Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How my tamagotchi progressed...

Babi is the father and lolo is the new born baby

Remember when I first posted about my tamagotchi?

Well, the other time I did not talk about the features of the tamagotchi right?

Ok, first of all, this tamagotchi is version 4. Not really new anymore coz they already had version 7 by now. That's why I bought it for a cheaper price.

The first thing you get from the tamagotchi is an egg which will hatch within a few minutes. Then the screen will tell you whether its a boy or a girl. Right after that they will ask you to name the tamagotchi.

Then the tamagotchi will come out as a basic shape like how Lolo looked like. Unlike the normal tamagotchi they had last time, they either is a duck or chicken or whatever. This one will change their look at different age and different time. Depends how you take care of it.

At around age 3 or 4, the tamagotchi kid must go to school and learn skills. They have to play games to earn money. Then when they grow oldert they must interview and get work. At the right age a matchmaker will bring the a wife/husband to get together and give birth to baby.

The first time I played, my tamagotchi whose name is Munky did not meet a match and died at old age. Damn kesian. The second one who is Babi (the one above) met a match and gave birth to Lolo (also above). Hahaahaha~ damn cute right?

Babi died and Lolo is now 4 years old. And is working in a bank. Oh ya, she's a girl btws. But she looks kinda ugly coz the other day I left it on my bed and didn't take care of it for one whole day. She used to look like an octopus with a bow but then now she looks like ultraman. Haha~

Hopefully Lolo will have the next generation and I don't have to restart.

Ok la. Will update about the tamagotchi next time even if you all don't care about it. -____-

Anyone out there reading my blog has a tamagotchi? Please tell me. Maybe we could meet up and match our tamagotchi together. Haha~


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