Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Random post

Last week I went back to Melaka again and went out pattoh-ing with Sinren.

We went to Jusco to walk around then went to Graha Makmur Park to talk.

Favourite place, favourite things to do...that is the life that I love. :)

Took a photos and it makes me think...
What do you guys think of him when he doesn't wear specs?

Please excuse my stupid gummy smile. I know I look damn ugly.

I forced him to remove his glasses and take a photo with me.

I always think that he looked damn sexy without his specs. Seriously. Coz his lashes are damn long and... well, that's just what I thought la.

What do you guys think?

Ok, I just posted that up coz that's the latest photos of us. No particular reason why. Please don't -__-

Damn bored... don't know what to post. That's why la... So many things to do but lazy wanna do. Zzzz~


Ok, something interesting for a change.

Li Shan and I went to watch this yesterday...

The story is about this Playboy bunny who had never been on centre fold of the mag, which apparently is the highest honor for the bunnies. But before she could fulfill her dreams she was kicked out of the mansion because of her age.

Then she went to this sorta like student house thingy and helped a bunch of misfits....bla bla bla... the typical chick flick sorta thing.

If you are a big fan of comedy, chick flick, bimbotic stuff, please do watch it coz its all about those stuff.

About the main actress, Shelley, the Playboy bunny is played by...
Anna Faris

Who is well-known for her dumb role in the Scary Movie series.

She's still dumb and lame in the movie but with more nicer clothes than she had in Scary Movie.

As for the other actresses, there are only a few that I know. For example...

Katherine McPhee

Famous from American Idol.

She acted as one of the misfits but its not told why is she pregnant.

Kiely Williams

Who is one of the girls in Disney movie, Cheetah Girls and one third of 3LW.

She acts as Lily, the shy girl of the misfits who likes to hide in the closet and talks to people through text message even if the person is beside her. -____-

She has this British accent which she uses at the end of the movie when she finally talks. As far as I remembered, she's American. Or am I wrong?

Another actress that I know, which many people might have heard of her is RUMER WILLIS.

Sorry no photo of her coz I forgot to google her up. Hehe~

Sounds familiar? Of course she is. Her last name WILIS?

Her dad is Bruce Wilis and her mum is Demi Moore. And her stepdad is the ever so good looking Ashton Kutcher. *kiss*

The rest of the cast looks familiar but I don't know where I had seen them. Kat Dennings

Emma Stone

Then there's a couple of real playmate who acts as themselves in the movie. But I couldn't put up their photos coz they are quite er.... 18-sx. HAhahahah~

Well, its a not bad movie la. Its so typical that I was quite bored at some point. But I love most of the songs in the movie and the funny part are like damn funny. Especially the part Shelley makes this weird voice to remember people's name. DAmn hilarious I tel you. No point telling you how funny it is. You have to go watch it to know about it.

Anyways, here's the trailer. The weird voice thingy is previewed a bit in the trailer. Check it out.


Go check out the movie before its not showing anymore.

Ok la... wanna go eat lunch d.


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