Friday, December 19, 2008

Chef Prinsezz bakes brownies

Chef prinsezz is ready to strike again after her success to bake cupcakes twice. *first time* *2nd time*

For mama's birthday, I've decided that I was gonna try baking some yummy brownies. And I did it early in the morning on her birthday. :)

Well, not exactly early la... I woke up at 10 something that day. Hehe~

I wanna do a nice chef prinsezz signature opening but I looked so sleepy haha~ And I was still in my pyjamas as you can see. I wore pyjamas almost half the day during the hols so bare with the sight of it. :)

Haha~ One of my hair was out of place.

These are the ingredients to the brownies that I planned to make

Of course I am not a real chef and I can only bake stuff using mixes prepared. So...

I bought this Brownie mix coz I heard this brand's mix for baking is super delicious. There's also another mix that I saw at Giant the other. By Hershey's. No doubt its going to be super delicious but the price also super "delicious" I tell you...
Now to intro other ingredients needed other than the mix...

1/3 cups of oil
Take a little more extra coz you gotta grease the cake pan.

2 eggs
Sorry I only took one coz I read the instructions wrongly at first so i only took one.
And last but not least, a 8x8" pan
REmember to grease the pan ya!!! Vital thing to do.
Ok now for how to do it.
First of all, pre-heat your oven at about 150 degrees celcius for about 15-20 minutes.
Then pour out the brownie mix and walnut pouch (provided in the mix) into a large bowl
My mother suggests that you crush the walnuts a bit smaller so that you can get more equal walnuts all over the cake instead of just certain places getting those lovelies.

Next pour the oil and the eggs
Always remember pour wet stuff to dry stuff. Never dry to wet. I have no idea why but I learned this on the Asian Food Channel. Haha~

According to the instructions on the brownies mix's box, I hate to beat the mixture for 50 times.
Which I did. Count summore k?
Then I added some ingredients of my own coz just for fun nie la. No specific reasons. Just wanna try to make it taste nicer I guess.
My family trusts VAn Houten like nobody's business
Its like Van Houten is some kinda magic potion. Cough drink also can cure konon. Haha~

Add it all in and beat around 5 times can d
Then pop it in the oven and bake to 150 degrees celcius for 30 minutes.

Stand aside and keep your fingers crossed that can jadi :)
I know it looks not that nice but I'm not bluffing...this brownie that i made super nice!!! Even Ah Hong who picks on food like gila told me that it tasted damn nice. :)))

The only thing I think that is not that good is that the walnut is only at certain places while other place don't have. Coz I didn't smash the walnuts to smaller pieces la.
Well, I'm glad I did something nice for mama coz I failed to get her a gift again this year. :( But I guess she loved the brownies I made so that made up lah...
This Tuesday for Bu and PEili's birthday celebration I'm gonna bake this for them again. But its gonna be a cake so its gonna be bigger and thicker and with some decorations. Will keep you guys posted with photos la of course.
Tomorrow's performance at mahkota parade. If you guys missed today, come tomorrow.
Ok lah...
Wanna go tuck in d.
Still not so well so please pray that I can still sing tomorrow.
In a small corner of my heart i'm a little lazy to go for tomorrow's performance. Don't know why felt so sien. Sigh~~~
Su Pheen's coming over for sleepover. Yayness!!!
See you guys round.

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