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Do you like the new layout? Me likey!!! Its pink and so so romantic. I might be editting it a bit. Coz I wanna change the pictures above to my photos. Wakakakakakaka~ Coz its my blog mah right?

Anyways, some updates for today.

Super new k coz it was just two days ago.

On Friday night after fellowship, few of us decided to go sing K at Go go Karaoke at Jetty. Its been super long since I've last been there. The last time was like last year's July.

So on Saturday after our Youth Praise and Worship band practice, I went there together with Paul.

Those who went...

Why is Jacy so serious??? HAhahahahahaha~ Others sempat pose but she's so serious singing her song.

Stupid Paul took this photo of me when I was singing. Didn't even ask me to pose.
Sigh~ so tak biasa to call him PAul la. Coz I usually call him Paulie. But recently I heard from somebody else that he hates people calling him that. I call him that almost a year already. I didn't realized that he didn't like it. But since he didn't like it still gotta change la...
I edited this photo before finding out that he doesn't like people calling him Paulie. Hehe~
Anyways, do you see me in the corner? I was actually kacau-ing him at that time but failed badly and took only him in the photo. Wakakakakaka~
Oh yeah, Jack and NAnsie came but because they only came for awhile no photos of them.

Random photo of the karaoke's screen
We had a crazy night. Who would know hanging out with the elder people was so fun. Haha~ No offense.
Had lots of crazy laugh that night. Some of which was so lame.
You know Paul and I went to search for the toilet coz we were placed in the new wing so we didn't know where was everything. I found the Ladies first and opened the door to go inside.
This Paul followed me in and I got a shock.
Me: What the hell?
Paul: Why you enter other people's room? (Still not realising that its a toilet)
Me: Hello!!! This is ladies' toilet la...
Paul: Oh, shit!
Hhahahahahahahahahahahaha~ Thank god no one was in the toilet.
There's some other jokes which I can reveal coz its a secret between me and Paul. He would kill me if he knew I posted it up. And I don't want to drop other people's maruah. :P
Su Pheen and I
We took photos earlier coz she had to leave earlier. Her friend passed away a day before and she had to attend the funeral in Muar the next day.
Sorry I did not apply any makeup coz I was too lazy to do it.
At one point the elder ones were singing some songs that both Paul and I did not know how to sing. So we camwhore kau kau.
I found new camwhore partner!!!!
Just that he's super cool and doesn't smile in photos. All these guys arh... tak faham-faham when I told them that they look damn cute smiling. =_= Smile more lah... So ugly you know the photos you all act cool. This includes my boyfriend!!!
Beware of the photos coming up coz its damn boh liao. Hahahahahah~

We were supposed to act cool in this shot but I think the flash shocked Paul and his face became like this. Haha~ Super hilarious.

Everybody kept complaining that my eyes look damn big and they always look silly in their photos with me with their small eyes. So I decided to act silly so that they don't look silly with their small eyes. Hahahahahahahaha~ Scary I know. So sorry...
I came to realize that no one in the church has bigger eyes than me. :P Hehe~ Happy to be the champion.

This is to act sad. Look at Paul's pathetic sad face. Hahahahahahaha~

This is to act that we saw something scary...full stop! Hahahahahaahah~
Paul took all these camwhore photos he's like turning pro wtf. Hahahahahah~ Coz I everytime I took it its like half my face gone or half his face gone. He geram and snatched the camera from me.

This ugly photo of me was taken by Paul candidly. I was talking to Seow Wei or somebody else and he called my name and took this. Freaking ugly ok? And he said its nice. WTH???
Then we continued singing and even had dinner. The food in Go Go Karaoke rocks man. Its cheap and delicious. Its from Sibaraku you know... DAmn nice. Er... Sibaraku is a Japanese
Restaurant in Melaka la... Malaccans should know. But don't order the snacks. They are overpriced. Order the lunch or dinner sets. Nice nice nice!!!

