Thursday, December 4, 2008

~~~~Birthday Wishlish~~~~

Because my birthday is coming in one week's time *hint* *hint* I think its appropriate that I do this post so that people can get me gifts wtf. haha~

Anyways, I got this idea from mustardqueen, the great but don't worry, guys my wishlish is not as fabulous as hers so you guys can stop staring at your wallet now.

1. Dresses, dresses, dresses

I don't need 27 dresses. Maybe 22 dresses would do it coz I'm turning 22. Haha~
It would better if I could get the dress I tried in Wh *link* but I know its super expensive. But a girl can wish right? I dreamt of wearing that dress to the Christmas celebration at church on the 24th. Dreaming that people asked where I get that lovely dress...bla bla bla~ *snap* Ok, I'm out of it. Hahahaha~
BTWs, Liow Sinren, I do not have a lot of dress. So I wanna get more. Rawr!!!!
2. Flats, heels, stilletoes, boots, flip flops...blaa blaa blaa~

Shoes are my first love, everyone should know right?
I admit that I have lots of shoes already but you know we girls can never get enough of shoes right?
If only I can get shoes to go with all my clothes, then I'm satisfied. Or will I??? Hehe~
3. Watch

I've already two watches from last year's birthday and I love them a lot coz I like watches. But age rises, I'm hoping to get more silver, chain watches. Looks more mature doesn't it?
But I'm still a big fan of Baby G. I'm still waiting for my own Baby G. Favourite is Baby G Poison. :)
4. Stitch Anyone from my close friends to loved ones knows that I love Stitch since day 1 the cartoon was out. So yeah, anything with Stitch on it. But please, I'm only gonna except original looking Stitch stuff. Sorry I'm so picky. Coz I support ORIGINALITY!!!
5. Bra or PJs from La Senza
Coz they're so fucking comfortable and pretty~~~
Well that's bout all I'm hoping to get. Hopefully I can get at least one of the above. I'll be in cloud nine already.
Anyways, don't get scared seeing all the expensive branded stuff I put. Its just pictures. Don't need to buy so expensive stuff la. The budget is anything RM10-RM100.
Haha~ So tak malu. Set budget for people summore.
Ok now for stuff that I wished that I can get but its in sky high prices.
1. Pink cameras

I know I already had a camera but... I really want a pink camera coz its damn pretty.
Have you guys seen the pink Skinny T??? Its damn cute la wei. And damn skinny. Like can fit anywhere nie.
And that Canon E1 is just plain princessy and looks more like a toy then anything else.
I think God created pink especially for cute and princessy stuff. That's why pink is so pretty. :)
2. Louis Vuitton
Haha~ Maybe not this birthday.
I'll wait for it on my 30th birthday. :)
3. Another item from Guess
I was eyeing a wallet that cost RM139. Hopefully mama would be nice enough to buy that for me. Coz I already hinted her and she said: "Hmmmmmm~" And that is good. Haha~
But I'm also hoping that I could get a big ass Guess bag. Not to compete with someone but because I like Guess.
Something like this one above. <3>
4. Volkswagen Beetle
Of course this is impossible la... but if can get the model version also not bad. Hehe~
It came to the end when I found a conclusion to what I really want.
All I really want for my birthday is...
Yes... these things can get me my favourite things faster coz I can get 'em myself.
so auntie uncles friends and families if you really don't know what to get me, I suggest money and I would love you to the bits. Waakakakakaakakakak~
One more week man... I'll be 22. 3 more years and the sagging action will start. Hahah~ Can you believe that? I still think I'm like a teen or something coz I sure don't feel like an lady at all.
This year I'm doing three birthday celebrations. One with my love, one with my church fellas and one more with my besties in Melaka. Maybe one more when I get back to KL with my uni besties.
Oooohhhh~ Can't wait for it.
This Saturday is the first carolling performance in Tesco Melaka. Come drop by ya. It starts at 9pm and my violin performance is the first one. Er... not sure bout the choir. But who cares coz you might not get to see me in the choir coz I'm standing in the last row. As for the violin, look for the tallest among the shorties. Haha~
K la.. Gotta go practice violin coz apparently auntie karen wants me to be the lead coz the others can't count in time. Not that I can but I'm the eldest so I had to do it.
Tata for now :)

2 comments: said...

I love your dress selection!
But of course, I too would want some 'ka ching' on my birthday!

prinsezz said...

HAha~ They are lovely aren't they? How I wished they were all mine. Yaya~ Don't we all need the moolahs. :)


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