Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas shopping...failed

Hello people, I'm back again.

I still can't figure out why my words kept sticking together la. Its so freaking irritating. Does this happen to any other blogger user? I really wanna stop this coz its making my post so ugly and difficult to read.

Anyways, another unrelated note. I think I'm going blind on the right eye. Not blind la. I can still see. But I can't seem to put my contact lense into the right eye. Hurts like hell. Haven't go for a check-up yet coz this season's quite busy u see. Please pray that nothing is wrong with my right eye coz I can't leave without contact lenses.

Okok now for pictures.

Last week, mama brought me out shopping for Christmas clothes. Christmas is like another CNY for me coz I get to buy new clothes. But I'm only to get a pair of clothing la coz I'm only needing one for 24th night for our church's annual celebration.

Before going to town, Mama went to the bank to settle some stuff for Grandpa Wong. So I sat in the car and camwhore. HAhaha~

I already had my eye problem here. I took off my specs to take this shot coz I look dopey with my senget specs.

T_____T I gotta cure my eyes. Coz my senget specs looked really ugly and my new specs are still not ready.

Currently obsessed with putting lots of stuff on my left hands coz I think they're damn cool. Will be getting more stuff like that soon.

The S *heart* D faux leather bangle was given to me by Sinren last year for my birthday. So nice right? The pink crystals was bought from Mei Sann and the watch was my 21st birthday present from lovelies at KL. *muaks*

Too bored punye pasal

Mama said the queue was damn long in the bank that's why she was gone for so long.

I love this photo eventhough my eyebags and dark circles are like shit
People who passed by must think I'm crazy. Kept taking photos of myself in the car alone.
After getting everything done, we went to town and went shopping in DAtaran Pahlawan.
Didn't find anything nice to buy coz most of the clothes looked the same in every shop. (zzz~~~~) And those which looked nice and vintage are sky high in prices. So at last we ended up in Nichii.
Thank god for Nichii in Melaka coz their dresses rock my soul.
I love this maxi!!!
Its a halter...my favourite piece of clothing. :))))
But the dress looks better to be worn on CNY than Christmas la...
This is a dress, not a two piece
Ma asked me to get this coz she thinks its damn chic but I think its a bit too OL for me. MAybe when i started working I could get this la. Plus its a bit too tight on the waist below but too loose on the top. :P
I hate this!!!!
Looks like somebody's table cloth. Haha~
THis looks nice on display but a nono for me
At last, nothing was bought.
One, coz i'm too picky and two, the mother is just as picky as well. :P Haha~
Can't wait for the next shopping trip. 24th is reaching fast so better get something quick.
Oooo~ gotta go dig out my cute santa hat that I bought last year.
So damn excited. I feel so Christmassy right now.
K la. Gotta go.
Going for a movie with the girls later.
See ya guys.
p/s: I forgot to thank some people in my last post. Thanks the gang for the lovely heels. Thanks to Anu for the tee, Fay for her dress and Lee Ying for the fruity perfume. Will show you guys the presents real soon. Still waiting for more to come. Haha~ Tak malu betul.

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