Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Back! back!! back!!!

Hello~ Did anyone missed me? I've been hiatus for quite awhile due to the "lovely" line back in Melaka and also was still sick. Currently back in KL coz of some stupid music comp recording and ballroom dance finals. Its finally all done and am as free as a bird now. Praise the Lord!!!

After much hilang-menghilang of course there's a thousand things to update. First up are the photos update.

I've finally understood how to use photobucket and how to upload it to blogger without fuss. :)

Ok, first, this was few weeks back. Sinren and I went to get groceries for moi then we went to have lunch in...

I don't know if I've talked about Yoshinoya ever but just for a short intro. Yoshinoya is a sorta like fast food chain for Japanese food. They serve mostly rice and udon with different side dishes JApanese style.

Sinren's Rice with teriyaki chicken and beef

The chicken is super tender. Damn nice. :)

My udon with beef

I like eat this everytime I go there. Sien dy~

Sinren ordered complete meal so his rice came with these stuff above, which is soft drink; corn pudding; coleslaw and miso soup.

Thank god they improved their coleslaw. Last time I had it, they put some sort of soy sauce instead of mayo. It tasted cold and salty. Damn weird combination. Haha~

My meal was er... incomplete meal so I only had miso soup. Its not called incomplete meal la. I forgot the name. Haha~

Then that day after German's exam, I had a whole day of fun. It started with going to Midvalley with Li Shan, the yebaba~ HeHe...

Baba (lishan's nickname) already blogged about this. On that day, lots of funny and stupid things happened. But for the comfort of my non-Chinese reading friends, I will re-tell the stories in English. Good or not you tell me?

Right after German, Li Shan and I wanted to rush to MIdvalley asap coz we wanna catch a movie. YY and Jane came along coz they wanna get to KTM which is situated at Midvalley too.

Coz DTC was freaking cold, Lishan did not switch on the aircon. So she asked YY and Jane to wind down the windows if it gets too hot. But due to some miscommunication, I went to wind down my side's window.

You know the front seat is usually the auto windows thingy while the back is the manual windows right? This Lishan's alarm system had gone crazy so it made the auto windows also crazy crazy abit. Upon reaching Midvalley, any normal human would try to wind up the windows right? So I did. But I couldn't due to the crazy auto windows la. Awhile can move, awhile can't. After a few tries still couldn't. So both of us started to panic. And she went to do something that caused me locked in the car while she's locked outside the car. But don't know what she did again then can get me out already.

Our last resort was to tape the open window with newspaper and super sticky duct tape coz the window won't bulge. -____-lll

When we got back to the car at like evening already, somebody went to tear the newspaper you know... but thank god the fella didn't do anything like trying to open the door. I guess he thought that if he/she open the lock, he might cause the alarm to go off. Which won't happen coz she did not lock the car with the alarm. Or else he/she could have drove the car away. And nothing was stolen coz there was nothing valueable in the car except for Prof Anis 100+'s book in her car. HAha~

But praise the Lord la... if anything happen, don't know how to die d.

After much worries and panic, we went to Seed Cafe to have lunch.

Another funny thing happened right outside of Seed Cafe. Actually we planned to eat at Spaghetti House but the price was way beyond our cheapskate budget so we changed to Seed Cafe which was just a few doors away.

We were at the Boulevard area so we weren't so sure how to get into Seed Cafe coz the back door looked like windows than doors. So we were like going to and fro deciding whether to ask the workers how to get in or just get in from Midvalley's entrance. Like playing hide and seek with the worker nie. At last baba signalled the worker asking him how to get in. He came over and pushed the door open. We were terus went like this... -___- Hahahahah~

To know how the door looked like, look at Li shan's post's first photo. *link*
Baba and her super sepet eyes...

Tu la... LAm edy told you when you smile try to open your eyes right? Tak nak dengar... now cannot see your eyes. Hahahaahahahh~

Freaky smile

Its all about blending with the wall

Yes... some inside joke that we still laugh to now. Damn lame la we all~

Seems like Baba blended better to the wall huh? Almost invisible... Hahahahaha~ Can become Heroes d Ba... wtf.

ERm... I'm gonna stop making the joke here now coz nobody will understand it.
Mocha chocolate chip

Its quite nice ya know... But then the chips aren't as good as Starbucks. I miss Starbucks... Mama said no strong drinks like these till I get better. T____T

Caught in the camwhore moment :P

Food came next...
Li shan's Creamy Mushroom Spaghetti with the cheese

I had this the last time I was there. Not bad la...

She loves her spaghetti

She's like addicted to creamy spaghetti coz that's all that she orders when she goes to Western Food restaurant. But she told me recently tht she got sick of it already and will stop for the moment. Let's all see how long the moment gonna be...hehe~

My fish and chips and alfafa that I find quite amusing in the dish

Erm... coz I have not tasted alfafa ever in my life. Only heard it on PCK. Hahahahaha~

The next funny thing happened at this moment. Its damn hilarious I tell you...

You know in fish and chips they would give you either a lemon or lime or whatever right? Where do you usually squeeze your lemon/lime?

It had been a very long time since I last ate fish and chips and also I was super blur at that moment, I squeezed the lemon into the salad at the side. And non was left for the fish. Hahahahah~ ok la... maybe got a bit for the fish la...

I tell you... the salad was damn sour due to my blurness. Until cannot eat ok? Damn kesian. Hahahaha~

I didn't realised I was doing the wrong thing until Li shan asked me what I was doing. I was like: "Huh? What I did?" Hahahahahh~ Super blur.

Fried calamari

The calamari is superb. Better than the both main dish we had. The bread flour that they used is very different. Damn tasty.

