Monday, December 8, 2008


Took this after I got back from Tesco's performance. Terus sent to the laptop and posted without editing. Hehe~

The performance was okay nie la. Tesco did not provide us with a proper PA system and we had to borrow it from somewhere else. And it was sucky. The sound projection was bad.

Our violin performance was not a big hit. T___T

Choir was not bad lah... But I lost my voice on the last song. Too much practice before that I think. Note to self: NEver practice too hard before performance.

Will update about it when I get the photos uploaded and edited and the video uploaded on youtube.

Show you my second love of life before I leave...
Liow Zhi Zhi and I

Sinren's cousin who scarily looks a lot like him. No wonder I felt in love with him instantly. Hehe~

Ok la... Random post coz got nothing to post but I scared you guys abandon me. T____T

Guys... flower power in 3 days. :)

See you when I'm ready to update.


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