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Why I had no friends in the past...

Seems like everyone on the net is posting up photos of their past and how different they look now. One of them is Xiaxue who posted her photos after people saying that she was jealous of Dawn Yang *link*. She also posted Dawn Yang's photo since she was quite young showing how different she looked from last time. *link* Being a big Xiaxue supporter, I would agree with everyone that she did plastic surgery.
So many people said that they looked super ugly last time. Come on lah... Its not even there yet ok? You wanna see ugly? Here's the real story of being ugly.
Yes, I'm going to show you guys my photos since I was young. The other day Sinren was at my house and showed him my photos and he was in awe. Haha~ He asked me to post them up and show people how much I changed.
This is when I was born. Mum said that I was super small in size and my eyes were damn big. So I always looked as if I was staring at people.

This is 1 years old I think. Its on the night of my baptism thus the long white dress. Mum said I looked like my dad in the photo. Haha~ Why? Coz of the shocked face with senget mouth is it? Hahahahaha~

With dad at Tioman Island. I look like him meh? People say I look like ang moh wor... got arh? Dad looked damn different now. He's not that thin anymore and his hair is shorter than the pig's bulu.
How he looks now

OMG!!! What stupid fringe is that??? Hahahahaha~

I looked pretty normal you say? Well, the best is yet to come.

After this I started wearing specs and all hell broke loose.

Compare this photo with the photo before this. Like a 360 change right? And my hair is like so in a mess. My baby fat disappeared and I look like some famine striken kid. T____T

That's Jeremy with the mouth wide open and the one censored is somebody's ex-bf. So gotta censor. Huhu~~ Jeremy grew and looked the same now but he turned into a giant.... plus he doesn't have the cartoon voice he had when he was younger anymore. Oh! He doesn't pull my hair anymore. Last time I kena teruk from him man... So hard summore he pull.

190cm gentle giant (That's what he called himself)

This one not really ugly yet right? Look at this next one.

Why my specs so nerdy one????

I seriously wanna hit myself lor... I looked like some old lady in a body of a young girl. I looked even older than my mum.

More uglier ones...


What's with the senget cap? Damn cool is it? And you guys might not see it coz I cropped out the rest of my body, I was standing senget doing some pose that I thought was damn cool last time.

I started becoming darker than I was before because I got involved with school activities. Look at my forehead. Like burnt habis like that.

This is around Standard 6 I think. I thought it was damn cool to wear sweater and wore a red sweater for my birthday party at Ozana cafe. I didn't stay there last time but mum and dad loved the food there so we went there. The cafe closed down 'tho.

The girl beside is whom I think she won't wanna revealed her past so I censored her. Plus she's no more friends with me anymore. She just got lucky I picked this photo.

Photo from the same event with a super goofy smile

That red shirt fella is Nansie. I bet she was thinking in her head: "I thought I was ugly...tak sangka she's worst". Haha~ And the one wearing pink is Ashley who still loves pink like god.

How different they looked now...

Damn hot wor Ashley now. Haven't seen her in years. Stole her photo from Friendster. HEhe~

The next few photos is the best among the best... be prepared to be awed like my bf...

I got really dark and I was turning into a tomboy. So I looked like an Indian and really short hair. And I was not a happy girl coz I didn't have friends.


I think I loved round frame specs last time coz most of my specs' frame are round. And that cap was bought for the trip. I was into fishermen's cap at that time.

No wonder I had no friends. I looked so unapproachable.

I got into my class' cheerleading/dancing team and got really dark coz of training in the hot sun almost everyday. I looked like a boy and some fellas in the class told me they fallen in love with me... DAmn scary ok?

Before you guys scroll down please take a deep breathe coz the worst of the lot is coming.

OMFG!!!! Is that really me???

I saw this photo at Uncle Paul's house and I thought it was his maid. I can't even recognise myself.

I look like some Indian boy selling newspaper by the roadside lor. No wonder those guys teased me by calling me Indian last time. And I dare to wear shiny earring some more. I really understood why nobody wanna stay near me. I don't even wanna stay near myself man...

OMFG 2!!!!

I look like some pendatang asing sial!!! What happened to my mega big eyes???? And where's my hair???? Why I looked like I have misai???? Why did I wear that shirt??? T_____T


I seriously looked like I was older than my mum. T____T And why did I cut my hair so short? Like bodoh nie... And the clothes like damn kolot nie.

My mama's face like damn reluctant to take photos me nie. I don't blame her. With a daughter like that I would be embarassed to take photos with her. T____T

Ok enough of scary photos... I think I've scare you guys enough.

After form 3, I got girly again and started to grow my hair out. Thank the good Lord my hair brought me back to normal.

I'm still damn dark coz I got into the PBSM's committee and marching team. Kinda think of it, I didn't get fair ever since I first got dark.

Anu was in her tomboy period at that time. She looked like a boy right?

The now girly Anusha Nair

I was as dark as my Indian friends. And I was kinda fat at that time.

Haha~ look at Thanu's weird looking face. Wakakakakkakaka~

My pretty girls now

I took lots of photos with Anu ler... Like half of the photos I uploaded is taken with her.

If you guys realized, ever since I became friends with these fellas, I became more presentable. Who said they gave me bad influence? They made me prettier ler wei... Right guys?


I seriously looked like one right? Hahaha~

At form 5 I was totally turning back into a girl and started to take care of my appearance. So I started plucking my eyebrows, which was allowed in my school.

