Sunday, January 4, 2009

First official post of 2009

Here's to announce the answer to this post *christmas shopping and a present for you*.

Did you guess it right?

Anyways, congratulations Puffin Jeram for guessing the right answer :D. Please wait patiently for your present coz I haven't buy it yet. And don't worry... I'm sure I will get something you like.

How did you guys like the contest? Planning to have more of this type of contest. But of course if I had something special up and also some cash to sponsor la...


Since its the first post for 2009, I'm gonna do what I do every year... make some stinkin' resolutions which I hardly make it jadi every year.

Before we go into this year's resolution, let's review last year's resolution and see how much of it happened.

1. CGPA hit 3.0 for both semesters

I only managed to hit it once for 2007/2008 Sem 2. For my first sem of third year, I failed. :(

2. Finish reading the bible

Boo to myself :P

3. Stop my bad habits

I didn't stop it completely but I managed to control it. Not bad d right?

4. Save up to RM3000

Failed miserably. My bank account went lower than half of how much I wanted to save.

5. Gain weight till 50kg

I did put on some weight. Just 1 kg. Not bad la right? HAhaha~

6. Do not spend money on things that I don't need

I don't know if I achieved this. HAha~ Everything looks useful to me.

7. Read 2-3 books per month

I think I read one book per month la if not mistaken. Not bad d lah... Give me some credits for this k? Haha~

8. Share gospel with someone

Don't wanna talk about it. So beria-ia at the beginning of the year. But the fire faded.

9. Own a branded item

Is Guess a branded brand? I consider so la.

10. Take good care of myself

Failed! Failed! Failed! I fell sick twice this year and got diarrhea pretty often. So many times that I kena diarrhea and I still am not sure whether I spelled it correctly. Hahaahhaha~

For this year's resolution, I continued some from last year's and made a few new ones.

Here it is...

Die die also must hit 3.0 one more time. Kalau boleh, I wanna hit 3.5.

Actually I regretted a bit that I took some really difficult courses last semester. If I follow the crowd, I may have gotten better results. Sigh~ but if I followed the crowd, I would not have learn something new right? So its ok lah... Like dad said, passed all can d. :D

I lowered my standards coz this resolution had been up for years but can't manage to finish reading the bible in a year. Sigh~~~ I'm such a loser. Ma told me that she read the bible three times already. T____T

Let's hope I put on weight and not lose the nice shape. I want a full curvy body. Get what I mean?

I seriously need to do this coz I don't wanna be a big spender and not saving up a cent. I'm a grown up now so I gotta plan for the future. Money's one big part of that future.

Haha~ I love that clipart. Like super hilarious la...

Anyways, I don't wanna get sick anymore. It spoils so many plans.

Yes... I wanna get my ass on the plane before I die. The further I've been to is Chiang Mai, Thailand. I wanna go further!!!

Enough means enough!!! No more you stupid pain. I'm gonna end you for once and for all.

Whatever the poster said...hahahahahah~

I can't believe I'm graduating this year!!! ITs like just yesterday I came to KL to be independent. Now its now time to go back to my dear nest. Its like damn fast

Anyways, this must really happen la... Takkan I wanna bum in the house after graduating meh? Like damn shy lor if grad d still ask money from parents. Even now arh... so many people also working I didn't ask money from home d. I still so not shy. (-///-)

That's all 10 resolutions. Hopefully I manage to make all happen la... Hehe~ Every year also said the same thing la... Hahahahahaha~


This is going to be a damn long post coz I've not been updating for a long long time. Gotta pay it all back. Waakakakaakak~

Now I'm gonna talk about my Grandpa Wong's funeral coz I think Vivian dear would love to hear about it.

On the 31st, our Youth Praise and Worship band was in charge of the countdown event in our church. After having a different type of partying at church on stage, returned feeling very contended coz I seriously had more fun than any other countdowns I had over the years. We rock the church like crazy man. Let's do it again people!!!

After sleeping for only an hour, woke up and had a light breakfast, we left for Sg Buloh at 4.30am. We had to go to Sg. Buloh so early coz we wanna help uncle Paul with all the procedures to get grandpa's body from the hospital.
I slept all the way from Melaka to Sg. Buloh then reached there too early so we sat in the hospital's cafe to wait for uncle Paul. Mum and dad went to get a drink while I continued sleeping in the cafe.
After getting ready the body, we left for the Crematorium Service. Granpa was not buried but cremated.
I didn't mean to be mean but I had no feelings during the whole service. I sat there quietly with Sinren (yes, he was there and I love him for being there for me :)) and my godma. But I did cry during the last moment before he was cremated. I looked at him lying in the coffin. He must have suffered a lot before he passes. He didn't look as peaceful as Grandpa Pang looked when he passed. Then he was brought to the basement to be cremated. None of us went to see coz what is there to see right?
Right after that everyone had some refreshments before leaving. Christine went crazy over the xiu bao and had two at one go. Hahaahhahah~ Ethan and David went to climb some hills behind the crematorium. If Dickson was here, he would be climbing with them too. But I doubt that he could do it coz he' know, fat. Ahahahahahahhah~ The rest of us was just talking crap lah... Now you know... The Wongs are all crappy people. Lol
Then we went to have lunch in some place which I have no idea where it is. The childrens sat separated from each other because all of us were grown up already and we no longer can fit one table like we usually did when we were younger. Remember CNY when the adults called out "CHILDREN!!!" and everyone sat in the round together???? Now we need bigger table if we wanna fit all la.
I sat with the elder grandchildren obviously!!! With Christine, Mark, Jeremy, Wei Xian, Ebbie and Rebecca. It was super fun sitting with them coz Jeremy was the ultimate joker and we kept making fun of Wei Xian because its his birthday. We kept singing "Happy Birthday" to him It was like more than 10 times. Then when uncle Paul brought us some special Green Tea mantao to eat, we put it out and made it Wei Xian's birthday cake.
It was all crazy fun that time during lunch. Until Jeremy said: "This is fun la having all the cousins together... if onl Vivian was here." And everyone quiet down suddenly. It has been awhile since you last join us for family dinner or whatever. T____T In my heart, I also thought of Dickson and Shirley. I would imagine Dickson going: "Mark keong! Mark Keong" and Shirley sticking to Rebecca. But Vivian is here, she would be sticking to her lah... hehe~
After that we went to Uncle Paul's house, godma's house and back to Melaka. Short but meaningful trip coz we got to spend time with the family. :)
OoooH~ and godma got me some pressie. Hehehehehe~~~
T-shirt from T-shirt 4 Picasso
Its the same company that I bought my couple tee with Sinren. Their designs super cool ok? I love them a lot lot.

Godma knows that I love pigs so she bought me this design. This was printed on the box la. The t-shirt in the laundry basket now. Hehe~
Sorry la... no matter how much I love pigs I still would eat them coz they're really so so tasty. Who could resist?
She also got me travelling bag. That type which could be folded one leh... The colour super striking. Me likey!!!
Godma got mama a peranakan basket and some coasters. And as for dad, she got him an Arnold Palmer golf bag. Sial betul. The Chinaman got branded stuff. :P
K lah... that's all for today. Just got back from MElaka and had been online for whole day.
Again, happy new year 2009 and looking forward to share this year with you guys.
New skin coming soon but of course not created by me la. Got it from Blogskins.
Whoever can do blogskin can tell me? I want somebody to do for our blog la. Anyone kind enough to do for free or for a very low price? Contact me lah... Hehe~ so damn cheapskate sure nobody layan one.

K lah see you guys in the next post..

See ya...

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