Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm out of ideas what to post

Post no. 4!!!

And I serious don't know what to post about coz I'm out of photos.

As I was digging my "Pictures" folder, I found some photos of ME that has not been posted. And I look damn nice in the photo. DAmn not shy man...

This was taken with Sinren's camera phone and the place is behind Ah Yang's car.

I know I looked spastic but you gotta admit that I looked right? Even without makeup. Hehehehehe~

Anyways, I found the point of this post and its not to go on and on about how good looking I am.

Did you realize that in both posts I had something in my hand? Something pinkish? Something roundish? Something looking like a toy?

Well, some of you guys probably know and could guess what that is.

I don't know how long that thing had been on my to-buy list but I'm glad that I finally bought it. Erm~~~~ not really la... Coz after buying it and after almost a month later, I regretted a teeny bit.

Ok ok... for those who don't know what that is... ITS A TAMAGOTCHI Y'ALL!!!

Yes, a tamagotchi. Are you going to leave my blog now that you know that I'm so freaking childish?

Actually, I didn't wanna post it up coz I was afraid that people might disown me. But seeing that lots of my friends thinks that its cute. So I got the courage to post about it. But sorry no close up coz I didn't took any.

I had a tamagotchi when I was younger. But then coz I brought it to school and it got lost in school. Damn weird right? Instead of getting caught by the disciplinary board, the tamagotchi was stolen. You have no idea how sad I was. I liked that tamagotchi a lot. Coz I had begged mama to buy me one but she wouldn't. But she promised that she would if I did well in my exams. I was not one of the best students of my school but because of that tamagotchi I studied like a crazy cow. And of course I did well coz mama bought me a RM30+ tamagotchi which was really expensive to me then (Erm... now also la actually).

So after the lost I sort of comfort myself with cheap ciplak ones which I got from some vending machine. But all spoiled damn easily. And I got sien of it and moved on with life.

When I saw on some ads about the new tamagotchi, I knew that I must get it. So I went to Jusco to look for one. But the price was crazily expensive ok? What? A child's toy is RM99? Do you know how much clothes or makeup I can buy with that much of money???? So I decided not to buy it. Neney convinced me that the price will drop coz these electronic stuff reduce price more that the petrol.

Once I was out window shopping with Sinren and we were walking round the Toys Department (yes, I like to window shop at the toys department. any prob???) We saw some tamagotchis on sale and there was this signboard which says 70%.

A little disbelief, I called the promoter over and asked her how much are those tamagotchis and true enough it was really on sale with 70% discount. And its even cheaper than the ones that I got back in my high school. :D

Well, the post is kinda long d hor? But I haven't talk about the tamagotchi's feature neh~~~~ Aiyo....

Maybe next time I would post about it la... Coz I don't wanna bore people with long words post. But I could tell you guys is damn fun la. And I'm enjoying becoming baby sitter to tamagotchi.

Ok lah... That's all for today.

See you guys tomorrow...

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