, I think that would be fit better if I put food flying in the air and us looking at them in awe. Haha~

I wanna put more scary photos at the back one but don't wanna scare people so put a simple deathnote wallpaper nie la.

I don't know how to edit this photo because of the expression on everyone's face is different. Like no specific theme.

Esther and my face like damn scared of something. Mel pulak acting cute while Li Shan like acting stupid. Wakaka~

This would be a typical conversation taking place everyday. We would pretend to accuse Lishan something then she would go crazy trying to explain her way out.

Its kinda fun to make fun of Lishan. Of course we don't mean it. Hope you don't take it to the heart ya Lishan. :)

Then the next photo was supposed to be us acting angry but I felt it looked more like we were acting cool. So I did this... Haha~ Too crazy over Heroes d. So beria-ia hoping that I'm part of them. Wakaka~

BTWs, finished Season 1 and going on to Season 2 now. Wuhuhuh~~~~

2nd version of the photo is of course us being angry la...

I of course preferred th first photo la coz it looked more cool la. What do you guys think?

Mel doesn't like the person still will smile at the fella ker?


I think this look like a Kung fu panda pose coz of me and Li Shan la. Mel and like acting 'hao lian' nie.

Li shan seriously looked like Monkey from Kung Fu Panda man. HAha~

Sorry this photo was badly photoshopped. I think I was very sleepy at that time and simply edit the photo nie.

I realised that I didn't put border and the blog url into this photo until now. Oops~ Haha~

I like this photo a lot. <3

Another funny one. Hehe~

Li Shan doing a solo

Mel calls this Li Shan in a box. Well, I call it: "Li shan, you are so square." lol.

Taken from the screen of the neoprint machine

Li shan and I doing our sampat thang again

After playing like gila there, we left before kena catch by the workers. Coz everyone was like taking neoprints while we all just going into the machine and take photos without paying. Wakakakakaka~

We went to eat dinner at Zang Toi.

This time we ordered 3 sets of food to be shared between the four of us.
Rendang Chicken Nasi Lemak

I love the pasta but don't ever ter-chew the chilli. It will send you right to tears.

Biasa-biasa only

This drink is the best thing in Zang Toi. Its called fruit punch if i'm not mistaken. There's lemon skin, lime skin and mint leaves in it. Kinda sour so its my kind of drink. :)

I love this dessert but that day I was bloated with don't know what and made me too full to finish it.

After eating we proceeded to walk around Sungei Wang. Went walking around some corners that we hardly walk into to see if there are shops selling cheap stuff. Then this lady came over to promote some express manicure thingy.

Being cheapskate, all of us except for Esther tried out the cheap manicure which costed RM10.

I had not done manicure in my life. Those done by my friend is not counted la coz she only paints my nails and that's all. This one got cleaning and all those shit one. Its quite relaxing lor and I nearly slept off while she's doing my nails.

See me behind Mel like damn 'song'. Haha~

The outcome

Mine is called colour tone manicure. I think it would look better if I had longer nails. But too bad I couldn't grow them. T___T

But I like the colour tone lor. :) Maybe pink would look better la. It was the first time so I just let them decide what to put for me.

Planning to do it again the next time I'm in Sungei Wang. Maybe try doing colour tone in other colours.

BTW, i did it for RM20 coz apparently they used to colours so a little more expensive. >_>

Because we did the manicure and got caught in jam and got lost half way, we missed big part of the showcase. But its ok la coz it sucked anyways.

Took some photos after the showcase which is very in contrast with the other showcases that I've been to. There's like thousand of photos for the others showcase and this one is like just too little to brag.

Met up with Kaiyee who didn't turn up during SJ Nite. So had to take photos with her.

Finally Shiu Li appeared. Tu lah... Don't want follow us out summore la. Miss out all the fun. :P

No 3rd years photo this year coz... I don't know why. T___T

This was supposed to be a housemates photo but so many kepoh heads came in

With our very cool hairstyle junior

I forgot his name. Was it Alamin or Amin? Hmmmm~~~~

He's major in electric guitar. Like damn cool right? I like guys who play electric guitar or bass guitar. Like Pete Wentz of FOB. Damn cool ok?

YY kept bugging me and JAne taking photos

See, again!!!

Trying to get into the picture haha XD

Li Shan's hair got really oily by the end of the day and we kacau-ed her and said that it stinks. Haha~ Silly things that we do that tickle us crazy.

Rocker pose

We were supposed to act serious in this photo. But look at who's the most serious one. Wakakakaka~

We were leaving when Jian, our coursemate offered us some chocolate cake from hell knows where. EVeryone was like thinking whether to take it or not. Suddenly this Esther came out of no where and took it.

Caught in the act

Hahahahaha~ See she laugh until so happy. Must be damn happy la coz grab the cake from everyone. Hahahahaha~

Damn sad to leave KAmpus Kota...not!!!

AFter leaving kampus Kota, we were thinking where to go for supper. Supper was provided in the Kampus Kota. But we were not interested so we left.

Jane being cautious of the camera, me being sampat with the concert stick, shiu li talking to esther and Li shan being her crazy self

That concert stick was given to me by my boy boy. I brought it to support Jane when she performs but then I forgot to bring it down from the car. -____-lll

At last we decided to go to KTZ at SS2 coz we wanna eat sai mai lo.

Jane can never leave her phone alone

Both cannot leave the phone alone

YEs Li shan, we gotta pray before our meals

So sad coz her mum couldn't fetch her back

The food we had

Left: Honeydew Sai Mai Lo, Black Sesame

Right: Peanut, Chee Cheong Fun, Lo Bak Kou

I had the Honeydew Sai Mai Lo and Prawn Chee Cheong Fun. The Sai Mai Lo was not bad la but the prawn in the chee cheong fun are more like har mai instead of prawns. WTH????

Jane preparing to dig into her food


Li Shan, her yellow nails and the peanut tong shui

Why leh? Like boh song we take your photo nie

I can't wait for the break coz I've gotta re-style my hairstyle. So ugly!!!!

I don't know whether if the food is damn nice or they rushing for something coz most of the photos blurred out. Hahahahaah~ damn excited to eat is it?

After returning home, I checked on my nails and...

... some the colour had chipped.

I guess I'm not suitable for manicure coz I have to do housework and I am pretty rough. So the nail polish will chip off easily. Like waste money only lor. If I ownself print than at least not so wasted right? But then again since its cheap never mind la. HAha~

I did buy something at Sungei Wang. Its bling bling stickers. Like Zzz~right?

Guess what I bling-ed this time?

I didn't wanna bling this thing at first coz its like the most expensive things i bought myself. But then....sigh, I just did it.

Taka a look...

Wahahahah~ its like crazy right?

But then this time I did it more professional lor. ERm~ not damn professional la but ok la. But its not done. Will add something at the front then maybe bling the sides. I don't think i will bling the back coz itz a bit complicated with all the buttons and all.

Please leave a message to tell what you think of it.

I think its nice lor. Better than the V3 phone I did last time.

Ok la... that's all la. WAnna go bathe and sleep.

Tommorrow is Ko-k fest. Sienzzz~~~ hopefully can get wifi there and can go online :)

K lah...


I hate PMS. When will my period come? T____T

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