Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm back from Johor


The real purpose that I'm blogging is not to tell you guys that I'm back from JB nie.

Today is the 1st of December.

5 years back I lost a friend who was dear to my heart. She may not be a close friend but she was a friend that I treasured a lot.

I remembered when I saw her lying on the bed. Tears flowed down like tap water. The once lively, crazy girl like myself was lying there with wounds everywhere. Total opposite of what she used to be. Lifeless and quiet more than anything else.

It was the first time I come to know what's it like to lose someone dear to you apart from the family. I cried the whole day five years back. I thought of all the funny things and little conversations we had. I cried even more and even dreamt of her in my sleep.

Its five years after Fe left us. It still brings tears to my eyes.

Every year on this date, I would take out my little autograph book and turn to the colourful page written by Fe. I would sit there and think of her and pray for a bit. Hoping that she's happy wherever she is now.

Those who once knew Felicia and read this post, let's take a moment off and think of her and how she and her simple ways touch our lives.


p/s: will update on Johor once I edit all the photos and upload them. Wait for it. :)

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