Monday, December 15, 2008

Flower Power in Le Garden


I'm finally back with an update as promised. :)

On my birthday, my gang started to do something different for a change, suggested by yours truly *thank you thank you* haha~

We decided to start to have themes for our outings especially on birthdays. And for my birthday, its my choice so i chose something girly which was...

I edited this by using Photoshop and Photoscape. Damn proud of myself *shows hao lian face*

So the gist is this...everyone has to dress up with flowers on them or bring something with flowers on them or just simply hold a flower in their hand as suggested by Deepa. And guess what? Someone really did just that. XD

Went to this cafe/restaurant in Dataran Pahlawan called Le Garden. Where else would be appropriate other than there? Since flowers should be in the garden right?

On that day thank god everyone followed the theme *love you guys* and let's see where their flowers are at y'all wtf.

Where where???

Near her boobs. Can see??? HAhahahahaha~

Sorry deeps.I mean it is there right? I'm not making fun of you. Don't be angry with me pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaseseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....

this is pretty simple coz her flowers are everywhere

Good job, Annie. You were won the most flowery dresser no.2 and the prize is one milk candy from me. Wakakakakaka~

Ann looked pretty kuning in this photo coz she sat under the yellow light. So sorry I made her looking like a Timbuktu fella. (o-_-o)

Peili's the one who had a flower on a her hand. Haha~

Pheweet~ looking good in red huh PEili? HEhe~

Beyonce Anu (as said by Lizzie) wore a dress which looked like a garden. Haha~ But she looked fabulous in it lah. So sexy summore. Jelessssssssssssss...

NAna with her sweet flower top and flower hairclip

She looked like a sweet little girl that day but wait till you see her bottom. So sexy.... nyek nyek nyek~

As for the birthday girl...


My hair's too short to show that flower on my hair. Oh ya, its a rubber band la. So I put it on my wrist lor. Nice also right?

I don't know whether my makeup that day sucks or is it the lighting at LE Garden sucks. Coz I think I looked ugly on my first time there as well. *link*

F & D time...

One tasted like Listerine and the other tasted like Chlorine from somebody's pool

No idea what's the purpose of the salt around the rim of the glass since its not an acoholic drink

Thank god these drinks weren't that

One of it is mine. Guess guess guess which is mine????

BTWs, these are flavored red teas.

Didn't taste this so I'm not sure if it tasted good

I don't know what's the name of the drink either. Must be some chocolatey drink duh! Haha~

No idea what's this drink coz I forgot to ask Nana and had no idea it tasted like
All the drinks at Le Garden sucks to the core. NAme nie nice but tasted way below ok. Bleh~~~~
The reason why I chose Le Garden, other than its name, was because the food we tried the first time was damn nice. But much to my disappointment (don't know bout the others), the food tasted bad.
Maybe the changed their chef. -____-
Looks could be deceiving
That's Deeps' Something something spaghetti and Nana and Ann's Fish and Chips with Tartar sauce (so many 'and'...a bit pening~)
Le Garden...never going back ever!!!
The girls bought a cake celebrate my birthday and also for two other lovelies who didn't get to celebrate their birthdays with us previously.

yes, its this three chickas

Sorry, edited until quite ugly :P

The three of us
Why I looked so excited looking at the cake arh?
Prolly coz its my fave cheese cake from La Boheme. :)))) Am I right girls????
Now Nana looked damn excited, I looked confused and Ann is ever ready for camera

Nice right this photo?
I took it camwhore style but I don't know why I was camera shy that day. Haha~
You would come to realize that most of the photos at this part of the post I was not looking at the cam.
I think I was high on something coz I was shaking so furiously that I was blurred

Must be naturally high wtf Hahahahahahaha~
After that we had to cut our cake but instead we pushed the cake around and pushing the responsibility. Wah wah wah~ take photos can, ask to cut cake like forcing to do what like that. Hahahaha~
REady to stab the cake

Eek! Fringe too long again!!!
Anyone wanna sponsor money for another trip to the saloon? hehehehehe~
After creating a havoc in Le Garden and making the workers remembering us, we left there and went to in front of Gintell to ask Peili's nephew to take group photo for us.
THe not-ready version
HAha~ funny to see them not ready. I was ready that's why. Hahahahahaha~
I have no idea what Ann was doing at my boobs. No need to check if they are real, Ann. No fake boobs so small wei. HAhahaahah~
The fabulous version
The thing Ann is pointing and I'm holding is Parveen. Hahahahahah~
No lah... its a milk candy and we always called Puff a cow so there she is coz the ass rsvp-ed and couldn't turn up. So that's her representative la. Hahahahaha~
Thanks to Peili's nephew for the nice photos taken but why la we stood at where we could see the ugly door arh? Spoiled the photos a bit.
Next up, we saw the brown wall and started our ANTM craze.
First, Deepa...
Then, our Beyonce...

Almost everyone took PEili's flower to pose. Hahahahah~ Good prop arh Li...
Unfortunately Li did not take any of this ANTM shot coz she's too matured for all this nonsence. Hehe~

LEbih nie Ann. Took so many photos solo. Wanna do model portfolio ker? Hehe~
Nah this one sampat photo. Try put in the portfolio la. Haha~
Which reminds me, Ann!!!! Your kebaya brooch is still with me. I kept forgetting to return them to you. It had been with me thousands of years d.
Up next, everyone's favourite, Nana Tay...

Oooohhh~~~ Look at those sexy legs. Nose bleeding d. Hahahahahah~
Last but not least, yours very lovely...
Wah~ my legs looked so perfect in this photo *muaks*

My legs looked damn fair la
Coz i think I wore too much long jeans la. But this photo made me looking like damn short. I think wearing a super short jeans shorts will looked better. *hint hint for a shopping trip soon*
Well, that's all. Well at least from my camera. Will get the rest of the photos from Nana. But most of them will be the same la. But must get them also la.
HAd the best blast during the party. What more could I ask for to be around people that I spend half my life with and laughing away the whole night?
CAn't wait for the next party which is coming soon... Super excited!!!
Ok lah.. Gotta go coz my back is hurting like ass.
See ya guys.

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