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Before my JB trip, I have to blog about this event that I went to on last Friday.

I was unwilling to go to this event actually because I told my dad that I wasn't a "harmonica" person (wtf). Haha~ But because I didn't wanna go for Youth Fellowship so I opt for this event. Like it had been said: "Everything free is good" Haha~

This event I went was...
For those who can't see well, its Yew Hong-Jen Golden Harmonica Solos

This event was organized by Agape Counseling Centre Malaysia, Melaka's branch. Dad's friend and also our church's elder, Uncle Lee gave dad the tickets for free and asked the whole family to go.
A reason to dress up :)

Dress: From Bangkok by Li shan.
Red bead necklace: From Jonker Street.
Rattan bag: Er... I forgot where I got it from. Somewhere in Melaka I think.

Not seen in the photo are dangling loop earrings and green wedges.

We went with Uncle and Auntie Soh who lives nearby. I was nearly late because my parents didn't tell me that we were going with them. And they didn't even tell me that the event was at 7.30pm and we were leaving at 6pm. I thought it was at 8pm. so why the rush right? But we had to leave early to send Auntie Soh's granddaughter to her mother's. Zzz~

Yes, camwhore time in the car

My fave festive season is coming thus the candy cane. :) Can you feel it yet???? :))))

Auntie Soh's granddaughter, Soh Yi

I'm not sure bout her name's spelling but I was told that her name was supposed to be Soh Rich. Like seriously. But her dad was afraid of the consequences she might face in school, so he changed it.

This kid is super funny. She moves and talks a lot. And she looks so much like a boy right? She also says the darnest things at super random times for no reason at all. For example: walao-eh, huai dan arh (chinese for naughty arh), hallelujah, vitagen, fish...etc. Super funny. I cannot tahan laughing everytime she comes over to my house.

Reached the venue, CITY Bayview Hotel after fetching Soh Yi home.

The purpose of the camera is to camwhore isn't it? Hehe~

Dragged mama along for some camwhoring fun

My gosh! My hair looked like dry grass. Any cheap hair caring products that anyone could introduce to me? I'm willing to try anything as long as its cheap. DAmn cheapskate. hahahaha~

Dis da Masta!!!

Da accompanist and da ugly and unpolished piano. Bleh~

Mr Yew Hong-Jen was good wei! I had a video but of course because of the lousy line I couldn't upload it up to show you guys.

Sigh~ why la my line like this??? Zzz~

Anyways, his accompanist was his daughter, Ms Yew Jia-Lin. She was really good as well. Played effortlessly (is that a valid word?) and it was damn good.

I'm not sure where he's from coz they didn't do much introduction. Stupid programme book and announcer!!! But he had a strong Chinese accent so probably from China la... hahaha~

First half of the event was pieces composed by Chinese composers which I was not so familiar with. So it was not that interesting for me la... But this old man was damn good la. He knows his stuff for real. He made his harmonica sounded more like xiao and di (Chinese musical instruments) and sometimes it sounded like sax. Damn geng. Don't know how he does it.

The second half was more to western classical stuff which are stuff that I am more familiar with and more into. Haha~ My favourite piece that he played was Czardas by Monti. Damn geng.

After the event we went to have dinner at this super lousy food court which serves ass food. He had no choice coz we were freaking hungry and there was no other place to eat near there.

Why la the food court still open arh? No business also. Close down and open something more useful better right? Don't know what all this people thinking.

Well, that's all about that day la. Not much.

Oh, I did meet up with my piano teacher, Miss Soon there and I told her that I wanna continue my diploma with her. And she said: "I'll see what I can do..." OMG I'm so happy!!! I really don't want to take diploma with Auntie Hui Sien. Coz I'm just not so comfortable with her. And her last name says it all. SIEN!!! Hahahahahah~ So bad i.

Anyways, a non-related thing, Miss Soon said that my hair was fab. Woohoo!!! Hahaha~ She said the blond and curly hair I had was too "wow" for her liking. Haha~ Whatever she meant.

I'm just glad that she agreed to teach me again after so many years. I stopped at upper six ya know. Its been a long time. Now I only have to settle with my violin teacher. She seems like she has a lot on her hands that she had no time for me. I had not been to any classes since I got back to Melaka. That's not good for sure.

Ok lah... mostly words today.

Gotta go.


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