Monday, October 27, 2008

The prettiest camera...

When I saw Sony T20 in pink, I felt in love.
Coz its damn cute!!!

Its pink wokay??? How often do you get cameras in such a cute colour?

But when I saw Canon's latest camera model, I nearly fainted.

They looked exactly like toys right?

Introducing Canon's latest camera from the Powershot series, E1.

My god!!! They are damn cute. I cannot tahan when I saw Xiaxue and a few other bloggers from Singapore had their mini scrapbook thingy in their blog about this camera.

Especially the pink one...

With a camera like that, no need to bling the thing also damn kawaii d ballz~~~~~

Don't misunderstood that this camera is all about cuteness and has no function. It comes with 10 megapixel ok? CAn take damn sharp photos. Well, there are many others features but I can't remember all la...

Seriously make me hand itchy to go get it la... But I don't know bout the price yet.

Anybody saw this camera out? Anybody know how much it is????

Please tell me and I will love you like gila.

K la... Just a random post.

Pretty busy with studying so will blog less.

Love ya all...


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