Wednesday, December 31, 2008

RIP Grandpa Wong

I thought the year was going to end normally and without any special event coming up. But this morning I was woken by mama because I took her phone (hehe~ my handphone is out of credit :P). I asked her what happened and she said calmly that my maternal grandpa passed away.

Mama was able to be so calm coz few years back we hardly contact gong gong (what I called Grandpa Wong) because of some family issues I shall not reveal. And I hardly felt anything because of the same reason as well.

The memory that I could think of of Grandpa Wong is he put both me and Christine in his old Volkwagon Beetle to play in it when we were very young. I was sitting at the driver's seat while Christine was at the passenger's seat. I guess that was when I started loving Volkswagon Beetle. :D

Well, no matter what I know gong gong would be in a happier place now coz he had been suffering a lot this year. I prayed that God had mercy on him and bless his soul.

Gong gong, where ever you are.... Rest in peace....

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