Thursday, October 9, 2008

Home sweet home~~~


I am a damn happy girl coz my advisor approved my thesis title and proposal and he said that I could start doing on my research. Damn happy ok? Coz I've been waiting for his approval since last semester and he kept rejecting my objectives. He said its not right.

I've been procrastinating a lot. He complained that I had no initiative to do it. T____T Damn sad ok? Summore he so garang. I nearly peed in my pants.

Thank God he approved and now I can start on my research. :) Thanks to those we had concerned about my thesis and your prayers.


Now for photos taken from last week's break.

Last Friday, mama didn't go to work coz dad went to play golf at A Famosa Resort. So she brought me to town to get some stuff and had lunch.

I realized that both Mahkota Parade (MP) and Dataran PAhlawan (DP) had very little variety of food to choose from lo. Walk the whole building...both of them, like nothing to eat.

Mum and I settled at Zen coz I had not tried it. I thought Zen was the same as Secret Recipes, selling cakes as priority. But seems not. They had lots of nice main dishes. Maybe that's the main concept la. Selling stuff that were not sold in Secret Recipes.

Mama ordered this

The mutton

Green chilly paste that match perfectly with the mutton and clear noodles

The noodles came with clear soup actually but the mutton had some herbs gravy on them and when you mix all together the soup became black and filled with the herbs.

The herb's taste is very strong in the soup and it tasted like some Chinese dish that my grandma used to make. Not bad la. I like it.



The three mushroom in the pasta were oyster mushroom, enoki mushroom and button mushroom.

Yum yum~~

Mum and I shared a dessert coz we were stuffed after eating our dishes.

Damn yummilicious lo. Everyone who reads my blog constantly might know that I love green tea flavoured stuff a lot. And this cake was like heaven sent.

I don't know how they made it coz the green tea taste was damn strong but then it did not cover up the cheesiness of the cake. Damn rich lor the cheese cake.

But then I think that the cake is quite pricey coz its smaller than the ones they had in Secret Recipes. And they are same price. Where can???

The green colour on the cake actually looked quite scary lor

Then we went walking around DP and passed this crepe stall. I was telling mama that their crepe quite pricey coz Sinren and I was at DP the day before and we planned to buy it. Manatau there's this guy sitting there kept waving at mama.

It was Auntie Kat Chin's son who is the marketing manager. I wonder if he heard what we talked about. :P So to jaga face we decided to buy a crepe from the stall.

Its ham and cheese crepe

Its not bad actually. Instead of the normal sweet crepe I had with chocolate sauce and stuff, this is more to salty side.

What is shopping without buys? *lalala*

My Nike shoes which I bought 3 years ago before going into the uni. The base of the shoes had nearly came off already coz its kinda old already. Dad said I should get a new pair and get rid of the old shoes. But the old shoes had gone through with me so much. Really... It really did ok? So I didn't throw it away. Instead I went to this shoemaker by the roadside and repair the base. Its not as good as new but still boleh pakai. :)

But since dad said I could get a new pair of shoes. Hehe~ Let's not let him down.

My first pair of the adidas inside the blue box

Adidas was always out of my budget coz its always RM200+ for even the most simpliest design. But I love their designs a lot. Coz its more creative compared to Nike. But since Nike is more affordable, I would opt for Nike.

But since this time got people sponsored for the shoe. Hehehe~ So adidas, here I come. :D

See how nice it is????

This design come in purple too. But I think orange looks more "sharp" so I chose it.

I must say that Adidas shoes aren't as comfortable as Nike. What do you guys think? I mean the last time I bought my Nike, the moment I put my legs in, I felt really wonderful. But adidas is like ok-ok only.

That's all that I bought from DP coz sales was already over so no clothes or anything else. :P


On Friday night, we went to the 24 hours mamak for a small farewell for the trainee pastors who was gonna leave us then.

Left: Siew Fern (top), Seow Wei (bottom)

Right: takkan tak kenal right?, Ah Teck (middle), the trainee pastor, Richard and his wife. so sorry I don't the name of his wife. hehe~ (bottom)

This 24 hours mamak has the best roti tisu ever. Its crispy and sweet right till the bottom. But then I didn't manage to take a photo of it coz the moment it arrived, I whacked it like gila. Too long didn't go there to eat punye pasal. XD


Saturday was shopping day again but it was to buy some important stuff like food and toiletteries.

I used to use Simple's make-up remover wipes. But the wipes dry up easily if kept for too long. And 26 wipes in a packet is not worth it lor for its price. So I decided to dry its liquid make-up remover.

Got difference or not?

Wanted to get a Aqua Lily body lotion from Body Shop but then I didn't have that much of money and mama was in the supermarket paying for my groceries. So I bought a much cheaper lotion.

I didn't know there's no apricot lotion from St. Ives. Aren't there supposed to have? Coz they are well-known for their apricot scrub right?

Haven't really try the lotion coz my J&J lotion is not finished. The J&J lotion leaves a sticky icky feeling after a few minutes applying it. That's why I changed brand. But I can't possibly waste that half bottle of lotion and use the new one right?

Eyeshadow applicator

I also bought a eyebrow shaping blade. No more ugly eyebrows, I hope. :)


Went for this concert organized by Yinqi at Pay Fong Hall coz mama bought the ticket for me without my acknowledgement. Was quite pissed at first coz I didn't wanna go on some concert and abandoned my poor bf at home. I wanna go pat toh with him :( But I know he won't come to the concert coz he's not into choir stuff. (Neither do I actually :P) But then I didn't regret it coz the concert was fabulous despite the lousy venue.

Will post up videos of the concert later coz I haven't upload them in youtube yet.

The programme book

This concert is a Christian choir performance. I forgot what's the name of the choir coz I left the programme book somewhere. Ermmm~~~~~ somewhere will try to find it. haha~ The conductor was Rev. Lee Chong Meng, who was my church's choir's conductor's mentor and solo performance by Cecilia Yap, who's my godbro's ex-voice tutor.

After taking a bath

Its like plastic surgery lor. I used to think that people look the same with and without makeup. But looking at the difference of myself, makeup is really the best thing that ever happened to me. Thanks to whoever who invented makeup wtf. Hahahaha~

What I wore

The dress was bought during last year Christmas but I hardly wore them except on the first day of CNY. Since I thought that the concert was quite a formal thing I decided to wear this dress, which is more on the formal side.

With Sheene and Lee Ying after the concert

Everyone wore so casual. So paiseh ok? Everyone was like asking me: "You wear so nice for what?" To jaga face I told them: "Must wear nice a bit to concert one leh. That's what they taught me in uni." Hahaha~ Which was quite true lo. Where got people wear until so casual to some prestige concert one? You think your own house meh? I mean the place is not as prestige as the concert but its one sort of respect to the concert lor right? You won't wear until so casual to the MPO would you?

The damn kawaii hairband Sheene got me for my 20th birthday

In fact its too kawaii until I don't dare to use it outside of the house. Hahaha~

I do wear it actually... to camwhore at home. I look retarded I know.

Ok, the end.

I know the post is a bit backdated. Sorry... I've been pretty busy lately and next week would be even worst coz more things would be coming up. So please forgive me if there is lack of posts.

Sinren will be back in KL soon coz he will start working for his uncle. Lonely no more during the weekends. Whee~~~~ But then he won't be in Melaka during my break. T__T

K lah... Gotta go do some reading.


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