Monday, January 19, 2009

Don't know why I'm super emo right now.

Maybe its because the weekend just ended. It came and went so fast. T_____T

I used to be some literature wannabe freak who writes like artsy literature stuff coz I wanna be with that type of people coz i'm like desperate.

I wrote this coupld of years ago...

"Love is like soup.
You must cook it slowly.
Not too much heat and not too much stirring.
Then the most nutricious soup is produced."

Cehwah~ what do I know about love back then? All I know was staring at good looking boys and drool at them. I haven't even met Sinren back then.

But kinda think of it...eventhough what I wrote was kinda childish, it was true don't you think so?

I mean how do you cook soup? Do you use like super strong fire/gas/heat to cook it? You could do it coz its faster but you stand a risk of burning the whole pot up. How bout too small or weak fire? The fire might be blown by the wind and left with no fire. Then your soup will never be cooked.

Same as love. Take the soup as your relationship. And the fire/gas/heat as passion. You do need passion to make your relationship work right? So think about it. If the passion is too strong all the time, don't you think you risk of drying up everything? And everything just go by and end? How bout if you had no passion? Your relationship won't work. And nothing would happen and its no point going on.

Soup must be cooked at different temperature at different times. Sometimes I even put the heat to 'mid' mode. When putting some extra seasonings or ingredients, I would turn it up high and when its boiling too much, I put it on low. Love needs different level of passion at different times too... Sometimes passion must be in full gear and at sometimes its also good to go low on the passion as well. How I wish there was a 'mid' mode for passion...hahahhahaha~

As for stirring, you can't stir the soup too often and you cannot not stir the soup at all. Like stirring, relationships needed conflicts. I must say that I have not seen any couples that I know without any conflict. No matter big or small. Conflicts occur. But if the conflict comes too often, its not healthy for the relationship.

Sinren and I had been "cooking our soup" for 3 years and 4 months now. I must say at times "our soup" must have tasted terrible. But we are learning and its a long process till our "soup" would be "tasty and nutricious".

Sinren dear, I love making this "soup" with you and I never want this "soup" to ever dry up or finished. I just wanna continue to cook this wonderful "soup" with you all my life...

I love you...

HAPPY 3 YEARS AND 4 MONTHS...slightly late but tak aper kan? Hehe~

p/s: speaking bout soup. I missed mama's ABC soup. 4 days till I'm back home again. :)

p/p/s: sorry if you don't get the "soup-thology" wtf. I'm so emo right now i'm crappin'.

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