Sunday, December 28, 2008

Rest of the photos from Carolling

Updated: Don't forget the contest is not over :) *click here*


I know carolling sudah lapuk one week ago. But here are the rest of the photos.

Anyways, its not what special photos lah... Just photos of me camwhoring. Don't continue if you are already tired of seeing my face.

Day 2 of Carolling- Dataran Pahlawan

This is what I wore on stage

Coz they wanted long sleeve black top which I don't have so I had to wear my black jacket. Which is a big torture coz its damn hot at those mall. Wonder what happened to all their air-cons.

And that pink scarf was given to all the members. I chose one of the nicer color.

My bangs are too long again. Another visit to Nika's house is needed before I get back to uni.
$$$ flying off again.... T____T
Sinren didn't come to support my carolling this week so I have no cameraman. T____T But thank god at Dataran Pahlawan some supporters came and I had my photos taken. :) *hugs*

Waiting for the violin performance to start
As you can see I'm surrounded by other kids and I'm the eldest violin player. T____T

Checking my tuning
Look at how Caleb is smiling...haha~ Like damn kelakar. Oh... he's the kid I circled with red on my right side.
THe other guy that I circled with red is the hottie that everyone is totally into in the choir. For me... ok lah good looking lah... but I think he's a bit show off.

Jacy's niece came to support her and seeing her for the first time excites me coz she's so damn cute...

Woops! She's not looking at the camera
Looks so damn cute right?
She looks more like Jacy than her own mother. Haha~ And she's so Korean right? Hahahahahaha~ Just like dear ol Jacy. I think she looked at Jacy too much when she's a baby that's why.

Those who came to support me
Thanks babes.... muaks muaks muaks
Day 3 of Carolling- Mahkota Parade
I sat in my mother's friend's car and was super boring so camwhore time.

Super cool wtf
Haha~ And that was all the photos for day 3 coz nobody came to support so no other photos taken. :P
Day 4 of Carolling-Mahkota Parade and Tesco
I was too sick to sing so I only played violin and became the page turner. :S But there are some photos I took of the rest of the choir lor.
The Bethlehem Choir
My mama
That's Jacy who looks super serious XD
The pianist which is my church's choir's conductor
Her daughter, the one wearing white, was suppposed to be the page turner but she pissed her mother off coz she kept asking her mum to buy her an ice cream. So I became the page turner. Haha~

And this is the little girl is the angel who recited bible verses
Super geng ok? She memorized all the verses and made no mistakes.
Well, that's all from the carolling lah...
I have so many videos that I wanna post up but the line is really not helping. So please wait till I get back to KL to post it. Which is next week lah... Can't wait coz I can get my freedom.
Not tat I don't love my home here but a girl needs her little freedom at times.
Gotta go.
See you guys in the next update.

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