Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hari Raya visiting


I'm back in KL. The last few days in Melaka I was quite busy and the line was quite bad. I can't even download my Heroes.

Bought a new pair of shoes. Whee~ Will update you guys later.

Now, pictures from Hari Raya visiting :)

Fringe-less coz the fringe had started to curl and the brows looked like shit :P

My driver


Here's a lame video we did on the way to Umie's house. He didn't allow me to put it coz he thinks he looks stupid. But... too bad... hehe~


Hello~ Today is 2nd of October and I'm going to Umie's house. And this fella is fetching me. Say hi la...



DAmn lame right? Hehehehehe~

We gathered at Anu's house then went to Umie's house after everyone arrived.

This painting caught my eyes

Click to enlarge to see what the dude is saying.

It was a painting ala Lat about Hari Raya. Damn nice.

Guess what? It was painted by none other than Umie's dad at 1989. Gosh! No wonder Umie's so artistic. ITs from daddy. :)

We...or should I say Sinren and I was quite hungry. So the moment Umie took out the food we were whacking it non-stop.

My God!!! I look like some Mak Nenek

Look at my bloody face!!!

Apa nie Ann... so camera sensitive...

Nana was attempting to take Deepa's boobs and I was pointing which way to take for her. And the rest is of course lol-ing. Hahaha~

Where to find lame friends like this anywhere you tell me!!!

We sat and gossiped while eating. Typical girl stuff.

Tak sangke so many stuff that I had missed out ler. I need to go out with them more often la. Can dig more other people's dirt. Wakakakakakak~

Next comes group photos...

I looked fat in all the photos. Did I put on weight? Somebody please tell me yes coz I've been trying very hard to hit 50kg.

Sorry la... I know sure people angry that I keep saying that I wanna put on weight wherelse other people are trying to lose weight. In the next post you guys will see that being thin is not a happy thing for me at all. So wait for that post ya...

Group photos at her garden before leaving...

After Umie's house we went to Mahkota Parade to shop a little and waited for Anu to finish her shift at Coffee Bean.

Didn't really shop coz I was broke. HEhe~

While waiting for Deepa to shop at Vincci

When I don't need shoes or anything else from Vincci, I preferred to stay out of it. Or else I start targetting new things to buy. And more money would be gone.

I missed you already T____T

He's still in Melaka coz he didn't get a job in KL. T____T

Nana's camera could take multiple shot (I don't know why mine can't since we are from the same company) so we took lots of them. But it was too fast and we didn't have time to change our poses.

I put all the shots together to make it like an animation like I did before but it didn't work out that nice.


None of us moved except for Nana and maybe my fingers. HAha~


This one only our mouths moved. HAhaahahahha~

We wanted to go try out the latest attraction in Melaka called the Menara Taming Sari which is a tower like thingy with a row of seats that brings you way up high to see the whole Melaka.

This is how it looked like if you don't know what I'm talking about...


But then it was not opened coz I think Hari Raya la... so we didn't get to try it out. Instead we took photos near the tower.

Posing in the small kampung hut we saw there

Don't know if its just a decoration in conjuction with Hari Raya or it was permenantly there for people to take photos, but we didn't care and just sat into it and took photos. Hehe~

Acting spastic again

Buvie and I are acting as tasadays

Anyone know what are tasadays? Please tell me you do coz its like we are the only ones who heard about the tasadays which was taught in our History in high school. Although we failed in History but we were pretty sure that tasadays were taught. Those who heard of it please leave a message saying that you heard of it. Coz I need prove it to those who haven't heard of it.

Ann showing some love to the Tasaday and Buvie felt left out. HAhahahaha~

Normal photo of moi

Sampat one

Thanks Nana for doing this. I love it lots. So hari raya-ish. Hahahahahaha~

He doesn't know the meaning of posing properly. Forgive him.

My friends saw the post of Sinren and I going to Dataran MErdeka and did some crazy jumping shots. So they asked Sinren to do it again and Nana took a multiple shot of it.



I put the animation too fast I think. Coz it looked too animated. Like he was jumping rope.

Here's the shot when he was high in the air anyways...

I think he got sien coz I kept asking him to take photo

This shot was actually a failure shot of us but coz he looks not bad in the photo so I decided to post it up. And also bcoz he has very little shots in most of the posts.

Tak sangka he will pose for me


Paiseh...over resize

This one is quite funny lor. Coz everybody moved but I stayed static. Jane said I only moved my fingers when I enlarged it for her to see. Hahahahaha~

After that we went back to Mahkota Parade to have dinner at Pizza Hut. But Deepa and Anu had to leave so I took photos with them before they leave.

I got disease is it? Why stand so far?

Pizza Hut's service is damn lousy now. I mean its not just Melaka. Like in KL also their service sucks. We ordered a set of pizza and pasta. The pizza came damn late and the pasta didn't even come. When we decided to cancel the pasta, they kept persuading us not to cancel it. But we didn't want it already and left.

But the food was quite filling la... Eat until all of us was stuffed. :)

Went back after that I spent the whole night with Sinren :)

And that's my lovely Hari Raya visiting.

Ok la... gotta go take a nap. Nitey nite...


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