Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thai Mania

Li Shan went to Bangkok recently and went on a shopping craze.

Sigh~ how I wish I could go for some getaway like her and buy stuff that are super cheap like crazy. Maybe a trillion light years later only this would happen. :(

Anyways, what are friends for if not helping us to buy stuff from Bangkok right? I would do the same lor...
With this much of buys, it was as if I was one of her family members who went Bangkok together. Haha~

Of course I paid for all the stuff above. NOTE: She only helped me to buy it. I requested for those things before she left.

Let's check out what I got...
'D' handphone hanger

Actually this is her souvenir for us from Bangkok, each of the zhi muis have one with their name's alphabet respectively.

Don't know why but I think the black 'D' is damn cool. And I love it more than anything in the world.

Li shan knows me darn well coz I've been trying to collect stuff with 'D' printed. So this is the best souvenir ever.

Flower-flower rubber bands

Another point that proves that Li Shan knows me darn well. She knows that I like flowery stuff and only this type of rubber bands could hold my hair in place without spoiling my hair.

Black bikini

I've finally got it. I'm so touched that I wanna cry. T____T

Do you know difficult it is to find a plain colour bikini that is cheap? Some more its tie string bikini which I've been looking high and low. I mean expensive ones sure got la but cheap like this one, search like mad also can't find it.

And its damn cute ok?Me love the hem like that :)

Flowery tube dress

Sinren's gonna go crazy seeing this. He has this thing against flowery prints that I don't understand. Everytime I pick up something like this which I think is very feminine, he will go: "Aiyo~ why always buy flower prints?" He apparently preferred plain colour stuff.

Big fan of tube dress. So this is another addition to my other two tube dress. But this is more casual compared to the other two coz one of them is retro style while the other one is sorta like evening gown.

I just wanna say a big, big, big


to my dearest baba. You are the best. I will never forget you the next time I go on a trip which is rare but I will buy anything that you asked me to. *HUGS*

Can't wait to use the things I bought. :)

Look up for these things in the future posts. :)


p/s: i saw this awesome sandals in Vincci that I wanna buy. Should I or should I not?

p/p/s: HAPPY 3 YEARS AND 1 MONTH NENEY LIOW.... *muaks*

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