Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas shopping and a present for you

Hello hello...

Christmas finally passed and I'm free to blog again. :)

Didn't take a lot pictures this year so I guess I won't be blogging about it la. I don't know what's wrong but the Christmas celebration this year was quite blah. Sigh~~~ super sien.

As promised this post is going to be a little bit of a fun and you guys could stand a chance to win a small gift from me.

No... I did not win any rotary but I just wanna thank you guys for reading my blog.

Anyways, last week I did my last minute Christmas shopping with mama but before going over to Dataran Pahlawan, we went to Portuguese settlement to check out the Christmas decorations.

Every year during Christmas the place most decorated in Melaka would be Portuguese Settlement. I must say that there's where the Christmassy thingy happening.

I wanna capture everything without flash but it became so blurry.
Anyways, all these photos were taken from one particular house that I found their decorations were super nice every year. Will go to Portuguese Settlement again to take more.

CAn you spot the santa? And also the train at the roof?

Ok now for the Christmas shopping.
We went back to Nichii and this time all the dresses I found there was damn nice. I didn't know which one to choose coz mama only allow me to get one.
Ugly faces of moi had been brightened out.
I like this dress eventhough it was quite OL lah... but like damn cool la. Especially the poofy top. But my tummy area was too emphasized lah.

This dress is super likey!!! And its that chifonny (is that a word?) material that let's your skin breathe so super nicely. But too bad there's only one of this left.

This is also very retro. My mum said she had something like this when she was younger. I like the flower print on the dress. But its a bit loose lah...

Me love love love this dress a lot coz I like clothings that are 'V' at the chest area. Yaya... i know i've got nothing to show but I like la. Cannot is it?
Don't know why all the dresses had some parts that I dislike. This one neh... the top is a bit weird at the back. Forgot to take it down and show you guys.

This one looks so good on the mannequin so I decided to try it too. And it looks good on me too. :P The only prob with it is... I don't think I can find any. Hahahahaah~
Alrighty, now comes the moment where I ask the question and you guys do the guessing and winning the ultimate prize.
The question is... Which dress did you guys think I bought for Christmas?
Its up to your judgement to guess which dress I wore for the Christmas celebration and no... Parveen, you can't bribe to tell you the answer.
The first one who answered the correct answer will be given a present picked up by me especially for you. Those who leave the answer in the tagbox will not be entertained.
All you have to do is to leave your answer in the comment box and that's it. If I don't know you personally, please leave your url or email address so I can contact you some way or the other.
But I doubt anyone I don't know would participate lah...
So start guessing now and the due date is on 31st Dec where I would post the photo of the correct answer up.
So are you up for it?
K lah.. Gotta go.
Photos from some event needed to be edited.
p/s: those who saw me on 24th Dec does not entitle to join :P
p/p/s: those who don't know how to leave a comment can go and die can ask me how to do it on the tagbox.


MeL said...

i think u bought the last one. hehe.. since u don find any problem with it. You look good in all the others except the black and white floral one cuz it's too big for u... but the last one u look relli good. HAHA.. juz a guess la..

puff said...

haha..i think you bought the one your mum said she have the same one..u look good in it too and it is retro..please tell me i am rite..hahaha..damn lame man...

trinatay said...

The black 1 with V neck...errr or mebe the last 1... nvrmd i go for the black 1.

Lame puff! If i win i share with u! But if u win u do the same ok?! LOL

crystalsparadize said...

I think its the black v neck dress.

Frm:Mei Sann

Vivian said...

this one!!! "like this dress eventhough it was quite OL lah... but like damn cool la. Especially the poofy top. But my tummy area was too emphasized lah."
the first one(: hahaha



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