Monday, December 1, 2008

Johor Bahru Trip


Editing photos and uploading had been quicker than i thought. WHy? Because the wireless is back and kicking. Wakakakak~ The only thing that i despise about it now is that its only available places and just let me say those places are quite awkward. :S But... what is there to complain huh? Its not mine. Hurhurhurhur~

Now lets see those photos :)

Day 1- leaving Malacca and reaching JB

We left MElaka quite late (at 3 something in the afternoon) coz dad had some business to settle. The sun was quite high at that time so I was literally roasting in the back seat.

i brought Tuki along to JB

If not being forced to choose between BB and Tuki, I would have brought both. T____T

MAma and I

Apparently she likes to show her neck while taking her photos. Haha~

This is much better

Mr. Pang with his Optimus Prime sunglasses

Seems like my family love our sunnies huh? Haha~

We planned to go to grandpa PAng's grave so mum bought some flowers. We didn;t know what flowers he liked so we bought what people usually buy which is chrysanthemum.

If i pass, please leave lilies or white roses on my grave. Its all about making my resting place beautiful. :P
The first thing we did reaching JB was going to the graveyard. No photos coz I don't think people wanna see photos of graveyard right? HAha~

After that, we went to visit Grandma Pang and brought her out to dinner. It took her almost an hour to bathe and dress up. Damn long. Not that she needs to do any makeup or whatsoever but she has amnesia. So she doesn't remember what she's doing. So she's probably the same thing for 200 times before she leaves her room.
This restorant that we went to serves super tasty food. Its recommended by first aunite's husband. And its damn cheap also. We ordered like 5 dishes and its only RM50+. ITs not just cheap dishes k? Got fish and soup and all.

No photos of the food because my granny is all about manners on the table.

ME and my granny dear

You know what is the funnniest thing? I showed her the photo after we took it. She asked me who is that (pointing at her own photo). I told her it was her la. She said: "I so fat meh?"


She had been fat all her life and now only she realized it. Hahahahaha~

After dinner, we fetched granny back then dropped first auntie's granddaughter back at her house. Next it was shopping time.

We went to Aeon City at Tebrau to shop but it was about to close coz we went at 9 something. I only sempat shop in Padini Concept Store.

Wanted to try maxi dresses like forever so took this and tried

It made my boobs looked fabulous but at the time it didn't do any good to my body shape. i looked as if i was pregnant. And mama said it looked like some sorta sleeping gown. Haha~

i love this top

definitely will get this. don't know why i like it but i just do. sinren said there's nothing special. But I'm determined to get it no matter what.

I'm going to use my 30% discount card for this top. Its not cheap k? RM100+.

The face is super exposed until glowing because too ugly punye pasal. Hehe~

Day 2- Shop till I drop

Woke up at 8.45am and ate a light breakfast of mini pohpiah which i shared with my little niece, Sam Yi.

Then we went to Tebrau Presbyterian Church for Sunday service.

The Christmas decorations there was damn nice.

Its like KATE ad sorta gothic-ish decorations

I think our church should try these decorations for once instead of what we have now. Not that I hated it but we had it for like millions years already. We need something new for a change. Something like this.

But I'm not in the position to talk a lot la. Its not me who are doing all these. So its up to those who are decorating right?

After Sunday service, we went to have Cathay LAksa at Johor JAya. But we went to the wrong stall, not the one we always went. So it was quite different in the sense of taste.

U can compare the difference with the one we always go to. *link* Looks the same but like I said it tasted different. I prefer the one we always go to coz it has this very strong santan taste.

Fried fishballs are one of the speciality of Cathay Laksa

Why is it called Cathay LAksa? Coz its first stall was at an old cinema called Cathay Cinema. But it was torn down and this stall had to move. Moved to Johor Jaya but preserved the name Cathay LAksa. (In the linked post I said it was Capitol Laksa. My bad. Hehe~)

After lunch, first auntie dragged us all to go see a chinese doctor who is just down the road from the laksa stall.

Only dad, auntie and I had a little checkup with chinese doctor. OK... he's not a doctor. I don't think he had a medical degree or something. So let's just call him a sin sei.

So the sinsei said that dad needs to cut down on drinking and work less hectic because his blood pressure is a tad too high. As for me, I have to cut down on sour and spicy food. I asked him to look at my period pain because I really cannot tahan the pain any longer. It was like I'm having this phobia towards period coz of the pain. I had thought of removing the whole damn uterus because of the pain. The sin sei said that I need to cut down on those fod so that I could eat his medicine and cure the pain. If I don't do as he says I might not be able to get pregnant. Not that I believe the whole pregnant thingy, I don't even believe in chinese sin seis but whatever that cures the pain, I am willing to try.

waiting for the sin sei to bring me my meds

dad passing the time away with the news

Auntie passes time with chatting up with strangers

See if you can spot my mama in the photo.

We waited for the sin sei to get the meds for two hours. TWO WHOLE HOURS!!! Would you believe it? I don't know what took him so long? But because he's kinda old I forgive him la... Maybe he's got amnesia like me granny right?

