Monday, November 3, 2008

One down three to go~~~ :)

Had my first finals today. It was not easy. I think I wrote lots of crap coz some stuff I really don't know how to answer. Some other craps are made up because I can't remember my notes. And as for listening, thank God coz the songs she played today was quite easy. Well, i did cheat on one la. And one I left blank coz I really don't know and I couldn't see the person in front of me punye answer... HEhe~ But... I was glad its over coz I have one less thing to worry about.

BTWs, that's my Chinese Music Appreciation finals la... There's listening test and written test. And the lecturer is one of my "favourite". >___> I just hope I pass or more la... :)

I tell you my luck had not been good lately. Yesterday, a day before my finals, I had diarrhoea. Of all days, the stupid diarrhoe must happen right before the finals. And its damn frustrating ok? I keep running to and fro the toilet. Everytime I leave the toilet, I come out weaker than before. I had totally no strength to pick up the book to study. Then splitting headache came. All plus together, the only resort is to sleep. I slept at 11 something last night.

But "thanks" to a certain person :P, I was forced to wake up at 2am and studied for an hour and went back to sleep. STUPID!!!! *whack whack whack*

I have yet to recover from diarrhoea and still had runs in the toilet. And butt is hurting like shit. I just feel like lying on my bed the whole day but tomorrow's another important final exam. Can't wait for everything to end. I just wanna be lazy for the whole day for once.

Thanks to Chooi Yin's overdue medicine, my diarrhoea is already better la...

Tomorrow is my practical exam which I am damn scared of. I've managed to memorize the whole Suite no.2 in F majore: Allegro by Handel. But its not polished enough. Will try to get it done before 12am. Plan to sleep at then. The other pieces are ok I guess. Now that is left is my programme notes. ZZzzzz~

Then there's the Ballroom dance finals. I'm quite worried also coz I don't get the whole connection thing between me and the dance partner. This connection is very vital you see. Don't know how to die tomorrow....

Ok, now for sueh thing #2. Just now I went to photostate stuff at Section 14. After photostating, to avoid jam, I went to JAya 33 to walk around. But there was nothing to be seen there. Maybe just a few muscular guys coming out of True Finest la...It was raining so no point going out and wait for taxi so i just continued walking and had Subway for dinner.

Then when the jam ended, I didn't care about the rain and went to wait for taxi. But I was so ganjeong coz it was raining and there was a lot of people at the taxi stand. I ran and kicked something and fell down. But thank God I did not fall like knee down. The wall was near enough to block me. But I hurt my left leg's big thumb. T_____T. Damn pain ok? When in pain, I started cursing like rapping. I think people got scared of me at that moment coz many people started staring at me. And it was in the rain summore. I just jaga macho and walked to the taxi stand asap.

When at the taxi stand, I realised my toe was bleeding and there was nothing I could do. Coz I can't walk back to JAya 33 to buy plaster or whatsoever. I just took the taxi, tahan all the pain and came back to UT.

It still hurts now. T____T But its not bleeding anymore. But thank God it wasn't my right toe coz it hurts when stepping on the pedal.

Why la I so clumsy one? Sigh~~~~

I better go see if I'm okay dancing with that swollen toe. And what shoes will I wear to exam tomorrow? What if it swell till I can't fit into my shoe. O____O!!!

Anyways, exams are about to over. In two days yo!!! Like damn shuang ok?

Guess what? I planned things to be done in the holidays. But not many la coz everytime I plan a lot then at last only a couple done only. Heheh~ SO here are top six...


Because I'm performing in the Christmas coral thingy in Tesco and Dataran Pahlawan, I really need to do it real ok. I'm playing Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring by Bach along side with some kids. I'm like the oldest there. So I need to be the good example che che wtf.

On the 18th this month, my church choir instructor, who thinks good of me, asked me to sing solo for our choir performance at our church's anniversary night. I'm like WTF???? Me??? I'm not vocal major ok? Damn scared. That day during practice I sang and then she told me: "Don't so ang moh can or not?" T____T She means my diction is bad. What to do? Too influenced by pop. Hehe~ Gotta practice harder. Don't let her down coz she gave me lots of chances to perform including the violin performance. :) Thanks Auntie Karen.

After my success in baking muffin/cupcakes, I'm gonna try brownies next. And baby... of course this time you are going to be the first to try them. Happy???? Will post it up if I succeed. Hehe~

Christmas is around the corner (almost la...) and I'm needed of new clothes for our annual Christmas dinner at church. And for CNY next year. So a shopping mission is needed.
The first thing I'm gonna buy right after exams is that pair of sandals at Vincci. I don't care how many sandals I already have. I just gotta have it. :P

Stephanie recommended me to jog coz I won't stop whining about me putting on weight at the right places. I've jog on my last break which is like only twice for the one month break. Hohohoh~~~ gotta try to be more consistent this time round.
I'm gonna do more exercise too. This oppappi exercise I've seen on Cawaii looks and is really quite effective. I know coz I tried it for a few days. Gotta keep it going by doing it everyday.
I wanna be a hot babe wtf. HAhahahaah~
I freaking hate my current hairstyle. The curls are like all out at the fringe and the layers had gone out of shape. I got so sick of it I didn't wanna look at it. I just tie it up all the time nowadays.
I will go straighten the fringe and get super thick bangs this time. And maybe will straighten the rest of the back if needed to. My aim is to look like the girl in this photo. Like damn hot. Hahahahaha~
I think I'm so stressed out that I'm talking nonsence now. Hehe~
Now for the #1 thing that I must must do no matter what happens during the break...
Baby's birthday is tomorrow but I can't celebrate it coz the next day I still have one last exam. So we postponed it.
I spoiled all the surprise that I was about to give him. I showed him the card that I was making for him and also the birthday present that I bought. -____- Somebody please teach me how to create surprises please. Coz its like no fun anymore.
Then there's my birthday la of course. Can't wait to see what he's going to buy for me. I told him what I wanted but don't know if he'll buy it for me or not. ^____^
That's all la...
If I've done all by the end of Nov, I'll start planning new ones.
For now, its just these few.
I gotta get back to the piano now.
Wish me luck...

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