Playing peekaboo wtf

We went to watch The Coffin, a Thai horror which half the movie is spoken in English. Karen Mok acted in it but I think she's just an ok actress la. The movie is ok-ok also. Not scary enough to scare me till I shiver. I would rather watch HSM 3 which I wanted to but Li Shan didn't want to. :( So sad...

Then we went window shopping for a bit then hit the arcade. Played our favourite daiko thingy like crazy.

At around 7pm went back to Pusat coz I thought I was supposed to record my song that day but it was actually on Friday. -___- So I just sat down and edit my song to make it longer coz the last time I wanted to record the ass lecturer said that my song was too short.

Changing the recording date
So serious my face

Do you see the red colour bag appearing in both photos? You know what? I left it in the Computer Lab with my wallet and camera inside.

Dr. Nasir saw me before he left Pusat and told me to lock up the lab before I leave. I brought two bags to the lab. But only brought one bag. Thank God the one I brought back had my handphone and keys inside or else I don't know how to get back home and survive without my phone.
I had to go back to uni the next day before returning to Melaka to get my stuff. DAmn stupid. Thank God nothing was stolen la. Coz it was locked and i think the cleaner mak cik doesn't go in and clean the place.
After leaving uni, Baba and I went to Mel's house to get ready to party. :)
IT was college night at Scarlet. I almost couldn't go that night coz in order to get free drinks we must present our student card but I didn't have it you see. My wallet was in the computer lab remember? But i borrowed my housemate's student card and went. Hehe~ DAmn desperate huh?
I love putting on makeup
Its been awhile since I looked so nice in photos. Hahaha~ CAn't wait for my hair make over. I'm gonna look great again. -_^
I just realised that my eyes are one big one small. Tak balance...cacat betul. Hahahahah~

I looked like an alien in this photo right?
Too long didn't look so nice d. So took lots of camwhore photos in Mel's toilet. Wakakakakakak~
Like usual, I was the only one who did makeup. Call me vain but the truth is clear that I looked like crap without makeup. So shut up. :P
On the way to Scarlet
Pretty obvious my ICI was very thick. Hahahaha~
Li Shan's hand was at a very weird position coz she had an itch and was scratching it when Mel asked to take photo during a red light. Waakakakakaka~
Upon reaching
Our drinks
I pride myself by always choosing the best drink all the time. Theirs tasted like toilet cleaning detergent and the other one was like cough med. HAhaha~
The white one is my vodka + Sprite. The yellow is Li Shan's toilet cleaning detergent; vodka + lime. The brown one is Mel's cough syrup; whisky + coke.
Even though i know what combination to mix for me drinks (thanks to people back at home who are crazy drinkers) but I can't drink a lot. Thanks to the beer rash I will get everytime I had alchoholic drinks. -___-

My party people *hugs*
There was this whisky promo ad on the table that I kept using as props to dance and stuff. The workers saw me and kept showing me the thumbs up. Hahahaha~ I think the workers sorta remembered Li Shan and I coz everytime this worker pass he will ask whether are we ok or not then proceed with the thumbs up sign. Haha~

Playing with the props again

Kissie my baba
No, I was not drunk. I just got absolute high that night coz the songs were superb. Although there were so little people in the club, I had my own crazy fun. Don't know bout the two of them 'tho. Hahahahahahah~ I was like shiok sendiri.

Sipping Baba's drink
Like crap like I said earlier on. Hahahaahha~
This girl arh... drink alchohol damn fast ok? Hers like finish in a minute. Next thing I know she's sipping my drink already. Hahahahaha~ But thank God she did la. Coz if I drank all of my drink i think my rashes will be worst.
After the crazy partying
What's up with Baba's face? Hahahaha~ Like in pain nie.
Wah~~~ my geisha face tahan all the way till 2am arh... not bad. Hahaha~
After that reached home at around 3am then hit the shower and jump right to bed. Got up early to go to fac to get my stuff then packed and Uncle Tee came to fetch me back to Melaka.
The first thing upon reaching Melaka I did was sleeping. Hahahahaha~ Like don't know how many hours. Summore at night sleep early lagi.
My beer rash was terrible. Usually the rash was only around my neck area but this time until my boobs also itchy. So damn teruk ok? Summore my hair was around my shoulder's length so it made me itch like all the time. That's the price to pay when you hit the club and drink too much. Hahahaha~
Scarlet was the greatest ever. I don't know what others think about it but its the greatest for me. Baba said next time we should try Mystique for a change. Its near Scarlet but its not as popular as Scarlet. Its like always empty nie... even at 2 something, its still so empty. Hahahha~
That's all the update for photos. Now for some quick random updates.
1. My tamagotchi died. It was the 3rd generation d. But I was so careless to leave it in my bag and didn't take it out until today. I found it dead. Damn sad.... T____T
2. My pengajian utama exam sucked. I can't remember the stupid piece which I tried so hard to squeeze in my brain. I only pray that I could pass and I'm a happy person.
3. I didn't celebrate Sinren's birthday this year.
4. I am not doing the solo for the choir for our 40th anniversary. Apparently I had phobia towards microphone. T____T So disappointed.
5. I'm still sick. I don't wanna see the doctor. Somebody tell me how to cure my diarrhoea.
6. I need a hair makeover. But I'm still contemplating whether to have straight long hair or wavy long hair. Should I dye it jet black, brown or leave it as it is?
I think that's all la.
Please do comment on the questions I asked ar... Don't so mean and interact with me la... Read my blog and don't show that you care one. T____T
Ok la... Wanna go sleep d. I think the meds are kicking in.
Nite nite people...

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