Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Some things happened recently. And I was so foolish to only found out about it 2 days ago. Can you believe that I didn't know that I hurt someone for so long till 2 days ago.

I guess my space on the blog is important but jeopardizing my friendship with someone I had known for 7 years was not worth it. Sometimes I used my butt as brain and act like a bitch but I never wanna lose somebody is close to the heart.

For her, I decided to take down the post. I can't promise that I would lie on the blog for anyone but I can promise that I would confront the person first before telling it to the world on the blog and hurt anyone.

And one more thing, I have no intention whatsoever to say that I hate Melaka or offend any Malaccans. I was talking about perverts and hamsap people and just because I met up with some on that day, so I took that as an example. I know there are hamsap people everywhere. I love Melaka and would not want to leave here even if paid to stay else where. (If the price is high...i would consider. Hahahahaahha~ :P).

If any of my post offended anyone or made anyone mad, please forgive me. I have no intention to do it. If I intended it... I'm sorry as well.

Well, I'm happy that I got it off my chest.

The line is like shit and the modem of the person i'm stealing wireless from is spoiled (I think) so I can't access to internet. Will blog whenever I can.

Don't miss me...


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