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The gang's mini get together in KL: Liz's mini birthday celebration

The whole title is like so mini...hahahahahah~

Anyways, I've bought puff her present for winning the contest I had last year... Oh, I just realized that the new layout doesn't shows direct linking. Sheeesh~ maybe have to change skin again. =_____=

Its something I knew she loved the most :)

And puff, I forgot to write a message on the present. So I edited it on the photo. Hahahahahaha~

Yes, you're worth it...

Ok so Lizzie, the Korean Bapok came to KL but I forgot for what haha. So we decided to meet up and have dinner at Jaya One.

Went to Brisik, an Indonesian Restaurant with great ambience.

Sorry didn't take the surroundings at the restaurant. You know la my camera hates yellow lighting. So if even I took photos, its gonna be blurred. No point.

Liz loved the enviroment of the restaurant. The ambience punye pasal. Super excited about it. She made Carl, her bf to promise to bring her to more restaurants with great ambience but her bf told her: "You know why I am so sleepy?" and he pointed at the surroundings. Hahahahahaha~

As for Puff and I, we were laughing crazy at the restaurant's menu coz almost everything sounded funny.

Here's to show you guys some...

Nasi timbel Java....Is it Timber rice of Java? Hahahahahahahahah~~~~

Pecal lele sounds like pecah leleh....and below that category do you see "...tomato served in takar". Is takar like zakar's brother wtf. Hahahahahahahaha~ Its actually a basket la. Will show you guys the takar later on.

Is Kremesan's brother PArmesan? Is it a new type of cheese?

Sorry... we were this lame almost all the time. Hahahahaha~

Nasi Liwet Sunda....add a "L" behind the Sunda and you get The Liwet Rice of the Sundal.

Siapa tak faham maksud sundal tolong tanya yer... hahahahahahaha~

So we ordered like 4 sets of Set meals. One for Liz, one for Bu, one for Carl and then Puff and I shared one coz we were apparently not big eaters.

The set consists of a couple of stuff which are...

This is some kind of ginger tea. There's a name for it. Don't know whether its weden or gaden or watever lah....hahahaha~ I forgot la coz the name all so funny.

Not everyone liked the tea. Buvie said that it tasted like the ginger thing they had in tau hu fa. And Carl barely touch it. But I like it. MAybe I like gingerly stuff? I think its soothing for the throat and also it helps you to remove gas from your body.

This drink is all ginger and no sweet taste at all. So if you're afraid of the ginger taste don't go for the set or order it and don't drink this. Pack and send to my house. AHaha~

Gado-gado cari gaduh....hahahahahahahah~ This was inside the Set Meals.

This is some sort like the Indon Salad or like those MAlay ulam stuff. I think everything was not cooked or maybe just cooked for a little while.

I'm amazed that most of the veggies cooked by Malays and INdons tasted like uncooked most of the time. When I was staying in uni's hostel, the most dreadful thing must have been eating the veggies coz they taste like they are just from the garden.

But this gado-gado thingy I don't know whether its cook or not, its damn good. Not as good as Western Salad but was good enough for me lah... Coz you know I'm like super picky for food right?

Oh and that red colour sauce thingy you saw beside the veggies is the gravy you have to pour on the veggies to mix it all up. Tasted a lot like satay celup sauce but a little more spicier. I think its probably the gravy that made the veggies tasted better lor...

Frankly speaking, I only ate the kangkung and long beans from the dish coz I don't eat taugeh and I don't eat cucumbers from outside coz they tend to be very bitter most of the time. And the white vege looks unfriendly. Hahahahhahhaha~ you know how picky I am.

Ok ok.. I said Puff and I weren't big eaters but we wouldn't wanna be under-fed either. So we ordered a side dish.

I loved this a lot a lot. I think the batter they put to fry the prawns and cuttlefish was damn fabulous. Better than the ones I had in Seed Cafe.
And the dipping sauce was fabulous as well!!!! It was some sweet and sour chilli sauce. Not the maggie-ish type but its more like homemade. Damn damn good.
But there's this longish piece of something that didn't taste like prawn of cuttlefish. Like damn weird. Don't know what is that. Ermm... its in the picture. The long flat piece of thing. Anybody knows please tell me ya...

Then came the main courses from the Set Meals...

Puff and I ordered this coz its name was normal enough. Hahahhahahaha~
Nasi Bendang...not to be confused with Rendang, consists of rice, fried chicken, some keropoks (those colourful thingies), tofu, some fried keledek or something and an array choices of chillies.
The chillies were good and extremely spicy. I didn't have a lot of it. I like the green chilli paste the most.
I didn't try the keropoks coz they looked kinda scary. And the fried keledek or tempek or something...I didn't have it also coz I don't like the taste of it.
The rice's normal white rice that I could cook at home and the chicken is some fried chicken which is super salty.
Overall, I think its not that special la. Mediocre only.

This is Buvie's maincourse which consists of things that are almost similar to mine but with the chicken cooked in the different way.
The chicken is like braised and have this very nice gravy. The chicken is really tender in contrast with which is like hard rock.
I would say that this is much better compared to mine. If given another chance, I would rather order this.

Yes, Lizzie ordered the Peceh Leleh thingy. Hahahahahaaahahahah~ Consists of...same as what we had and some veggies and fried cat fish.
I'm not sure how hers tasted like coz I didn't try hers. But I heard her saying that the catfish is too small and had very little flesh.

She looks like some sort of maniac. Hahahhaahah~ And her eyes looked damn big that day. Probably trying to compete with Puffin.

Carl was so excited of his food and took the food before me taking a pic of it. Hahahahaha~
He also had the almost same thing with us but difference is he had like nasi goreng kampung rice and fried fish or some sort(?).
no photo of Carl having his food coz he was so gan jeong eating his rice and i didn't wanna kacau. Hahahahaha~
After that comes dessert...
Its actually a layer of sago at the bottom then gula melaka and santan or condensed milk at the top.
Its actually too sweet coz of the gula melaka. I don't think they are using the real gula melaka from melaka. Coz its super sweet and no frangrance. Gula melaka from melaka has damn nice fragrance.

After eating we had a mini birthday celebration for Liz coz it was her birthday a day before.
We bought her a piece of Tiraimisu from the Secret Recipe which is just beside Brisik.

Then it was feeding ceremony. Actually we were supposed to feed Liz first but we got everything wrong. We made her feed us first.

Awwwww~ so sweet. How come Sinren had never fed me ever??? HEhe~

Don't know why this Lizzie must open her mouth when she's feeding us. Like she's eating nie. HAhaahhaha~
Then it was our turn to feed her.

This photo looks damn scary lor. I'm like a ghost.
You know why? Coz i was trying to kenakan Lizzie and make the cream kena her nose. But I was too fast and this is what the camera caught. Lol.
Liz like super scared of me nie. Hahahahahaah~
Before leaving we took some pictures together...

HAha~ Like family potrait nie this photo. And all of us at black was wearing black. So ngam arh... HAhahahahah~

This was supposed to be an ANTM shot but I looked like shit. The rest looked so much hotter than me while I looked like some stupid old nerd.
Well, that's all.
So happy see another piece of home here in KL. I think we should do this more often. So people back home... Please come more often ya. I'll be waiting.
Anyways, I bought more clothes at Sg Wang that day. Whee~ Will show you guys soon. :)
K lah... gotta go.
See you guys around...

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