Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Estee Lauder Turbo Lash Launch Event

Last weekend, Yvonne, who I know from a forum for many years now, asked me for a favor. She won some online contest and was invited to Estee Lauder's Turbo Lash mascara Launch event/prize giving event. But she couldn't make it coz she had to work. So she asked me to go as an representative.

So, yea, today I went to KLCC to attend the event...ALONE!!!! Super ganjeong ok?

I'm not that type of person who is super brave. I am actually very timid in the inside. Many people thinks I'm super brave.

I reach there nie actually quite early lor. But I didn't read the email Yvonne sent me so I went straight to the Concourse to look for the Estee Lauder booth. But don't have wor... So I read the email properly and realized that its in Isetan. Hahahahahaha~ Blur sotong strikes!!!

Went there and got caught by the temptation of the 70% discount at Guess. Hahahahahahah~

Went to the Estee Lauder booth and saw everything was already set up. Everyone was in black and wear until damn nice. I thought they had a dresscode or something. I looked at myself. Wearing a stupid tee with jeans. So don't fit there. T_____T I wanted to run home that moment. Hahahahahah~

But after getting some boost of braveness from my mom, I marched straight to the counter to register and got myself to try out the new Turbo Lash mascara.

The mascara was fabulous. Will talk more about it at the end of the post.

The launching started at 2.30pm sharp. So unlikely of Malaysians. Bravo for once. ;P

Daphne Iking was the emcee for the event this afternoon. I saw her walking around but I didn't recognise her. But she looked really familiar lah...

And gosh!!! She's very beautiful lor. I love her a lot. I hope I can look like that when I'm a mother.

She wore a black dress till the knees and she had no more bangs. I prefered her with bangs lor... I love her killer heels. It was my favourite sorta red killer pumps. Woots~~~~

Saw some celebrities there...

Azura who wore from head to toe Nike... looking like she's off to gym or something.

Daphne said that she looks like some hip hop dancing chick. Super hot. Erm~~~ I don't think so. Just biasa nie lah. But I think she's cute lor... still couldn't shake off the impression of her as the children's show's host.

Oh, i think there was this time when they had a rumour about Azura going out with Ean from Hitz.fm? You know what? I was once out with Sinren at Sect 14. And guess who came down the road walking side by side? WAhaahahha~ Azura and Ean. I was like "Oh my... so the rumour is true?" But then again, it could be like they went to have supper together with all the other crew right? Hyek hyek hyek~

Lynn, who is a ex-pageant queen. I forgot the name of the beauty contest lah... But if you had Astro at home, you'll know who is this.

She wore a black dress as well. I told you it was as if they had a dresscode. And like Daphne, she also wore killer pumps but hers was purple. And she was holding an LV!!!! I love her...hahahaha~ I love anyone with an LV.

There's also Jojo Struys but I don't like her so I didn't take a photo of her. Haha~ That and also she kept moving about so I can't get a good shot.

Daphne started introducing the new product, Turbo Lash mascara and then proceed to trying the mascara on the spot.

Favourite quote of what she said: "I like everything that vibrates" Hahahahahaha~ Sounds so wrong. XD

I love Daphne's hair. So nice... why my hair not like hers arh?
I would imagine mama saying this at the back: "Coz you don't have her hairstylist lor..." AHahahahahah~ Which is very true lah...
I was standing at the side of the stage but I couldn't get a good shot of anything. Always blocked by some media. So I went to the middle and stood where the media stood. So daring suddenly. Hahahahaha~
And now I get clearer and better photos.

Like this of Daphne Iking...So close I can touch her nose. Hahaahhahaha~
She's so pretty.
Sorry if I sound like I'm obssessed with her. But she is pretty.
Oh... I did take photos of Jojo Struys, the not so pretty...

She looked constipated when Daphne interviewed her. Wahahahahahaha~

I don't like her. Coz I don't know why. I just don't like. Hahahahahahaha~
You know after doing her lashes right? The press wanted to take her photo. People wanna see her makeup not her. She posing like some sort of hot model. People was like just focusing on her face nie. So much for the pose. Hahahahahahaha~

Azura getting her eyes done.
I think the mascara damn good lor. Coz look at Azura's lashes. Damn nice. *click on the photo to enlarge* Hehe~ mine also looked damn nice after the touched up on my eyes. Will show you guys later lah...

Azura's hair looks like mine before I straighten it. I miss that tangly hair sometimes. Still contemplating whether or not to curl my hair back to its original style.

Lynn who just gave birth to a baby boy. Still looking so pretty and so elegant. Me likey her too...
Me likey all mamas who looked damn pretty and hot after giving birth. So jealous.
Did I tell you that Daphne's waist was super slim. So so so unbelieveable!!!
Anyways, I was taking photos of Lynn when she suddenly looked my way. I bet my camera was super AA (attracts attention) coz she did this...
So damn cute right?
i love my super bling camera lah... I think everyone loved bling stuff too. :)

I was just standing there looking around when sunddenly this Jojo Struys was right in front of me. I thought wanna take decent photo of her but her butt was facing me half the time. So no chance lah...
The above was taken when Daphne was asking her some questions.
I don't like her accessories. Like don't match nie... Bleh~~~~ I just don't really like her lah...
The event ends at 3 something and I collected Yvonne's prize and left. Oh, I also snatched some cocktails and refreshments.
I also got myself...

What's so special about this mascara?
First of all, its the first vibrating mascara in the MAlaysia (I think if not heard wrongly). Its also a four in one mascara. Four in one as in? It lengthens, curls, volumize and fan out your lashes. Giving you long, thick, super curl and fan-like lashes.
I have no idea why does it vibrates but I heard on one Taiwan beauty show says that it safes your hand from doing the zig-zag action.
You wanna listen to the vibration?

Can you hear it? Its the small little buzzing hum at the back. Can you hear it????
And the results...
I think my lashes touched my fringe. Wahahhahahahahahaah~

Oh, and the vibrating also reduces clumping (?) So you see no clumping on my lashes.
I hate clumping lor. Coz my other mascaras all would clump up. :S
Well, this mascara last for about 6 months and don't worry about the battery coz it lasts about 9 months.
People thinks that I'm crazy to get it but hey, if you're applying it on your face, why not get something good right? Not that others are not good. I just wanna give the high end brands some try mah...
I used to get Estee Lauder products all the time coz my auntie works there. But now I've no more. T_____T OR else I could have get this for free...
And Yvonne, remember to get your present from me after CNY. Hehe~
Ok lah... Wanna go sleep d. Tomorrow got class at 8am.
German ZZZZzzzzz~ So difficult ok?
And I'm sticking to this skin for the blog for the moment.
Its not ugly la. Just simple that's all.
Will try to spice it up soon.
Gotta go for real.
Bubbye people...


Brigante said...

I noticed that you made special mention of not liking Jojo Struys. But thought I would say that I have met Jojo at a few functions and although she is a model and celebrity tv host, she still always has time to say hi. Fashion is superficial and this is what models and celebs have to do. They need to look good but if you strip this away, you will find that both Jojo and Daphne who are friend are the most down to earth people you will find in this industry. Next time you run into both of these girls, just go up and say hi. You will find they will treat you the same as they treat everyone else. Equal. Anyway, just want to wish you a happy CNY !


prinz @ prinsezz said...

hi brigante...

Yeah, I guess you are right. I mean I don't know Jojo Struys at all and its not fair to place my dislike on her based on my first impression.

Thanks for leaving a comment. I appreciated it.

Happy Chinese New Year to you too. :)

Joan said...

i admire daphne iking too!

interesting post..^_^


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