Started to lepak a lot after school and senyum was our favourite hang out place.

My eyebrows were seriously more neat compared to now. What happened to me???

Nana was prefect last time and was quite tomboy and she tied her fringe up and it made her looking bald.

She looked the same now. MAybe a little thinner and much more hot.

I felt like singing Bunyi Gitar when I saw this pic. Haha~

At form 5 also I loved wearing coloured sunglasses and every special event at school I would wear a different sunglasses. I remembered that I had blue sunglasses, yellow and pink I think. Haha~

Umie was my partner in crime since form 2. We sat together and did many stupid things together. Our "favourite" English teacher called us "Monkeys" coz she said we were always "fidgetting" at the back. :P

She has Indonesia and Chinese blood in her. That's why she doesn't look Malay. I guess we were so close coz our heritage was almost the same. I only lack of Malay blood.

I had so long hair last time... Why did I cut it???? Don't know when I can grow out that long ever.

I think my hair damn nice lor. Especially letting go. Some stupid random guy which I nearly date said that I look like orang gila when I let go my hair. WTF?????

The Anggun family

Ann looked the same her whole life i think. I've known her since Primary 2 and still looks the same now...

... even the same height. Hahahahaha~

Started to bring clothes to school illegally so that I could change and go lepak after school. And I always had that necklace on (eventhough its not allowed) coz of someone which I liked last time.

Seems like I've been doing lots of illegal stuff back in high school ya? Hehe~

I miss my curly long hair T____T

My favourite tree in school. This was form 5 when I thought that I would go to college and never come back. So I took a photo for remembrance. But thank God I took this photo coz they cut it down when I went back for Form 6.

I used to climb this tree alot when I was form 2. I don't know why I did it but I just like to climb it. Haha~

After Form 5, I started to wear sleeveless clothes but what the hell is up with that high waist pants???

My eyebrows were so thin until like I had no eyebrows. Haha~

My goddaugther was born

Goddaugther at 5 years old and me at 22

Form 5 prom and the first time I got introduced to makeup on my face. But it wasn't me who did it coz I didn't know how to at that time.

I wonder who did Puff's makeup. She looked like ghost. Hahaahhaha~

Better Puff, better looking now

Went into form 6 and got into visors and had like 5 visors in my cupboard now. Hahhaha~

Eventhough I started wearing contact lense but sometimes when I woke up late I resort to specs. But my specs looked nicer than those I wore last time. No more nerdy round frame specs.

But my fringe looked damn weird lor. Ann called it my bird hair. Hahahaahh~

I wanted to have bangs but didn't realized that curly locks doesn't look good. Hahahahaha~ See Puff laugh until like damn happy nie. Or is it laughing at my ugly hair?

I mixed a lot with Japanese fashion lovers like Lee Ying and Grace. So I started to have Japanese alike hairstyle. But I failed badly coz of my curly fringe.

They are still very J-style right?

Got into hip hop and eyeliner became my best friend

And I got into dancing too. This photo was taken after a performance at Equatorial. I braided my hair ala Sean Paul. Damn nice. Missed it so much.

After eyeliner came more makeup coz I learned how to do makeup

Don't get scared by the two weirdos beside me. This was taken during Christmas after a performance.

With my bestie Tze Liz and Chris and also my ugly curly fringe

Tze liz looked more radiant compared to last time. IS it because of love????

I haven't seen Chris for ages. I only know how she look like through her photos in Friendster.

I was in the Atheletics Club and was always skipping class by going to Sports Event like MSSN. So I was always seen wearing the school's PJ clothing. And I started to dye my hair too.

Acting as though we were JApanese coz we were so into Japan at that time

Finally straighten my fringe and got the bangs I always wanted. Once straighten and never gone back to curly fringe ever.

Buvie seriously looked like a boy last time huh? At that time I started the whole "prinsezz" thing because of Shrek. And Buvie was my bouncer. HAhahahaha~

The bouncer looked more girl-like now right?

I think I shed the whole tomboy thing off entirely during lower six. That's when people kept telling me that I changed to a total different person. I didn't believe them until I search back all the photos and compile them. I think you guys also agreed that I changed quite a lot by now right?

This is the starting of my blonde moment and I started to use the type of specs that I'm using now. And my eyebrows were still thin then.

Then after that my hair got even more blonde and then until it got spoiled I dyed it back to black to save it. But it couldn't be saved and I chop it all off.

Didn't post up any of those photos coz it was in my desktop.

This is how I look now

With nicer makeup coz I worshipped Popteen like mad. And my fringe is permenantly straighten and I tried highlights. And my dressing is much better compared to what I had in high school coz I've got friends with taste. AHahahah~

Last time I didn't wanna take photos if I wore specs because I thought that I look ugly with it. But now even with specs I can pose confidently.

I can pose nicely and act beautiful

Or act cute

Or act stupid at times

There you have it...

My auntie calls me Ugly Duckling coz like ugly duckling i changed a lot. I dare not say that I'm a swan now but from compared to last time, I looked much better.

I used to hate looking at those photos. But once a speaker said that to love yourself is to accept who you were and who you are now. So that you would be a loveable person in the future. So I've got to learn to accept and look into these photos without hating it.

These photos reminded me of how sad I was when people teased me of my dark skin and called me names and it was quite painful. But then again if it wasn't for those people, I wouldn't be the confident me now.

HOpe you guys got entertained seeing my photos coz I had a good laugh looking at myself.

Well, gotta go do my assignment now.


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