Friday, October 3, 2008

I'm famous~~~

From yesterday post you could see that I have totally ran out of ideas to post and I decided to recommend sites to people. Well, at least I kept people entertained right?

Same like yesterday, I'm gonna introduce another fun site for you guys to try out.

Have you guys seen people putting up their friendster/facebook/myspace...etc. profile photo which looked like this?
WAh~ so famous until people saw your photo by the road side must go and kiss arh???

I first saw it on my cousin's facebook profile photo and got curious how she get to photoshopped her son's photo on to a billboard. Her photoshopped skills should be good coz that's what she studied (I guess). I was hoping that she would teach me.

But then later I saw more and more people with the same photo editting style. Its impossible that everyone learned that editting skill so fast right? I looked at those photos and it was almost flawless lor. Impossible that amateurs could do it so well. (Don't get angry people... I'm not trying to insult her...)

I looked at the photos even closer and found a common thing that appears in all of the photos. The word PHOTOFUNIA.

I googled the word PHOTOFUNIA and found this site call And this is the site that people had been visiting to get their photos edited. Finding it, I must try it for myself.

It was easy to do. First select an effect from various effects provided. Then browse for a photo to do that effect and within seconds (depends on how fast is your connection of course) your photofunia photo is done.

Here's one that I personally love a lot...

...and is currently my laptop's wallpaper

Hehe~ Who would have believe if I told people that I hate myself right? Hahahaahha~

Dorcas Pang on a billboard at Times Square. I must be darn popular. Hehe~

Damn nice right? Why don't you guys give it a try? Scare your friends or boost up your ego by telling yourself that you are popular. HAhahahaahah~

Here's one more that I did and would love to share...

Oh... the street artist is painting a picture of me on the street. HOw lovely...

I love this effect a lot also. Looks so real right?

I did one for Sinren too...

HAve you seen this cutey?


And one last one of us...

Its damn fun I tell you. So better go try it out.

Here's the link again: PHOTOFUNIA

Have fun!!!

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