Ah teck the guy who sits in the middle kept hogging the mic. And he chooses songs that are way above his range. Damn geli lor hear him sing. Hahahahahahahaahha~
Then he sang love songs that are above his range never mind. He kept directing to us girls. Damn super geli. Not that he handsome. Kalau handsome different story lah... Hahahahahahaha~
He sang so many songs to me that I had to hide behind Siew Fern and Paul so that he'll go away. Su pheen lagi funny. She went to whack him with newspaper when he came to sit beside her to sing. Hahahahaahhaahahahah~
That night's laughter were much caused by him la. Coz don't know why he was super high that day. Hahahahahahaha~ I laughed until I cried ok? Seriously got tears in my eyes.
Oh! His nickname is King Kong. Hahahahahahah~ Hopefully he doesn't read this or else I'm dead. Haha~ He's called King Kong coz he used to do the King Kong dance for our church. Kesian betul. I used to dance angel how come nobody calls me angel? AHahahhahahahaah~
Nobody layan me coz Paul also started singing his Wang Lee Hom. So I camwhored alone with my fabulous Sea coconut drink.
PAul said that I have the most geng camwhoring tactic coz I can change poses in the between shots. Hehe~ Before clicking the shutter for the photo above I had a different pose. He was like awed wtf.

I got so bored and started to take photos of my ugly legs and my beautiful adidas.
I know they look damn manly but I love them coz of the bright colours and the design. I secretly worships Adidas shoes but they are too expensive for me to buy.

Paul joined me in my leggie shot... sorry damn digusting his legs. And mine seriously looks like man's legs. Hahahahahahaah~
Then we continued to camwhore coz I wanted to finish my camera's battery.

paul was actually camwhoring and I was not supposed to be in the photo but he tertake my photo. Hahahahahahaah~ I don't know what the hell I was doing. HAhahahahahahahaha~
I think I was preparing poses to take with him lah. Coz I'm not that spastic usually. HAhaahhhahaha~

I cropped the photos coz I wanted to put up my hand on my face pretending that I was crying but my hand blurred out.
See the pose was almost the same as above. So probably I was preparing the pose before this. HAhaha~ Why am I so dumb? No wonder PAul calls me bodoh all the time.

Paul don't want to layan me any longer but I still wanna kacau. He didn't even wanna look at the camera anymore. So I don't like him. That's our sign of showing that we don't like someone. Hahaah~
I look so cute wtf. I think I was a ikan buntal in my past life. Haha~

Paul's a super good singer. His voice sounds a bit like Wang Lee Hom. Super impressive.
But don't know why I think that his voice doesn't go with his looks. He is like one small kid but his voice like damn mature.
OMG! I really cannot tahan wanna talk about the funny about him lah... But I really cannot coz it would reveal that I know a secret. How lah now? how lah now?????
The only normal photo we took and thank god I look pretty in it XD Oh and Paulie smiled a little. Whee!!!! HAahahahahahahaha~
After that crazy night of laughter I got home and packed my stuff coz the next day I was coming back to KL.
But it was damn fun la... We should do this often. Hehe~
Then the next day before coming back to Melaka, we went to church as usual.
This is like my favourite pairs of shoes. I've worn it more than any other shoes in the cupboard and its freaking comfy. And it goes with anything. Why Vincci come up with more of shoes like this?

Me and me brother... We look super alike right? Sometimes I seriously feel like putting on makeup on him coz he's so pretty. Hahahahahahaah~
We managed to trick a couple of people telling them that we're brother and sister. He even tricked people on Friendster but he failed when he met my cousin. Hahahahahahaha~
I was hoping to take photos with all my closest friends at church before going back to uni but all of them hurried to eat lunch that nobody cared about me T____T. Then nobody said bubbye to me when I leave. Its like damn sad.
I'm not kidding wei. I really felt so sad coz nobody said bye. I know its pathetic.
I was really sad to leave Melaka, leaving all these crazy people, my best friends...sigh~ I feel like going back to Melaka every week but its costing a lot.
People, see you guys during CNY :)
I leave for KL at about 12pm...
Too free so I camwhore alone...
So weird la my camera. Since last night the battery tak habis-habis. When I wanna use nie the battery finish. Zzz~

My other sunglasses that Jack says that made me looking like some sort of lalat. Hahahaahhhahaahah~
This pose like I've got neck injury or something. Hwahahahahahahahahahahaha~

Kk... That's all for today
Went shopping today but didn't buy anything but some stinkin' memory card which costed me RM72. ZZZzzzz~
K lah... Tomorrow will be going out shopping again. Gotta get my brother's birthday present which is very very overdued. Hehe~

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