Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Carol at Tesco Melaka


Don't call me irritating but one more reminder for those who have bad memory like me, this Friday (19/12), Bethlehem Choir will be performing at Dataran Pahlawan, 8pm. Yours truly will be performing a violin piece with a bunch of kids and also singing with the choir. Come see me for a few minutes pun boleh la can? Hehe~

I'm pretty nervous about the performance at Dataran coz violin is not my major instrument and i'm not that good at it yet. Summore have to perform on stage. Summore one of the kid's violin's grade better than me. damn ganjeong ok? And as for the choir, i'm still ok with it coz i'm standing at the back mah...

Before I go to the next performance, gota show you guys some of the photos of the first performance.

Here here here...

LEt's do the before after thingy...
CAn you see how senget my specs arh?

Here's the reason why my eyes must be ok so that I can wear those contact lenses. How to go out of the house with senget specs you tell me?

BTWs, my eyes are ok. They are ok all along. The problem is actually my contact lenses. I think there's some sort of bacteria on it or something. The other day I was using my daily lense and there was no pain at all. :P So must be the month lenses punye pasal lor.

Excuse my oily bangs

i forgot to wash my hair that day so it looked like ass.

I tied my hair and put a cute little bow at the back. Forgot to take the photo of the bow 'tho. Then I pinned my hair to the side coz I don't wanna interfere with my violin.

i wore this for the violin performance

Actually the choir members had to wear all blacks where else the female violin players had to wear all whites. So I had to be the in between. Haha~ I wore a white top for my violin performance and change into a black top later for the choir.

My rubber band broke before the show even started. Note to self: buy stronger rubber bands.

My all blacks
Actually I wore my black sweater as well during the performance because the conductor wanted us to wear something which the sleeves reached forearm. Thinking that Tesco was going to be hot I wore two layers of clothing but I was so wrong. Tesco was damn hot. I was sweating like an old pig I tell ya.
I came to realize how low humanity is that day. After the violin performance, I ran to the toilet to change my top. Just my top you see. The toilet was super pack. I was in a rush so I asked the lady in front of me if she could let me go first. She looked at me up and down said shook her head. Without even saying no. Then I asked another. Same thing happened. So I've decided to just strip right in the middle of the toilet since its all women in there but as I wanna pull up my top, everyone stared at me like I was some kinda freak or something. So I end up waiting in queue anyways. After changing I was late for one song. Freaking sad. :( So unkind people nowadays. Let me going first will die meh? Open your mouth and tell me no cannot meh?
Thanks to my dearest bf for this ugly photo of me
I looked super sad coz they didn't prepare a music stand for me and the conductor had to give me his. And look at Grace, who is on my left with her mouth wide open, looking like she's in shock. She must be saying :"Oh No! Dorcas jie jie had got no stand. how arh?" Hahahaha~

Wah~ I looked so pretty singing huh?
A group photo after everything ended
There's about 50 singers and 8 kids who recited bible verses, played the violin and danced.
Wokay~ that's all from Tesco.
Neney recorded the video of my violin performance but I couldn't upload it on you tube coz the line is freaking slow. Will do it ASAP and show you guys the video la k?
Gotta go.
Remember to come for the second performance and support ya prinsezz.
See ya.

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