Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CNY shopping

Last Friday Sinren and I went to Times Square and Sg Wang to get our CNY clothes.

So early in the morning we had breakfast at Pudu then took bus to Times Square. Walked for a bit at Sg. Wang, got my dress and we went to lunch at Low Yat.

This stall here sells Okonomiyaki...kononnye from Daimon. Not sure how true it is.

We ordered this set meal which includes some cold dish, ice lemon tea and okonomiyaki.

This is the cold dish which I've forgotten what's its name. You know like those cold dish you had at people's wedding?
It was not bad lah... Helps to open up the appetite.
Actually I've been there once before with Li Shan. *link* I thought it was damn tasty so I decided to go there and let neney try it too.

We dug right into the okonomiyaki when it arrived. So no full picture of it. Hahhahahaha~
The seafood okonomiyaki has prawns and sotong in it. And the white thing on top of it is scallops. They gave 3 of it which was quite generous d lor.
Anyways, I was disappointed that the okonomiyaki was not as nice as expected. It was nice the first time I was there. Don't know what happened to eat. It was all flour-y and sweet sauce taste. And it was super overpriced.
Never going back again...
Then after walking around Times Square we went to have tea time in...
That day we seriously we ate a lot. No wonder I got sick and puked all over my bed on Saturday morning.

While waiting for our food to come....and my hair looked so long d... :)
Sorry I looked so exhausted coz I am.
My boyfriend kap-ing other girls....hahahaha~ no lah. He was on the phone.
Food came...
Sinren ordered this but it was way below under his expectation.
There was no sago in it like other sai mai lou. And I thought sai mai lou got lots of ice one?
He said not nice but I wouldn't know coz I didn't try.

Mine coz I was not allowed to drink anything cold. Life with Sinren Liow is boring. Hahahahaha~
No lah. Coz he concerns of my health mah... Remember my resolution was to end all turmoil of menstrual pain. So I must not drink anything cold at this time of the month.
I'm sure I can tahan one...
Nice... coz not so sweet and not to tasteless....
Me love white fungus lots. How I wish they gave me a full bowl of it. ^ ^

I forgot what toast is this but it has lots of butter and condensed milk on it.
Fatty food for the fatty...hahahahhaha~ But he said he's gonna lose weight. Haahahahahaha~ Please believe the man. Hahahahahahahahah~
He said the bread's too thick. Not that nice.
Oooooh! My love mantaoS!!!!!
This is mantaos with sweet and sour sauce. DAmn nice. I could eat like a dozen of it.
But then again if I did, I would end up in PPUM. Hahahahahahahhahahah~
Digging in to our food.
Itu Sinren macam tak boleh tunggu lagi. Hahahahahahah~

Now for me buy. I only one dress from the RM25 shop. I know that the shop is super common coz all the clothes in these shops are the same. But... its how you wear it that differs you from another person. And also it depends on the person too. So I think I can wear a different flavor from everyone else. :)
My dress...
I don't know if you guys can see it coz I had to do lots of editting to it.
Paulie said that the room too messy. So to avoid embarassment and jatuhkan my roommates' maruah, I hitamkan dia. (Why am I using so much BM these days?) And I looked hideous so I brighten my face till can't see anything. Lol...
If you guys can't see the dress, wait for the CNY posts lah. Sure can see more properly one.
I also bought a beautiful bow hairband from Diva to match my dresses CNY this year. But didn't take a photo of it.
K lah... that's all nie.
Before I leave, here's a photo of the idiot whom I love so much...
HAhaahahahahaha~ Damn funny.
His face is better than mine. As in less pimples and not so uneven in skin tone. I hate/love you.
Going home tomorrow.
Packing, packing, packing.
So happy.
Your prinsezz is going back home deariez...
I'm still thinking whether to bring the laptop back or not. Will update if I did or else, wait for pre-scheduled posts.
Love ya all...

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