Saturday, December 20, 2008


Hello jello lovely people who reads my blog,

The performances for Bethlehem Choirs ended last night. Thank goodness coz I am about to collapse soon if it doesn't end anytime sooner.

On Saturday, halfway through the performance I couldn't sing anymore. Coz I couldn't stop coughing and sneezing. So I rested. On Sunday, I didn't sing at all coz my voice changed altogether. And the sickness just gets worst. What terrible monsoon season is this?

Hopefully I get well fast coz tomorrow's Buvie and Peili's birthday celebration. I wanna wear my new black bikini!!!

Anyways, for today's post. Pictures from our birthday/anniversary's dinner. It was to celebrate both mum and my birthdays and mum and dad's wedding anniversary dinner.

I wore this

Woots! I found the good use of photoshop. Now my messy room will not be visible. Hehe~

Top: From FOS
Bottom: Also from FOS
Belt: Jonker Street
Bag: Guess by Marciano

We went to this Western Food chain called...
Coz we had coupons for buy one free one

Hehe~ So cheapskate la my family.

IS it a chinaman thing not to look at the camera when your photo is being taken?
Most of the time I ask him to pose he will not look at the camera.

Please excuse my dry hair
I lazy wanna put the serum coz was already late. XD

Orange and pineapple juice
Tasteless like hell.

Not bad la the soup...normal Campbell soup only. But I would prefer if the fried the bread a bit.
We ordered Ostrich steak coz we had not eaten Ostrich ever.

Ostrich meat tasted like a mixture of chicken and beef
I don't know if its the cook was not that good at Windmill coz I didn't really like the ostrich steak. It was like nothing special. =___=
Didn't mean to boast but I can make better potato salad than this
Li shan and my boyfriend can prove it. Hehe~

The other thing that we ordered was fish and chips with rice
This so-called pineapple rice is just fried rice with pineapples thrown in
It came to the conclusion that Windmill's food was not that good. I don't know about its branch in Melaka Raya la but I think this one in Jusco Melaka sucks.
Its not that my taste bud are super geng or what but there's really no decent Western Food chain in MElaka nowadays.
Oh ya, there's still this Amigo. Haven't been there for a long time so don't know how's the food. Will have to try it to know it.
Ok lah... gotta go take a nap coz I'm stil not feeling all well yet.
Recently most of my posts are about food. Will post something more interesting soon.
See ya...
p/s: Any idea where to buy white tights? I'm looking for one.

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