Thursday, October 2, 2008 cute!!!

You guys may have seen the post where I wished my room mate happy birthday. Did you guys realised that instead of boring self photoshopped photo, I used a very cute little animated photo of her?

Well, I was on one forum and being a big fan of taking purikira or neoprints, I went into this section where they were talking about them. And this fella introduced this site where you can make purikira out of normal photos that you had.

So I visited the site and tried it out on my own.


Damn! It really did look like real purikira right?

You can add frames, cute animation, glitter and you can even draw in stuff with various coloured brushes. Just like the real thing yo.

You can choose to embed the thing right into your friendster or whatever like what I did in the birthday post or you can save down the purikira in .jpg form like what I did with the photo above.

For those who wanna try out the site can go to Puricute and go crazy with it.

There's a few others sites which they recommended but I have yet to try it. It was said that there's this site where you could take photos with you webcam and process them right on that site. Gonna try it soon.

Alrighty then, I'll leave you guys to go try it out.


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