Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Birthday presents 2008

Hello hello hello~

The birthday had been over for a week and I've collected quite a few presents from all my lovely people.

First of all, thanks so much to everyone and I love all the presents that you guys gave.


I gotta mention my first present that I received long before my birthday coz I haven't posted any photos of it.
Look at how big the plastic and the present is :)

Next present from Lee Ying...

A set of Adidas Fruity Rhythm's Eau de Toilette and Perfumed Deodorant

From The Gang...

A pair of heels :)
From Fay the 大姐姐... hahahahaha~
Blue chiffon dress
Me love love love you so much, Fay 大姐姐.
Last but not least, from the dumb blonde, Anusha...
A top from ALI
Anu knows the best that I love ALI's stuff coz we loved to shop at ALI, BUM City everytime we go lepak in MP. Love love love~
I have no idea what ALI stands for. Does anyone know?
Not only the top is pink, it also has musical elements in it... Anu knew me too well. :)
Well, that's all the presents I've got. And I seriously like them a lot a lot.
Am still waiting for one final present from the boyfriend and this week is the week that I will get it. Wheee~~~~
Oh ya, I forgot to post one more present which was given my parents. Mama and Papa bought me a new pair of spectacles from Solviet Titus coz my old one senget until cannot senget d. But I seldom wears it coz I don't wanna spoil it again and also coz I wore contact lenses to most places.
K lah... gotta go.
One last thing before I leave, I've decided to give my blog's supporter a small gift for their support in reading my blog for a year. So for the next post there's a small contest which might entitle you to win something.
Not that I've won Toto or something. Just a small give as a token of thank you.
So wait for it k?

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