Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Moment With My Kakiis

This photo was taken during our Pusat Kebudayaan's SJ Nite 2008/2009. SJ Nite is an annual event that we have to introduce the juniors to their seniors and sort of had a icebreaking session mixing together. I must say this year's SJ Nite was at its worst but we, the 3rd years, had a little fun of our own. Treating this little uni event like our own little party and got high drinking orange juice. hahahhahhah~ Happy happy memories.

I had known these bunch of people for almost 3 years now. And every moment spent with them I must say was quite fun and always a fond memory. Some might not be very close to me but with their presence Pusat Kebudayaan was not as dull as it seems.

All of them came from different places. Few months from now, we will be going on our separate ways after graduation but I do hope I could still contact them and ask them out to meet up if possible or when I drop by

I found this new website called They said they could help me to keep in touch with everyone...

First, sign up as a Kakiis member and create a "Circle". Then...

Its like friendster and facebook but different from them is that I could contact them through Kakiis. I could easily send them a message from my mobile phone or computer and they could receive from both phones or computer as well.

I could even send them files, music, videos, photos....bla bla bla through this too. How convenient!!!

If you guys are interested and wanna find out more or terus wanna sign up as a member, here's the link >>>>>>>> KAKIIS <<<<<<<<<<
Anyways, with Nuffnang Malaysia had a contest called...

Its simple. First you gotta...

Yes, the photo above is just for this purpose.
Then, when you have the photos posted, write a new post about the photo and about kakiis.
Its just that simple. Don't you think so?
Well, a simple contest doesn't mean the prices are cheap.
Wouldn't you like to know what the prize is????
Those posted would be in the running to win...
Have you checked out these babies? Its damn beautiful k? I don't know bout u but I can't wait to get this baby on my hands. Erm... that is if I did win la...
Anyways, it doesn't end there. After posting a picture, you might be running to win an invitation to KAKIIS NITE OUT where you could win some other goodies on the exclusive one night event.
Check this out...
What are you waiting for? If you have a blog and also a nuffnanger, go dig up photos and join in the fun.
Here's all you wanna know about the photo contest and the other video contest. *link*
Fast fast check it out!!!

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