Saturday, October 18, 2008

Guess who comes from a whole lot of camwhore family?

My first camera phone was...
Nokia 3200

My reward for getting 5 As results in SPM. Not that great la 5 As but my family thinks that rewarding is a way to boost me into getting better results in the next exam.

I've used this phone for a very long time. Till last year I think when my uncle gave me his Motorola V3. Then I gave the phone to mama recently coz her RM200 phone went kaputt.

Sometimes I still use the phone back home. Mama doesn't use much of the phone except for some calls occassionally so most of the time she had lots of credit. And my job is to help her use up those credit. Hehe~

I was using her phone few weeks back coz I stupidity had reached beyond sky high. I left my phone charger in KL and couldn't charge my phone when battery ran out. Hehe~

I was looking around the phone's gallery and guess what I found?

Now who's the bigger camwhore?

Hahahahaha~ Work must be pretty boring huh ma? Sempat camwhore lagi tu.

Now we all know the answer to my title right?

She's always asking me why I like to take photos of myself. Ceh~~~~ she also like to take photos of herself right? Hehe~ Caught on gallery. Blueks~

And you all know that my dad is a big poser right?

Apa pose ini papa?


Camwhorer + Poser = poser camwhorer... Best in the country


I love my family. Without their love and support I think I would be very lost.

I am thankful that they are always there to give their suggestions in no matter problems and things I am facing. Even though sometimes those stuff that I didn't wanna listen but in a way they only said that coz they know what's best.

Another reason why I wanna graduate faster is so that I could quickly get a stable job and help the family financially. Its time that I pay back for what they have done since the day I'm born.

Love you mum, love you dad...

Please ignore the front part about the phone. I didn't know what to talk about to link to ma and pa. Haha~

I know this is random that I talk about my parents. MAybe its the pms but I miss them like crazy right now. Listening to home makes me cry and I really wanna run home this very instant. T____T

I am no more confused about what to do. Even if I made the wrong decision, I can handle it.

Thanks ma for talking to me about it and telling me the best answers anyone can tell me. And I appreciate your help. *hugs* love ya...


Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO!!! Doookieee ur mum!! Hahahahah so cuteee laa.... One day muz go over ur hse ajak her to camwhore together gether LOLOL!!!


prinsezz said...

ya let's do that man~


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