Saturday, December 6, 2008


Since its birthday week for me so all the posts will be on birthdays mostly. Super excited that I'm turning old. Haha~

Now people saying that I demand too much for my birthday presents. Aiyo~ those are suggestions nie. I would appreciate anything people buy for me. But I would love them more if the presents are those that I suggested. Haha~

But here are some stuff that I really don't wanna get. So please don't get them for me.

This post also inspired by Mustardqueen. That blog is so inspiring. Thanks Mel for introducing it to me. :)

Ok...Here goes...
1. Please don't get me socks.

First of all, I hardly wear 'em. Yes... I'm that disgusting. Why wear socks if Nike is so comfortable?

Second, I only wear socks when I'm doing exercise. So its a waste that I've got 10 pairs of socks when I only do exercise once a blue moon.

2. No piggy banks thank you.

As much as I love things that have pigs on 'em, please don't get me a piggy bank. Do I look that broke to you that I should start a habit of saving money in a piggy bank? Do I look so pitiful???

I mean I've already one piggy bank (but not a pig's one) why do I need so many for? One is enough to save up my spare changes lor...

3. I don't need stationaries anymore

If you guys haven't realized, I'm graduating next year. So please don't buy me anymore stationaries coz I won't be needing so much of them.

One year this particular auntie bought me one whole set of stationaries for me. I mean not that I don't need them lah... She bought like one box of 2B pencil and this really ugly childish pencil box (like the one in the picture) and sharpener...etc. I was 18 for heaven's sake. PEople will laugh at my childish pencil box man...

If anyone thought of getting me stationaries, I would suggest maybe something more mature like PArker pens? No more pink pink Kukumalu stuff please.

4. Photoframes and photo albums

If you people had not realized its the era of computers. So as a computer addict, I only keep photos in my laptop and computer. And I do not develop them unless I need to. So these stuff here are pretty useless to me. Its better not to buy them for me coz it'll just sit in a corner and catch dust.

5. Snow globes
I know that my birthday is in December and it reminds you of Christmas but please stop getting me snow globes. They are useless.
There's this auntie who gives me a snow globe every year for my birthday. I had like 4 snow globes lying around the house all from her. And last year she made her son gave me a snow globe for my 21st birthday. Lemme repeat FOR MY 21ST BIRTHDAY!!! It was the most useless present that I got that year. Actually saying that she MADE her son was too kind. She FORCED!!! That's what he said. Haha~
My house has too many things that are useless and are catching dust. So please... no more!!!
6. Ugly T-shirts
There's this somebody who gave me a "Welcome to Angkor Wat" t-shirt for my birthday and I never wore it. Planning to use it as a rag soon. Dare to say coz I know she doesn't read my blog. Haha~
7. No Christmas or whatever ornaments
Like I said I don't need extra things to help me collect dust around the house.
8. House Gnome
This has got to be the weirdest gift to receive.
The same auntie who gave me snow globes gave my mother a house gnome for her birthday (which is one day before mine). Haha~ How lame is that????
We don't have a garden so please keep the gnome for your own garden.
9. Fakes
I don't want replica of whatever. I'm a strong supporter of ORIGINALITY. If I can't afford the real thing, I rather use cheap stuff.
Just a short message to everyone out there. I realized that there's even fake cosmetics for brands like M.A.C, Bobby Brown...etc. Please don't buy them or use them. Its probably from China and you know how these fake China stuff is not good for you. How to differentiate fake from the original??? Stop buying stuff from Petaling Street or Jonker Street.
Say no to fakes!!! (WTF. like commercial pulak~)
10. Jigsaw Puzzles
I have two boxes of these stuff in my cupboard that I had not touch since the person gave it to me. Its not that I don't like 'em. Its just that I don't have the time to do it coz these stuff takes lots of time to complete. So please... maybe give it to me when I'm 50. I'll have more time to spare for this.
Well, that's the list.
I didn't mean to offend anyone who once bought me any of the gifts above. So if I did, I'm really sorry.
Not that I do not like the gifts but I really don't need them and if you gave them to me it'll be a big waste. I would feel bad if I wasted the gifts you guys given me.
So if you have no idea what to buy for me, just mail, sms, msn, facebook, friendster...etc and ask. I will shamelessly tell you what I want. Hehe~ I rather be shameless than wasting your gifts.
Anyways, to all those who already gave me my birthday presents. Thanks very much.
Actually I've only received one for the moment la. And I love it more than anything else. Thanks peeps and you know who you are. (Hint: Tuki)
K lah... Gotta sleep.
Tomorrow's the performance at Tesco. Come support me.
Bring banner if possible. Hehe~

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