The old sin sei

After that we went back to first auntie's house to take a nap. I didn't sleep well the night before. Then at 2.30pm we went to Aeon City again. Coz the night before didn't finish shopping.

Christmas decorations were already up at Aeon City so we went to take photos. But so many people was taking photos. Its frustrating and painstaking waiting for those people.

Mama caught me being pissed off

Haha~ damn hilarious this photo.

This photo failed to take good shot of the decorations

I love Chrismas!!!

I wonder if Midvalley and Pavillion is already decorated? Should be damn nice la...

Was wearing spectacles the whole day coz there's some sort of pimple looking thingy in my righ eye. Felt uncomfortable with the presence of contact lense in my eyes. NOw it just plain hurting my right eye. If it goes on till Friday, I'm seeing a doctor. Now i'm relying on Optrex.
I looked like I put on some weight right? Yay!!!

Saw Purple Cane in a corner and rushed to get their green tea ice cream. Didn't get to eat it the last time with the KL gang *link*

I can't believe that the green tea ice cream is really very popular man. The queue was super long. But thank god the worker was fast la.


Mama tasted one lick and immediately went to queue up to get herself one. Its that tasty ok? She seldom likes eating ice cream this much. :D

So happy my mama

Didn't try a lot of clothes at all the shops I went to except for Wh.

Fitting room shots time!

I love this dress

Its just a simple LBD but yet I love it to bits. First of all, its the low V cut at the front that I love and then the cutting of the dress and next..

the back is the killer!!!

I seriously wana buy this dress la wei. Coz I just lost my lovely Christmas dress (on that later). But the price is super geng. And my mum won't wanna pay for it. She said wait for the price to go down first. But often do I go to Wh you tell me? T_____T DAmn nice la...

Those who are thinking what to get me for my birthday can consider this dress. I know its tad bit too expensive. Er.... RM169 to be precise. But you can get like 10 people to share the present right? One only had to pay RM16.90. Haha~ Just kidding la...

Tried this because I thought that it looked Christmassy :)

But it made my tummy buldge like a sore thumb so... no thanks! Plus its super expensive. Even more expensive than the dress above.

A black skirt

turn the skirt into a top for the fun of it

But it looks god so ugly. Haha~

Improvised a bit and it looked quite good right?

Just a bit too short to wear as a dress to public la... haha~

Too free in the fitting room that's why. Thank god they did not have limited time for us to be in the fitting room. Or else I might kena kick out.

I love this skirt!!!

And again its really expensive. RM60+.

Same thing here. Why don't 10 people chip in for my bday present. Only RM6+ per person. Not so bad right? Hahahaha~

I did buy something from Wh. Did u think that I so cheapskate until didn't buy anything and left didn't you?

Will reveal what I bought later at the back

We went to have some teatime after doing all the shopping at around 6pm. Shitass! We shopped for four hours straight!!!

We went to...

It was just as pack as the one in KL. I guess people like Hong Kong style food. Look at Wong Kok and Kim Gary.

Hello again!!!

Hello mum!!!

What I ordered

I guess I don't get the meaning of teatime huh? Everyone drank like tong shui and tea while I had to have rice. HEhe~
After tea, we went to walk around Harris Bookstore for a bit and finally went home at around 7pm.
Fui... talking about exhaustion man!!!
After taking a bathe
You know I'm too biasa with not wearing bra with my home clothes that I walk around my auntie's house in my home clothes without the bra. When its time to leave nie I realised that I didn't wear a bra. Super shy (-///-)'''
Now to reveal what I bought at shopping today.
Did you guess it right?
I need a black skirt more than anything else. So I bought it.
Other than that I bought cosmetics coz its re-stocking time.
From Elianto
It is said that green tea has antioxidant agents and it can removes scar marks. I have a whole party of scar marks that i would love to get them away behind my back so that i can wear low barebacks :)

I need a blusher small enough to fit into my makeup pouch.
Did you know Majolica Majorca could be bought in Malaysia now? I know its old news but I'm super excited.
Got the mascara which was one of the hot seller other than the super waterproof eyeliner. Will get that once my eyeliner habis.
I heard that this mascara could make your lashes super long because of its many fibres in the mascara. Will try it soon and review it for you guys.
We left first auntie's house at around 9pm and we went to have dinner on our own.
We couldn't leave JB without eating "kwai teow kia" which directly translates baby kwai teow.
The said baby kwai teow
Its smaller and thinner version of the kwai teow we usually have and the soup are duck bones stock. Super nice I tell you.

The side dish
There's an array variety of side dishes you could choose from. Most of it parts of a pig, duck, eggs and tofu.
Guess what are my favourite?
You're looking at it...
Pig intestines
Yeah.. I know... yuck right? But they are the tastiest. :)

Pig skin
yum yum yum~
I also like pig ears. But they didn't have it. :S
Ho Chiak!!!
After that filling dinner, we came back to Melaka and reached around 11pm.
That's about it. A short 2-day trip.
Don't know when will be the next time we will go back to JB. Probably during CNY next year to visit granny and ah gong's grave.
K la...
Gotta go.
Will update whenever I can.

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