Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Birthday Celebration with Sinren

Yeap, last night had my first celebration with my neney. Wasn't a real celebration la coz there's no cake or whatsoever. Its more like another pat toh night.

In the morning, before we went out for dinner, Su Pheen asked us to go out for a movie. So Su Pheen, Sinren and I together with Williang and Alex went to MBO for a movie.

We decided on Twilight actually which was something that I really wanted to watch because I heard from everywhere that it was good and also coz I'm in love with Edward Cullen. But coz damn bro yuyu watched already, we had to watch something else.

We end up watching Transporter 3 which was not my type of movie. But the movie's ok lah... I rate it 3 stars. It was like JAmes Bond but the actor was cuter. :)

After the movie, we had lunch at Jusco's McD then reached home at around 5 something.

Rushed to the showers and got dressed coz neney's fetching me in no time.

Its with and without makeup time...
Before dolling up

Uneven skin tone, dark eye circles, ugly hairstyle...etc.

Skin tone even out with foundation and hair combed nicely.
I always had problems doing blue eyeshadow. Looked very old with blue eyeshadow. Don't know why. Does this happen to anyone? Did this makeup called the Dark Seas Smokey Eyes. Taught by Popteen. And it didn't look old right?
People told me that my checkered skirt is damn nice. Even guys, my church guys. Its had to get a good compliment from my church guys. So it must be true. :)
Top: Tank top from FOS
Skirt: Checkered skirt from DFO (seems like all my clothes are from factory outlet :))
Bag: Guess
Accessories: Tribal earrings from Jonker and White Gold Key Pendant given by some aunties and uncles for my 21st birthday
Not in the photo: My gold flats from Vincci.
Neney came and picked me up at around 8pm and I was as hungry as a horse. But we had to get to the bank first.
We initially planned to go to the beach and go to this restaurant called Bird (what a weird name for ya restaurant).
I always wanted to go to a restaurant that has great enviroment and ambience in Melaka but difficult to find. So my friend, Fay recommended Bird. She said it was by the seaside and open air. Just what i'm looking for.
But it was raining so we couldn't go there. :(
So we went to this restaurant beside the MElaka River called Harpers. Its an exclusive restaurant x cafe. But the price was sky high ok.
We were looking at the menu outside the restaurant and Sinren mistaken the entree dishes' price for main course's. He told me that its ok and that we could go in. Thank God I was fast to stop him or else... he would be broke for nothing.
We then decided to go to Le Garden at Dataran Pahlawan Phase 2 but didn't coz I'm eating there again on Thursday. So at last we settled for this restaurant called Taro at Dataran Pahlawan.
Photo courtesy to amaliana.com
I don't know why the restaurant is called Taro. First of all, Taro means yam in Japanese but there's nothing yam sold in the restaurant. There's only Western cuisine lor. Why Taro then?

Looked a little cock-eyed right?
The interior design of the restaurant was quite nice. So we can ignore the weird name of the restaurant.
It looked like a high class restaurant but the food was not that expensive. There are expensive food lar. But don't order mah can lor right?
We were sitted at the family table corner which was quite wrong la. Coz we should have been sitting at the couples table. :S
I like all the utensils that they had in Taro. Especially this senget cut cup. So nice!!!
Now food shots...
My sparkling Honey Lime Juice in a wine glass
Like so high class. Me like ^ ^

At first I thought that I had ordered the wrong drink coz I was not allowed to drink sour stuff (coz of my consumption of the chinese meds). Thinking that lime juice was going to be sour I sulked a lot. But thank goodness the drink was more to sweet than sour. The honey covered up all the sour taste. Whoopee~

NEney's Ice Blended Chocolate Mocha (er... not sure if I got that right)
It was quite kao but... it was not as good as anything from Starbucks.
Of course nothing beats Starbucks la. Coz they are the best. (I'm still waiting for someone to belanja me a nice cup of Frappucino. T____T)
Neney's Fish Fillet
The tartar sauce
We were quite satisfied with the Fish Fillet coz in the menu the photo of the fish fillet looks really small but when they served it, we were surprised that the fish fillet was so big. Thumbs up for that!!!
The taste of the fish fillet also not bad la... But I think that used dory fish fillet. I still think that Sutchi fish fillet tasted better.
The tartar sauce was not anywhere near my specially mixed sauce. *show hao lian face* Haha~
My Smoked Salmon Fettucine with Parmesan Cheese and Cream sauce
The amount of Parmesan scrappings was crazy!!!
The fettucine was ok nie lah... I think that the cream was a bit too thick. But the smoked salmon was yum yum yum. Damn fresh and sweet. :)))

The complimentary ice cream that comes with Sinren's fish fillet
I thought the ice cream was vanilla ice cream coz its yellow. But the ice cream had a bit of a strawberry taste to it. It was like a mixture of vanilla and strawberry. Nice nice nice. :)))
After the dinner, we went walking around coz we were too full.
The dinner was damn worth it. RM40+ for the both of us and made us full till we flop. IT was superb summore.
We went to Menara Taming Sari to walk around.
This is a new attraction in Melaka. But I have yet to try it.
Sinren promised to bring me for the ride once his pay is out. Coz it looked pretty interesting and fun. But I just found out that the ride's price went up. It was RM5 before this but now it went up to RM20. (-_-;) wtf wtf wtf
Went up RM15 sial!!! Just because that stupid Eye On Malaysia is here and they naikkan the harga. STUPID!!! Take the Eye On Malaysia away la...
Then we went to The Jetty.
Photo courtesy of Colours of Melaka.
There's this very nice cafe at the back of The Jetty. The enviroment there was superb but a lot of low class ah beng there, talking damn loud and laughing like its their house. Spoiled my mood there. So left there very early.
From The Jetty we could see the stupid Eye on Malaysia. It looked very nice la... But a big waste of money.
Do you know that the fare for Eye on Malaysia is RM20? In KL i t was only RM15 and it was said that rugi besar. If RM15 rugi, you think RM20 won't rugi meh?
Then we went into Holiday Inn to have a look at the new hotel.
Photo courtesy of malaysiahotels.com.my
The hotel really damn nice la... The ballroom had this lights that changes colour. Damn nice.
Just that its a shame that their Christmas decoration too little. Not enough Christmassy.
Sinren and I went into the toilet. ^ ^
It was said that if the hotel has standards, you have to look at the toilets. Holiday Inn's toilet is nice but there's something wrong with all the cubicles' door. I couldn't even pee in peace.
Summore there's this man worker in the toilet cleaning the basin. I got a shock when I got into the toilet. I think he should have put the "Cleaning in Progress" sign outside the toilet.
Well, that's all about yesterday.
We didn't take photo together again. Zzz~ And Sinren haven't got me my birhthday present.
Baby, don't forget ya... I'll be waiting for it. *kiss kiss*
Ok la... Gotta go.
See you guys soon.

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